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29 May, 2011

Walking, Packaging Tape and The Doggy Tooth!

Well first of all I wanted to thank you Groover's for all of your lovely comments and support last week.

It hasn't been too bad, but I did have an almighty headache at the start of the week. Thank god it's gone now....

Lots of walking has happened this week with Embee and even Jake joined us on one of the walks.

And what wonderful weather we have been having lately here in Brisbane. I just love walking in the sun :)

I had to visit the dentist on Monday. Now let me tell you about ME and THE DENTIST! I would rather have another baby.... LOL. I hate going with a passion and prob hadn't been for about 5 years, but the other week I bit down on some crackling, as you do and had a sharp pain and the next day had a small tooth ache. So as much as it pains me, in more ways than one! I thought I better go have it checked out. Now thank god all was good and I got to have my teeth cleaned. How amazing is it when you can feel the backs of your teeth again hehehe.

Now I do have a funny Morley story to share... OF COURSE I DO!

So many years ago Jake had this funny tooth coming down as a front tooth. His baby tooth had come out and this strange tooth was coming down in it's place. Off we went to the dentist and it had a special name, this tooth, and most people usually have it as a eye tooth. But of course not Baby Jake!!!

We named it "The Doggy Tooth" because it looked like a fang! So the dentist did an x-ray and found ANOTHER tooth up in the gum. Jake's real front tooth. So they had to pull his Doggy Tooth out. Now let me just share with you that I have never had a tooth pulled out. Hell I haven't even had a needle! And (touch wood) haven't had a filling since I was a little kid! But as a Mother, well you have to look brave don't you and they look at you to see how to react!

I wanted to say, well I will just go outside, but of course I couldn't. Jake was prob 6 or so, so I had to stay and be brave. OMG, I was sooo scared and it bled soooo much!!!! But Jake was very brave, as was I for staying LOL. And he even got to keep The Doggy Tooth.

So one day at school Jake had to do a show and tell. He decided to take his little glass bottle of "Body Parts" as I like to call it. You see he even had a grommet that had fallen out of his ear in this little jar.

So off he went, took it to school, did the show and tell and the Teacher kept the little jar on her desk. Well get this one Groover's - someone STOLE IT! Yep that's right. I mean please.... who would want someone's little jar of body parts!! hehehe.

I also need to share another phobia of mine! That would be packaging! You know like I work at Australia Post. In my new job on the odd occasion I have to send packages with TNT and have to wrap it. Now I can wrap ok, but you know the thing that really freaks me out: The packaging tape! Now this week I did manage to do a parcel and I wanted to share my good work with you guys!

Isn't it beautiful!!! LOL

Friday night I was invited to a special event at the Cloudland nightclub in The Valley here in Brisbane. I was very privileged to do a special behind the scenes tour and they have just created the most amazing function rooms. I took some pics, but of course you really have to be there to really see how beautiful it is!

The rest of the weekend was spent walking with Embee and doing housework and thanks to Jake, clearing up all my paperwork which I was soooo behind in. It's funny but at work I am sooo plan ahead and organised. But give me mail and bills and stuff, well I just let it all pile up on my kitchen bench. I guess I am not alone here, but still it drives me insane! So tonight it gives me great pleasure to see it all empty and up to date!

It's funny how some weekends you can just accomplish sooo much and other weekends NOTHING!!

Late this afternoon I decided to drive into Southbank and do a big walk to Riverlife. This is a centre on the banks of the Brisbane River and they do kayaking, rock climbing and have the most amazing functions! So this was my mission tonight to walk from Southbank to Riverlife.

Was a lovely night, but geez funny how we forget things sooo soon. I used to go into the city every week day for work but tonight it felt like I was driving to Sydney!! It took forever and again made me sooo happy with my new job that is sooo close to home now :)

Well the countdown has def started for my 3 day Food and Wine cruise next week out of Brisbane. We leave on Wed and get back on Saturday. Which gives me the weekend to try and get over all the partying.....

