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31 December, 2011

The Two Kazza's do Hamilton Island & NYE

(Sounds like a Porn Movie aka Debbie does Dallas BUT NOT! - I promise)

Well this time last year I was sitting on my lounge with Embee Louise and I vowed that next year would be soooo very different!

Well Groover's I am very proud to say that I have made this wish come true!

Yesterday, whilst was sad as I had to say goodbye to Baby Jake (because he departs for his Ayers Rock job before I return....) I jetted off to the very sexy island called Hamilton Island, which is in The Whitsunday's!

Here is Jake and Embee driving me to the airport!

And me saying goodbye to Baby Jake! Of course I asked some random strangers as only I do.... to take the pic! Jake loved it hehehe.

Karen my travelling/adventure buddy got quite acquainted with Michael Buble on our flight and I haven't seen them since...

Ok this is not true. This morning I did glimpse them hand in hand taking a stroll along the beach in front of our apartment but Groover's what goes on in Hamilton Island staysssss on Hamilton Island! :)

We had VIP treatment and were picked up from the airport.

And we were served an icy cold welcome drink and baby snack on arrival :)

The view from our balcony is just amazing! We are staying at The Beach Club on Hamilton Island which is a kid free resort and at this time of year being Christmas/New Year we thought it might be the option to have a peaceful holidays and we def made the right decision!

It is beautiful here. Our room is lovely, the food is great (at The Beach Club that is) andddd we are loving the drinks!

Mind you having said that can you believe it only sells Pepsi! :(

But do not fear as Kazza went to the shops today for little Kazzachezza and I have me some coke now to go with this little baby!

Something every good traveller should pack! Yep you got it Rum in a Water Bottle! hehehe. I love you Karen anddddddd MY COKE!!!!

We have found it very busy here for restaurants so have had to prebook a few things just so we have a chance to experience it.

This morning we had a very delicious breakfast and this was the view from our table.

Then later in the morning we made our way to the infinity pool in our complex and this is where I spent most of the day. I do love me a good pool and the views yet again..... are AMAZING!

I also had my first New Years kiss today at the pool! I knowwwww but I couldn't help myself! Look how cute he is!

ANDDDDD he stuck his tongue in! hehehe

I did meet one other guy but I promised not to write about what happened!

You know I was telling Kazza yesterday how my very first visit to The Whitsunday's (when I was 18) we stayed at a resort where the very cute bartender made me a cocktail (in a champagne glass in those days....) and it was all blue with cream poured into it which then made my cocktail resemble The Great Barrier Reef and whenever I come up this way and see the sparkling water of different depths and colours it takes me back to that special drink!! And of course that HOT BOY!

So tonight's plans (at the moment) is to have a little balcony party complete with snacks and drinkies and watch the first round of fireworks at 7.30pm! We then will get one of our chauffeured buggies to drop us down to The Marina where there is a street party and see where the night takes us.

Of course this time of year we all (whether we want to admit it or not...) take time to reflect on the year that has been and wonder what the next 12 months has instore for us.

Karen asked me today if I had a New Years Resolution but you know what? I am not a big lover of them. I mean sureeeee I could say lose weight, be healthy and meet the man of my dreams! Butttt to me that's not really a resolution. My reply to her was this: To continue to be happy and content with my Life!

Because in the end kids being Happy is what it's all about isn't it!

Happy New Years to you all and always remember no matter how hard the last year may have been for you (and I know this to be true for a few of my friends...) you have so much to be thankful for and everything that is thrown at us we live, we learn and we pick ourselves back up again and learn to breath and to smile.

And even if its forced eventually you will again one day breath, smile and OMG even laugh again!

Love you Groover's and Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Little Kazzachezza :) xxx

30 December, 2011


So today I said goodbye to my Baby Jake before he jets off into his new Ayers Rock Adventure!

Of course this time it was me leaving him as I was flying off to Hamilton Island with my friend Karen to spend five nights there for New Years Eve. But more on that in the next few days....

So before I left this morning I had to say my goodbyes and I did try to be brave. There were of course a few tears... but Groover's Jake has always been a cry baby so what can I say! LOL

A few weeks ago, after I knew that Jake would be leaving I was at home watching the television show "Men in Trees" and at the end of the show, Anne Heche's words rang very true in my ears and so tonight I would like to share those few words with you....

Humans are born with the desire to roam the earth. We crawl, walk and run to move further away from where we came from... from home!

I know first hand the thrill of what changing ones surroundings can do for ones heart. And now I also know that sometimes staying home and letting others go, can be it's own fantastic journey....

Because when you let go of something, you make room for something else entirely! Something you never expected, something that makes home seem like it's own unexpected adventure!

A trip where new treasures are found around every old corner. Where the world and all it's complexities come right to your doorstep.

