27 November, 2011

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week"

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week
~ A Quote by Joseph Addison.

Amen to that one Joseph!

Today was one of those Sundays that felt good....

Had a great sleep in!

And woke up feeling refreshed!

Made some breakfast!

Did some Yard Work!

Okkkkkkkk maybe it's not that bad! Buttttt it's def on it's way take a look at this:

I've run out of money for turf, soooooo if you know a Turf Company that would like great exposure here on my blog, let me know! I'm happy to give updates on how well my hole is going! :)

Otherwise it looks like there will be no grass until the new year!!

My spa was too hot sooooooooo I played under the hose and felt like a little kid again :)

Relaxed in my icy cold bedroom with my air con set on the igloo setting! (What Electricity bill??)

I decided to make a little roast pork belly lunch for myself anddddddddd partake in a little beverage! Cause that's how I roll.....

Then I decided to have a late afternoon warm spaaaaaaa. Mmmmm loved it!

I think there are going to be some big changes coming my way soon. But you know what Groovers - life would be boring if it stayed the same all the time!

Jake and I took my Mum out yesterday for lunch from her retirement village to Bribie Island (not too far from where Mum lives) and I said to her that you know compared to this time last year - Life is Great for all of us. And even though Jake is still on the lookout for a job, he is very happy that he decided to leave the last job.

It's nice when for a little bit... life seems on track. Of course we all have those times in our lives when we are so far away from that track in ain't funny. But hang in there my friends before you know it you will be back on the track, sitting in first class on the Train and moving forward to a pretty darn good destination!

For if you want to live your life, you gotta drive the train!
Author Unknown


Me xxx


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