I am going with a few friends and know a few more that are going. I have a feeling in my waters that it's gonna be BIG!! And you know my waters don't lie kids!!!

So next Sunday's blog should be interesting.... in more ways than one I would say.

So have yourself a great week and remember Loveeeeeeee exciting and newwwwwww, come aboard, we're expecting YOUUUUUUUUUU. The Loveeeeeee Boatttt la la la la la la....

Me xxx

If you happen to see any good legs going on Ebay please let me know. Mine are dead from all the walking!!!!! hehehe

22 May, 2011

I have a confession Groover's....

Ok,but before my confession just a few words on the week that was.

How great is it to go away but oh how wonderful it is to be back home, in my own very comfy bed with my own pillows.

Years ago I lived in housing commission and was on the single mums pension and would love to go away to escape reality! But in the last few years it's been funny because sometimes MY house is nicer :)

I now have an amazing bed, air con, Foxtel (Cable TV) and normally more channels than alot of places I stay and when it's all good - a pool too!

But even with all of these things I have to say I am still addicted to going away! I am sooo naughty hehehe.

This week just flew by, time is def an amazing thing isn't it. We wish it to go so fast sometimes and then other times you kinda just want to enjoy being in the moment.

It's also nice to be back in the most amazing Brisbane weather, we are sooo lucky here in Queensland. The days lately have just been so nice.

I've thought alot this week of my friend who passed away a week ago. At this stage there hasn't been a funeral as they had to try and find her family. It's a very sad situation. I believe they have found them now and they are interstate, so not sure what will happen. But to me, I guess really at the end, to put it bluntly it's just a shell. Your soul has already left and moved on.

I had this funny dream the other night and I would like to share it with you, if I may. I dreamt that I had this special phone with a line straight to heaven and I was able to talk to my friend and you know I even do remember talking to her. I can't remember what we discussed but I remember that we talked and I even remember talking out loud in my sleep! Yep kids that's right, even asleep I DON'T STOP TALKING hehehe.

Embee has been a bit naughty this week too. Okkkkkk ALOT naughty!!

Two mornings in a row I have woken up to see this:

Of course, look at this face!

I find it hard to even contemplate that Embee Louise could even be considered for such an act!

So shall we just say that someone must get up in the early hours of the morning and go downstairs to prob go outside to the toilet (maybe it's Jake) and on their way back upstairs (okkkk you got me, it's ME!!) picks up a sock or a pair of jocks and then brings them upstairs to her safe place - my lounge room floor. Now normally it's just one now and then buttttttt last week, two days in a row it was something like 4 socks and one pair of jocks, ON EACH DAY!!! hehehe.

Ahhh well Jake just has to learn to pic up his clothes and put them in a wash basket... it's not rocket science LOL.

Friday afternoon Embee came to my work again for a couple of hours and had a nice visit with her mate Seamus, who just wants her to play and keeps nudging her head with his HUGE HEAD....

Friday night I had dinner with my good friend Al and then on Saturday I went to the X Factor auditions. It made me laugh because when I said this, people thought I was ACTUALLY auditioning..... of course I was. As I told my Facebook friends, I was going to be pole dancing and Ronan Keating was the pole! tee hee.

Here is a pic of the Producer explaining to Ronan how my so called "Pole" act will actually work!

It was an interesting day and there were a couple of very sad acts that def made me cringe. But also a couple of good ones.

Between you and I don't really watch the show but of course now I just might, to see how the people I saw that got through, go.

The judges were Ronan "The Pole" Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Mel B (from the Spice Girls).

Today I also went to breakfast to celebrate my lovely neighbour Narelle's birthday. We had amazing food and here was the pancake that they give you at the end. I guess it was kinda like the last supper..... you will understand this very soon!

So we've come to my big confession time, are you ready, are you sitting down....