Because in the end the power is not just with those that go away.... but also in what they leave behind.

Night Groover's

Me xxx

29 December, 2011

The Last Morley Supper....

Let us start our blog tonight with a little pic of my Dove Parents!

I am wondering if they might get a little frisky and give me more babies? Time will tell I guess.

So speaking of Babies.... today Baby Jake and I went out for lunch. Now it was my choice and the food wasn't the best but hey we gave the "romantic lunch" a shot!

Here are some pics of the average food!

Then we decided... okkkkkkkk I DECIDED to go to another cafe for dessert! How we managed these I do not know...

Of course part of our "Last Morley Supper" involved having Jake have a photo with me. Not an easy feat Groover's as you can see below:

But in the end a mother ALWAYS gets her way :)

We then bid each other a farewell as I had to catch up with some friends andddddddd Jake had "secret mans business" to attend to! Shhhhh don't tell anyone....

So then I drove over to see my friend Heather and Age! Now I haven't seen Age for ages (if you pardon the pun). Prob around 2 years I think as she has moved down south so it sure was great to catch up! We always love to have good chats :)

And so there was a small group of us kids all at Heather's, enjoying Age's Mediterranean Salad and BBQ :)

Of course my blog would not be complete without sharing with you the love of a mum and her two kids.

Heather & Lucy

Heather & Hugo

Anddddddd then I made everyone, yesssssss even you FIONA! model for a group pic.

Followed by my personal fave - The Awkward Family Portrait Shot!

These kids have it down pat and they weren't even trying! hehehe

Ok my Groover's, it's time for me to at least get my suitcase out of my wardrobe, maybe put it on my bed and stare at it for mmmm say 15mins and then take it down off my bed and say to myself: Self, you can do that in the morning! hehehe

I am soooooo naughty!


Me xxx

So I am sitting in my bed typing and thinking HOLY MOLY I am cold tonight with my air con. Thennnnnnnn I check the temp 18 degrees with max fans on. No wonder my Hoo Hah is frozen. When do you leave again Jake??? (cause I know I didn't have it that cold...........)

28 December, 2011

Back to the Future...

This morning I decided to take myself off to the movies to see New Years Eve!

Now I hadn't been to the movies for a while and now I know why! $15 OMG!!! And they wonder why people aren't going to the movies so much anymore.....

I decided to go to the cinema's at Stafford. Now Baby Jake and I lived in Stafford for over 19years so it was such a big move to come out to where we live now, as its a further 30mins out from our old suburb.

And at the time you wonder to yourself if you are doing the right thing, moving so far out. I mean come on that's where our money was going to buy the kind of dual living house that we needed as this same type of house back in Stafford would have been a whole lot more $$$ wise.

So today was strange to go back to the old hood! And whilst it was nice to go back down memory lane it def brought home to me that we made the right decision as I truly do love living where I do now.

This was our old Townhouse!

Sometimes I don't think we realise how far in life we really have come.

And the movie I hear you ask: welllllll it was just ok. Just a nice movie, nothing special. There was however a speech in the movie that Hilary Swank gives that def has you thinking.... and Groover's I would like to now share it with you! Hilary is in charge of the ball that drops in Times Square in the movie and the ball at the start of the night gets stuck, so whilst they are trying to fix it she gives a news conference to stall for time.....

It's suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by.

To remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt because that is what new years is all about - getting another chance.

A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about what if and start embracing what would be. So when that ball drops at midnight and it will drop, let's remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long.

Amen Sister!!

And on other news: when I returned home today, I was laying on my bed with Embee Louise and I had opened up my front windows (now that my Dove Family have moved out) to let some fresh air into the bedroom whennnnnnn all of a sudden there was this noise and guess what? Mumma Dove had returned. She called out for ages, but no babies returned :( Thennnnnnnn the Daddy Dove arrived as well!

Now I have found out that my doves are called Spotted Dove's.

And get this, both the male and the female take turns to sit on the nest, so that means over the last few weeks it just hasn't been the Mum doing all the work. Now Groover's tell me this: where can I sign me up for a man like that! hehehe.

And you know what? It reminded me of the pic I put up on my blog last night....

It was really sad to see :( Both Mum and Dad ended up having a snooze together in the nest. I wonder if the babies will come back at all....

Like I have always said: It's a tough gig being a parent isn't it!

And Baby Jake returned home tonight. We were thinking of going out for dinner butt I eventually didn't feel like it and when I went downstairs to tell Jake, he himself was passed out on his lounge! So think it was the right decision hehehe.

