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30 December, 2009

The Year that was....

Well here we are at the tail end of the year and what a year it has been! Sometimes in life you don’t think a lot happens to you, that life is boring…. But all you need to do is stop, breath and take a look back at the year that was!

For me it started off being unemployed, looking for work after being made redundant. Then I worked for a week and two days to be precise for Australian Day Tours at the Roma Street Transit Centre, def an eye opener at some of the sites there as it of course is a bus terminal!

Then came a 6 month stint working for the Federal Magistrates Court in the city, so back to catching public transport for the first time in about 8 years! Followed by a 3 months with the Moreton Bay Regional Council at North Lakes, then where I am now with Department of Communities back in the city and yep back on the Bus!

But I start 2010 with a brand new job with Department of Infrastructure and Planning on a 12mth contract, so to say that I am looking forward to that stability of the “One” job is putting it lightly hehehe.

Along the way this year I have made some wonderful new friends…. Lost a couple as well. But you know that email that say people come into your life for a season a lifetime….. It’s sad when people leave your life, your friendship circle, but that’s life I guess, as you get older.

On the other hand I have had a couple of people from my past, re-enter again, so I guess life is just one big cycle…

I sold my unit and am renting again. Never in a million years would I have believed you if you had told me this, this time last year. Baby Jake decided not to move out of home but to buy a house with me. Again, would never have believed you.

Had a few holidays with wonderful friends. Laughed till my ribs hurt – literally! Hehehe.

Realised what was important to me, stuff that I think we take for granted at times in our life.

Met a couple of famous people or too. Heard some amazing goss!!! On the famous people….. my lips are sealed! And noooo that isn’t me singing The Go’s Go’s song! Hehe. And yessssss there was that night I was pulled over by the Police in Cabarita Beach and had to count backwards from 20 to 15. hehehe Again, lips are sealedddddddddd. But I still am driving, so at least you know that bit! LOL

I have been surprised over the last 12 months just how much I am loved. Money cannot buy this…. It's at these times in life that you find out how wonderful and how supportive friends can be!

I have paid off all my debt and am currently “Debt Free” again would NEVER EVER have believed you on this one…. And I can breath, and by breath I mean those deep deep breaths that feel ohhh sooo wonderful.

I have stopped and sat back and watch the stars in the sky…. Something I realised I hadn’t done since I was younger when I sat on the back steps of our house at Paddington as a kid with my Grandad and looked for The Pot, The Southern Cross and watched the bats fly overhead and talk about life and things in general… things again that money cannot buy.

And speaking of my Grandad, to have yet another year with him, he turned 91 back in September, well my friends, I am blessed to have him still in my life.

To be utterly loved by Miss Embee Louise Morley and followed everywhere, means the world to me. She is truly a wonderful friend…. We all still miss our cat Herman, and that was one of the hardest things actually leaving our unit back in October. The memories and that was also where we had him put down, on my bed, which I know sounds a bit strange, but he had been with me for 19 years, had lived through so many things in my life… he hated going to the vet. He would find a voice that never existed unless he was travelling in the car. Could be a 5 min trip to the vet but my god that boy could cry hehehe.

On our back door he used to sit outside and put his paw and claw in the flyscreen to say “excuse me but I am out here and I would like to come in nowwwwwww” – very controlling that boy became in his latter years!! But we loved him all the more…. At least the boy had spunk!!! Even if he was deaf hehehe.

So to leave our little unit for the last time, to close that back door where the fly screen to the new owner would have a very different meaning altogether than my own …. Was tough to say the least.

But now, today, it feels like a lifetime ago. We have settled in to our new little home, for the time being until we get back onto the merry-go-round they call the Real Estate Market. We will be getting back on the merry-go-round prob end of Feb early March to find our new digs.

Next year, well next year brings with it: more fun, more laughs, prob a few tears thrown in there to mix it up a bit.

Right now I have a trip planned to The Whitsunday’s in May and two more weeks back in Kingscliff in November for my birthday.

But the biggest news is that in 2011 I am hoping to have a round the world air ticket, travel to the UK and USA and catch up with dear friends that I have been promising for yearssssssss to see.

So there are some lights there, sitting at the end of my tunnel, things that I have to look forward too.

If there is one thing that I can give you all is that: There must always be a light at the end of your tunnel. Something that keeps you going, something to look forward too, something that in your old age, when you are sitting in the rocking chair in the old folks home, that keeps you smiling and entertained, so that when you look back you can say YOU LIVED YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Because at the end of the day, when all is said and done its those defining moments, moments that when you are in them, that you have no idea that one day you will look back and smile and say to yourself, now that was fun!!!

Happy New Year Kids!! Have a great new year! See you in 2010!

Me xxx
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