Now this has a little to do with my friend that has passed away, but alot more to do with me. I have thought about this for a long time and last year I just wasn't in a good place, with my Grandad passing away. And at the start of this year, I was still processing some things but kid's I firmly, in a scary way that is.... believe that now is the time.

You see last weekend when I was in Sydney I decided to join the Michelle Bridges (from Biggest Loser, which by the way I don't really watch....) 12 Week Body Transformation. You see my friend was a very large and over weight lady. We both did Weight Watchers at work last year together. I feel strongly that I would like to do this for her and of course for ME!

So over the next 12 weeks, bare with me as part of The Morley Report will be also talking about how it's all going.

Part of the pre season tasks is to share it with your family, friends, Facebook, Twitter etc. etc.

Normally I don't like to share it with people, just incase you fail, then well they don't really know do they. But this time I am giving you my word, my friends that I am going to see this through to the end. I am a woman of my word (as some of you may already know LOL). If I say I am going to do something then I follow through and I do it. This is who I am.

You guys are my extended family and you have supported me through many things in my life. Without you guys at times I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through. To when I was left a single mum at a young age, to studying, to finding work, changing jobs, losing jobs, moving house, buying a house to of course when my Grandad passed away last year. Where would I be with you!

The laughs you give me when I read the silly comments on Facebook, well to me they are just priceless!

So kids, another part of my journey is about to begin tomorrow. I did a huge grocery shop today and as you can see by my photo's:



Over the years I just didn't shop for food! If I did Jake would eat it all and I would be angry. I also hated spending sooo much money on food. Crazy stuff I know, but hey that's me! LOL

It's funny to see my fridge all raring to go. And exercising, well hellooooo, maybe I should send my body a Memo! I think it will be in shock tomorrow when we begin :)

My Cheerleader

She kinda blends in with the floor doesn't she! hehehe

But I feel like I've sorted quite a few things out in my life lately and now maybe it's time for this. Losing weight can be scary too you know. It's like you are an onion and as you lose weight you shed layer upon layer and then you know people can really, truly see YOU. And sometimes this is scary.

But life is short. I need to be living my life to the full and not let things hold me back.

So buckle yourself in, it might get bumpy, there could tears (watch out Jake and Embee) and yes I could get Crabby! Did I just see Embee cringe hehehe.

But it's out there now in the universe and I have trusted each and every one of you with this very personal secret! Which of course is now not a secret at all.

See you in a week's time, it should be an interesting 7 days!!!!

Me xxx

15 May, 2011

Old Sydney Town Adventures and Life....

Well as some of you may of read I have spent the last week or so in Sydney, Australia. The first part was for work and then the weekend for ME!

It was a great week, spent with my new work mates and getting to know the knew ones as we are scattered all over Australia. They are a great bunch of people and looked after me really well, answered all my 101 questions (as some of the technical things def go over my head) and I was made to feel very welcome being the Newbie as alot of them have been with the company for a while.

I also was very proud of myself as I tried a couple of new dishes food wise as I am quite a "plain food" kinda girl, thanks in part to growing up with my Grandparents who did the whole meat and 3 veg kinda food!

This is a pic of a Bavarian Tasting Plate. I know most of the things here aren't that really out there, but I still took a pic! It was delish although it took me a while to eat it!

We also went on the most entertaining tour of the ABC Studios for both Radio and Television.

Got to see alot behind the scenes and I have to be honest here, I am not really a big ABC TV watcher, but have to say I was very impressed with their studios.

But this was one of my fave parts! Ohhhh how I wish I could have gone inside for a closer pic!

You got it: Jemima, Humpty, Big Ted from Play School and if you could please tell me who the last dude is that would be great!

It was a big week in Sydney with Wed being the coldest day in Sydney for this time of year in 50 years!!! Then on the Friday morning someone climbed the Harbour Bridge very early in the morning, illegally to stage a protest, which held up traffic in the city for over an hour and brought it to standstill.