Instead I had me another spa. Have to say that I am def loving the spa at the moment. Jake thinks that I don't use it enough and we have a deal that every time that I do use it (after he leaves) then I have to send him a text. I did joke that I could text him a photo every time and he said "Mum that would just be just plain weird!" LOL But Baby Jake "Weird" is my middle name tee hee.

So another day at Morley Manor is ending. Tomorrow is our last day together and we have plans now to go out to lunch.

Two friends of mine have shared some words of wisdom with me over the last couple of days.

My friend Heidi said "Good luck with Jake leaving, that will be yet another loss, but fortunately you've been through a really hard one a year ago and you've come out stronger, so you can do it girl!!! It would be good for the two of you to have a bit of distance, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" they say.

And my mate Mandy shared this with me "Now that we are down to just the one child, we totally appreciate the "leaving the nest" & I'm sure that it won't be long before the day arrives when we come back home to just a few remaining feathers as she too will have flown the coop! The circle of life brings back new generations & all those untold memories that you yourself Miss Karen so aptly journal...it is how it should be & always will. Hugging you plenty xxx"

So my game plan is this: To enjoy what time we have left together, be brave, be happy and smile because Jake is about to embark on a HUGE ADVENTURE! And just like my friends Heidi and Mandy have said - I'm strong and that good old circle of life does bring back new generations and new memories!

Between you and I, I think that my trip to Hamilton Island on Friday has come at a very good time, so that it takes my mind off stuff! Although I do feel for my friend Karen who I am holidaying with on Hamilton Island. I think there might be a few tears at the airport before I leave!

So kids that was the day that was!


Me xxx

27 December, 2011

And then there were none....

Late yesterday afternoon when I did my usual "check on the Baby Doves" there was only one left in the little nest :( The other baby must have decided to venture out into the big world!

So it got me thinking about the one that gets left behind.... I guess it must of been the weaker one or might it have been the smarter one, to stay behind and be the only one now that got food from mum when she returned to the nest?

And when does the Mother Dove not return anymore to the nest to feed her young'uns? I know I ask all the hard hitting questions don't I!

I guess she must know when the time is up, when to let them stand on their own two feet and become their own bird/person.

So then this morning when I woke up the very first thing I did was check on the one and only Baby Dove that was now on it's own, I noticed it trembling a bit, I guess it might have been cold as normally it snuggles up to it's brother/sister.

And you know what, at some stage of our own life we will be on our own. Even if we find the partner of our dreams, get married and live happily after... one day one of us will pass away and then one will be left behind.

Is it better to be the one that leaves or the one that gets left behind? That is the question I ask myself tonight and you too.

Mum, Jake and I count ourselves very lucky that we got to have my Grandad around for another 13 years after my Nana passed away. You see they had been together for a very long time, since they were 16. And they loved each other very much. When I look back now and think how heartbroken Grandad must of been to have lost his "girlfriend Lou" as he used to affectionately call her.

He was the one left behind, to remember all the days gone by, to remember how it used to be....

So this morning after checking on my Baby Dove, Embee Louise and I went for a drive to Redcliffe, which is about 15mins from my house. Now Redcliffe and I go back a long way..... I even have a scar on my left knee where I had to have 17 stitches when I was around 9yo, after ripping my leg open on some rocks when I was fishing with my Grandad. (I'd show you my scar but I haven't shaved my legs hehehe).

So back to the fishing story.... I got a bite and somehow slipped into the water and as I was trying to climb out I ripped my knee open on the volcanic rock that was there. Fun hey! and Grandad got into soooo much trouble when he took me back home to Mum and Nana hehehe. Poor kid :(

We had a nice little walk and enjoyed the amazing scenery.

Of course Embee had fun too! :)

Then when we came home as I was walking up to the front door I looked up to where the Dove's nest is, outside my bedroom window and I saw a Dove perched on the side of the awning. I thought either the mother bird had come back or the other Dove had returned. So when I got inside I went into my bedroom to check and guess what?

No Doves at all........... :(

So it was either the Dove that was left behind about to fly off orrrrrrrrr maybe even the Mother Dove coming back to find both kids had flown the coop!.

So Groover's I was a little sad this morning but this my friends is The Circle of life. You do that you can to look after them, to bring them up correctly and then one day it's time to let them go out into the world and fend for themselves.

And then there is me and my story. Did you know that there are only three more sleeps until I too have to say Goodbye to Baby Jake. Mind you I know he isn't going away forever, but he is leaving MY nest.

Gee that Bloody Circle of Life can suck sometimes..... LOL

The rest of the day involved some napping, sitting in the sun in the spa anddddd another nap! ahhhh it's tough isn't it these public holidays they make us have!!

Tonight I made some of my fave - chicken, corn and mushroom crepes. Yum!

And in a moment I am going to go have another spa and look out at the sky!

And kids is where I shall leave you tonight!

Me xxx
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