Due to being in Sydney for work I decided to stay down for the rest of the weekend. And had booked into a special conference on writing and publishing a book and this was cancelled at the very last minute! So I decided to cancel my accommodation and find something in the city (as I had booked Accomm near the conference).

So for a person who is a plan ahead kinda girl, well this weekend was all about going with the flow as nothing went as originally planned, but you know what? Sometimes they are the better times and you can't imagine it any other way!

And I came across a little gem called The Observatory Hotel just around the corner from The Rocks, which is where Sydney began and has alot of Convict things to check out as well as great markets!

I have to share some pics to really truly try and show you how great it was!

So I checked in and as you do decided to have a little nap, here is a pic of the bed and room.

And (later I will explain more about the next chain of events) but just to go back to the actual Sydney weekend, I had plans that night to attend a musical with my good friend Steve. The musical was West Side Story an my other friend Emily was performing in it!! And if you are in Sydney or find yourself in Sydney, go check this out! It was AMAZING!

I had a great night and got to meet alot of new people and attended a special after party!

Upon my return to the hotel I was greeted by the most amazing "Turndown Service" that I have ever seen! I even took photo's but to be honest it doesn't do it justice.

They even set up my kettle and brought in some hot chocolate!

The swimming pool was amazing too.

Note to self: Remember to take swimming togs next time you goose!!!

The hotel had alot of ambiance and it was so nice to see something different to the new funky hotels that seem to be everywhere. Can you believe that you can even take your Dog or Cat to this property!!

I had a drink, yessss I do drink. Well some days anyways.... and of course ordered a lovely Rum and Coke and JUST HAD to take a pic. I have never ever seen a Rum and Coke sent to my table this way.

It was a lovely bar with lots of atmosphere!

I wandered through The Rocks, enjoyed the markets, ate lots of wonderful food (in keeping with trying new things).

Here is a pic of the oldest house in Sydney!

And how is this for a story! When I was 18 and had just been dating my ex-husband, of course we were not married and had only been going out for six months, so to celebrate we went to this fancy restaurant at The Rocks during our first big holiday together which of course was in Sydney! And it is still there and I found it all these years later....

As you can see it is all based around a ship!

I even took an afternoon Harbour Cruise.

As a kid I used to have to fly by myself to visit my dad once a year as my parents were divorced. I can remember holding the air hostess hand with one hand and in the other hand was my doll.

And if I was a really good girl and ate all my brussel sprouts (to this day I can't eat them!!!) we could go to Luna Park, which was an amusement park and in that day we didn't have amusement parks, so it was a huge deal! I would try sooo hard to eat them, gagging on them, drinking water to keep it all down! Buttttt of course we got to go, so it was all worth it!!!!

On my cruise we went past and here is a pic!

You know I can also remember that Sydney had the very first McDonald's and OMG how badly did I want to go and try it. But Dad told me that it was made from horse meat so as you can imagine I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ANYMORE.... how sad is that hahaha.

I haven't been a tourist in Sydney since I was a kid and have to say I really enjoyed myself. You see normally I am in Sydney to see Michael Buble in concert of the last so many years, so was strange this time not to be doing that this time around.

The weather was magic and I met some really lovely people on my travels around the city.

This morning I had plans to have breakfast at the hotel with my brother, but life had other plans for me! You see from around 5.30am this morning until around 10am today they had closed alot of inner city roads due to the Sydney Half Marathon. Now this meant that Matthew couldn't get into town to me and we couldn't do breakfast, but more importantly HOW WAS I GOING TO GET TO THE AIRPORT!! Especially when my suitcase was taller than me and weighed 152kgs hehehe.

So we decided to maybe see each other at the airport and I decided to check out early, start the long hike (complete with dragging my bag complete with TWO LAPTOPS, work and personal etc.) to the nearest Train Station. But my friends someone was really looking out for me because as I made my way to the concierge low and behold there was this lone cab driver that had dropped someone to the hotel but was now stuck there and had been waiting at this stage for 30 mins. I think we were both excited to see each other hehehe because if he could show the security man on the street my suitcase he would then have special permission to drive and leave the city!!!

Check this pic out!

This was the Morley Evidence the driver needed to show security. But then the real fun began, we had to reverse about 300 metres with the joggers not caring and jogging either side of us. Security had to step in to try and divert them around the car.... not an easy thing to do let me tell you.

Buttttttt we made it! And we were both elated the driver and me to finally be on our way. Matthew met me at the airport and we grabbed a breakfast at the airport. So you know what this means don't you? I have to go back and stay again to partake in the infamous Breakfast that they do that was so highly recommended on Trip Adviser! Oops did I just type that out loud??

It is always great to go away but at the same time how nice is it to be going home! I missed Embee alot, then my bed, then my pillows and then Jake! LOL

But hang on a sec. Upon my return home, I enter my bedroom and what do I find? Noooo NOT THAT!!! you naughty kids..... I find this:

A belated Mothers Day gift from Jake who gets paid monthly and AFTER mothers day this year. How cute is it! It made me very happy and of course Embee too, as she lovessssssssss the smell of chocolate and before you freak out, NOOOO I don't feed her chocolate!

As I was really tired from my Sydney Town adventure I did have to do a double take and remember where I was when I did see the gift as when I checked into The Observatory Hotel I was also greeted with something similiar:

I had a wonderful time away and cannot wait to return to good old Sydney Town or as someone told me today "The Big Smoke".

But before I go this week Groovers, there is something I would just like to touch on, if you wouldn't mind. I mentioned earlier in the blog that there was another chain of events that had happened during my stay.

When I first checked in to the Observatory Hotel and had my little nap, I wasn't asleep for long and was woken up by a text message. You see a good friend of mine that I used to work with in my old job had passed away the night before in hospital. She had been sick on and off from before Xmas and a very private person. She was such a great support to me when my Grandad passed away and we used to have lunch from time to time.

The one thing that I found hard was that I know she was alone. As far as I know she had never been married, never had children, didn't have any animals and was estranged from her family. I was heartbroken to think she died all alone.

She was such a lovely person, quietly spoken, very intelligent and just had a beautiful soul.

I think I was in shock upon reading this message, actually I know I was in shock as it felt to me very unexpected and I had only spoken to her via email a couple of weeks before and only this week had said to myself I should send her and email to say Hi!

I thought of her alot this weekend, walking around The Rocks, on the Harbour, in my room and on the plane. And when I was unpacking my suitcase tonight I came across a fortune cookie reading that I had kept from our dinner out on Thursday night (the same night she passed away) and I would like to share this with you....

"Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it."

One moment we are here and next we are gone. People come in and out of our lives and they all touch us in small and big ways. How ironic to receive such a message from a fortune cookie on the very night that my good friend left us.

You will be missed my good gentle friend and I thank you for being there and listening to me during my tough times and I won't ever forget you and your lovely smile.


Karen xxx

08 May, 2011

Being Baby Jake's Mum

Well another short working week. I could def get used to it, but alas we are back to a five day week, this week.

The other night I made dinner and asked for help with washing up. When I came back into the lounge room this is what I saw.

Embee putting up her hand to help! What a good girl :)

Embee Louise also made her debut this week at work. You see a couple of people bring their dogs to work so I thought I would ease Embee andddddd myself into it by bringing her in for a few hours on Friday afternoon.

It didn't got too bad and she enjoyed meeting Seamus! He is such a big boy and tried so very hard to be gentle. Even laying down on his side, submissive with his head next to her feet.....

They had a good play outside and it was funny to see as he wanted to run around but when they did, Embee was sooo fast but with his size, poor old Seamus was like a galloping horse.

We had a lovely weekend and being mother's day I actually got to hang with Baby Jake!

Saturday we checked out pools, had a nice lunch andddd an amazing afternoon nap! Not together.... those days are long gone! But geez it's nice to have a lazy afternoon nap! Esp with the lovely weather we are currently having.

Today Jake and I went to Gold Class Cinema and saw the movie "Something Borrowed" and again had a nice lunch.

I think back to all those years ago, when I myself was not that much older than Jake now, became a Mother and I think how lucky I am to have Jake in my life.

It's been a hard slog over the years and I sometimes nowadays look at my friends with young children and I wonder how I ever survived being a Single Mum. But during those years when we did struggle at times we had each other.

Our relationship sometimes is hard to explain to people that don't know us. Sometimes we are more like brother and sister than mother and son. Mind you sometimes I have to play my "Mother Card" :)

Jake and I are great friends, what more can a Mum ask for. We share a similiar sense of humour and last weekend when Jake had his party, in his preparations, I smiled to myself as he reminded me sooo much OF ME that it cracked me up!

I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without Jake beside me. He is such a great support, he listens to my rants, puts up with my moods (as he would tell you!) and when my Grandad passed away last year, stood up at the funeral and read my words when I could not.

He is a remarkable person, who at nearly 21, has his whole life ahead of him and I look forward to seeing what that may bring! :)

But enough about Baby Jake, this is of course all about ME! and Mother's Day LOL.

My own upbringing saw my Nana being more my Mother than my own mother as my Mum and I moved in with my Grandparents when I was 8, due to my parents divorcing. I miss my Nana alot as she passed away some years ago and was a big influence in my life.

My Mum lives in a Retirement Village not too far from where we live and I guess we are more like sister's, but then again we all have our dysfunctional parts don't we to our own families. But I do love her, she is at times a bit of hard work, but she loves Jake, Embee and I and we love her back.

So tonight I would like to wish all those Mother's around the Globe a Happy Mother's Day and every woman, those with children, those without, YOU ARE ALL Mother's as you show love to all those that you touch in your life!

May you all have a lovely week and see you next Sunday night!


Jake's Mum xxx

02 May, 2011

A big week, with many big milestones in the world!

Well the week started with Anzac Day. A day to remember those brave men and women that allow us to live as we do today.

About five mins walk from our house is this lovely little Anzac Day memorial and I would love to share it with you. Every time I drive past I think of the people that lost their lives.

The working week went by very fast, three days was all we had to work! Why can't every week be a three day working week.... hehehe.

We also had I am afraid to say.... some ROAD KILL in my lounge room.

Here is the evidence:

May you rest in peace little "Holiday Toy"..... :(

Friday night was spent watch The Royal Wedding. I remember when Diana married Prince Charles, watching it with my Nana. I can also remember as a little girl going with my Nana up the road at Paddington, waiting to wave to the Queen on her way to Government House. I think I was about 10.

So it was nice to be able to share this wedding with Jake and his good friend Louise. It was lovely to see Kate and William, so young, so in love and so real. When William and Harry were riding in the car to the church I did think how sad it was that Diana was not there to share this very important milestone in her son's life. As a mother it brought tears to my eyes to think she wasn't there to see how wonderful her son's have turned out.

Saturday my good friend "Cookie" or as I like to call her: My Cook came to Morley Manor for morning tea and brought her lovely children Mackenzie and Caleb.

It was funny to see Embee Louise with them, of course obsessed by their food! LOL naughty Embee.... but after a few squeals at the start (not from Embee this time!) they all got along fine and it was nice to see Embee hang out with kids!

I had the loveliest day on Saturday, first with Cookie's visit and then just sitting downstairs in our Entertainment area, the sun was shining and Jake was upstairs in my kitchen preparing for his big party the next night! Just a day to sit and enjoy my surroundings. Loved it lots!

Sunday, well it was time for something different! I went away again.

I took my Mum away for a belated birthday to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, about an hour north from where we live.

We spent the morning at the markets, had a lovely lunch and then checked in. Then as you do I had to check out the pools and spa. The spa was amazing and it was nice to relax....

It had the funniest sign, with soooo many things NOT TO DO!!!

Thank god I was allowed to sit in the Spa hehehe.

My friend Jillian turned up for a visit, as she lives up there. We spent some time with Mum and then went downstairs for an early dinner.

Towards the end of dinner an alarm went off with a taped mans voice saying that a fire alarm has gone off and to wait further instructions.... of course what picture do I have in my head you ask? Oh yeah, my Mum sitting upstairs in her nightie watching TV hearing the very same loud announcement. So we scoffed off the last bit of dinner andddddddd my rum and coke and just as we got to the unit and opened the door the announcement changed to EVACUATE! So as you do, we all took to the street, yep Mum in her nightie and not long after we were able to go back inside.

I was really worried maybe Mum had done something to set off the alarms hehehe buttttt it ended up being a band playing downstairs in the Pub using a smoke machine!

The funny thing was that my other good friend Maureen was just about to join us and she works for the area that takes the emergency calls and actually was the one that sent the fire brigade out to us! Talk about small world.....

So Jillian went home and then the 2nd shift started with Maureen's visit. I had the most loveliest night catching up with both friends.

Now get this story kids, I met Maureen when I was 15 years old and had a part time job over the Xmas school holidays on the Menswear counter (of course hehehe) at Coles Department store in the city for six weeks. Maureen worked on the Battery counter.

So as you do we lost contact, ok now fast forward to 2005, it's 24 years later and I am on the Michael Buble website on the Forum and make friends with this person who lives on the Sunshine Coast. At the very last minute we decide to go to a Buble concert together. So we purchase tickets, talk on the phone to make plans to meet up before the concert for lunch and as we are talking that night on the phone we just talk about our lives, schools and nightclubs we went to when we were younger and she mentions this band 1980's band called The Church.

Now I didn't remember the name of the girl from Coles back in the day, buttttt for some strange reason I did remember she liked The Church! I know I am freaky, but you already know this Morley fact! So I say to her, I know this is random, butttt you didn't happen to work at Coles in the Xmas school holidays at all and OMG she did!!!! So all these years later from The Church who in their day were quite alternate to Buble!

I know I am full of stories. Here is a pic of me and Maureen!

The after Maureen left I watched the last bit of the Logie Awards, which is Australia's equivalent of America's Emmy awards, for our Television industry.

This morning I had a lovely sleep in, an amazing spa that Mum had in her bedroom and then we checked out and had some brunch!

Now we did go away more for Mum's birthday butttttt it also coincided with Jake having a party back at our house! So I was lets say just a bit curious as to how it all went and was looking forward to getting back home to see if Embee Louise survived the celebrations!

But all was fine, Jake had fun, Embee had some fun but missed her Mumma and the mess wasn't too bad.

Of course the day has ended with very big news with the death of Osama bin Laden. I have just been watching the news tonight. Today I guess after all this time it was hard to think this had finally happened. So watching the news tonight made it seem I guess more real.

I think of all the people that have lost their lives, with September 11, soldiers the civilians. The news even showed the footage of the the 2nd plane hitting the second tower, which they said they would never show again, to I guess remind us of what bin Laden was responsible for.

So many things changed in the world after September 11. To me it brings mixed emotions, I can imagine the people that lost love ones must feel elated that finally bin Laden has been brought to justice. But it also leaves people feeling just a little bit anxious that there are not repercussions.

It's sad isn't it that we have lost our innocence and that we now worry about things that many years ago we would never have even fathomed.

So on this very big week of Anzac Day, Royal Weddings, Jake's Party!, Fire Evacuations and the death of a man responsible for so many atrocities I leave you Groover's with saying stay safe, hug those you love and be thankful for all that we have in this free, wonderful life that we all lead!

Love ya

Me xxx
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