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31 August, 2011

Ice Coffee Addiction, Sombrero's and Buble!!

Well first things first.

My hole isn't being filled tomorrow. Don't you just hate when that happens.... Story of my life really! hehehe

It's now been moved for the THIRD TIME to Friday. All because of the weather.... What The? Sucks really but hey I want free dirt, so this is how it goes!

So fingers crossed for no rain between now and Fri and all will be good! :)

Now I have three things to share with you kids today:

No. 1

Seamus or Shamey Poo Poo (to those he is close too!) has a hidden addiction that I had no idea about. He loveeeeeeees his Ice Coffee Milky drink that you leave him right at the very bottom of the plastic bottle. You must leave the lid on a bit so he can get it off himself and he must take this outside to play with and try his hardest to get every bit of the 5mls of milk out!!!

I do love my Shamey Poo Poo!!! He makes the day fun when I go to work as I am always greeted with a run up to the desk, followed closely by the Morning Schmacko! That all boys need to get through the day. We brake it up into three little bits, so that it fills his stomach! hehehe.

Can't imagine working there without him and on the days that he isn't there, I miss his little face!!

No. 2

Then there is Mr G at my work. Today the sun was shining brightly through his Huge Windows in his office and as you do, you wear a hat! (he has bought blinds to put up, but they are not up yet). But he orig had just a baseball cap on and I suggested maybe a Sombrero, not thinking for one minute he even had one at work. And low and behold out he comes to my desk with one on!

It seems a while back, when two of them were working away somewhere on site, the only hats available in the town to purchase were Sombrero's! So two of the guys bought them.

I said that I could just see them now doing the whole "Three Amigos" Dance hehehe.

And No. 3

Now Groover's I said that from time to time I would share any amazing things that I come across. It might be travel, could be a great company or product etc. etc.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd so today I would like to share this:

It's called - BREN, New York, Brow Fix. And it's similiar to say clear mascara but you use it to shape and keep your eyebrows in place.

I have been using it for years and now that I have moved away from the city, I just ring the Beautician and pay for it over the phone and they post it to me. It costs $20 Australian.

And here is the link to the Beautician's website:

Brow and Skin Studio

I love it and have never seen it anywhere else to purchase, even online! Tell them The Morley Report Blog sent YOU! I have told them that I would be putting it on here.

Now I will leave you with this little story from today. Of course some of you may know by now that I love Michael Buble and his music! Today at work the radio station we listen too played the song "Home". I told the boys that I had requested this just for them hehehe. They give me such grief sometimes about my Buble Stories.... I'm sure they are really all Closet Buble Lovers! LOL

Mr P actually said to me: when I hear his music it makes me go all funny inside, in my stomach and my legs shake! And I said "Me toooooooooooooooo" and he said, I'm thinking it's in a completely different way! hehehe.

But you know what? I just love his music, when you listen to him sing, well it just makes me happy and feel good. There is just something about him! But hey we could be here all day on that one! tee hee

Of course now that I've said the Magic Word, Buble, I must show my pic!!!!

Well my friends, on that positive Buble note, that is me done and dusted for another day!

Have a great night!

Me xxx

30 August, 2011

Electric Dreams.....

Well Groover's today I took into work my old stereo, as one of the guys has purchaseda my speakers and wanted to also take a look at the CD Player and Amplifier. Which can I just add are in immaculate condition!!!

And some of the guys at work laughed at how "Ancient" they were. How times have changed......

It was 1988 and I was newly married and living in Townsville. It was a pretty hip and happening place having just got it's first McDonald's! hehehe. We had decided to get a new stereo and our thoughts were that we wanted a snazzy 3 in 1. You know a RECORD PLAYER, Radio and wait for it.... and a CASSETTE PLAYER!

I was at work when I got THAT call from my husband (who of course is now my ex-husband) - not due to this story but lets just say that's a whole 54 other Blogs hahaha.

Anyway where were we..... OK so I get the call, Karen, I'm at the stereo shop and the salesman said to me, why do you want a 3 in 1? You know that records are on their way out and CD's will be coming in. Come with me, he said as he led him into that "Special Room" you know the one Groover's, the one that's gonna blow your socks off!

And that night when I returned from work we had a new swish Entertainment Centre (that took 24 hours to put together, because lets just say my husband didn't really possess the skills to put things together!), an amazing CD Player, Amplifier and very very expensive Bose speakers, which back in 1988 cost $500 just for the speakers, let alone the rest of the gear.

Of course it sounded amazing but then for the price back then, it should of!

A few years later when we separated I got to keep most of the furniture and so today I find myself with this same stereo, which hasn't been used in some time and have decided to finally sell it.

But I find out that now the Bose speakers are called "Vintage!!!" and the CD player is ancient and so is the amplifier. I have cared for them all these years and they still sound amazing, but the speakers I have just sold for $60. How sad, when things depreciate this way. And the CD Player and Amplifier people (well the dudes at my work anyway) are just not interested in.

I guess as you get older so do your possessions. And somehow things that seem to be worth alot in your eyes are no longer worth much at all. And it's sad to think that at nearly 45 years of age, some of my things are like that. Does this mean that I'm OLD? And excuse me: when did this happen????

It's the same when friends I know who are much younger, laugh at pics of me in the 80's with the hair and the fashion.... I think I look hip and happening and really it wasn't that long ago. But you know what? It is......

So I guess sad really isn't the word I am thinking of. It's more a case of nostalgia I think. Thinking back to a time, which doesn't really in my mind seem that long ago. Although some days when I look in the mirror (esp first thing in the morning hehehe) it does feel like a lifetime ago.

So the moral of my story Groover's, is that next time you go out to purchase a brand spankin new stereo: DON'T BE TAKEN OUT THE BACK INTO "THAT" ROOM :)

Over and Out

Me xxx

Wish they would bring back 80's hair and fashion.... God I miss those days!!
Ohhh and if you know anyone that wants to purchase a great CD Player and Amp (let me know!!)

29 August, 2011

Planking the Morley way... well sort of!

Last night there were some Morley hijinks going on in the backyard. First I thought it was Planking..... but I said out loud:

Look, Up in the Sky, It's a Bird, It's a Plane......

I'll leave it up to you guys to work out!

But the good old Bobcat was def popular.

James also worked on my new website last night and of course in staying with Occupational, Health and Safety practices, the Supervisor aka Embee Louise was close by to make sure we were doing things the correct way!

You know someone commented to me the other night about me watching TV with the lights off. Do you guys do this too? I love it. Goes back to when I was a kid and maybe because it feels like I'm at the movies. Jake would tell you it's because I'm an Electricity Nazi! And this might be true.... at certain times. I mean you need to see our Electricity Bill and live with Baby Jake hehehe.

So do you turn the lights off when you watch TV?

Me xxx

28 August, 2011

Morley gets a new website....

Hey Groover's,

When you have a sec, I would love some feedback, the good, the bad & the ugly..... and also what you guys think of my new website layout.

Last thing to do is to work on my new Logo, which my mate James is going to be working on over the next few days!

Night kids

Me xxx

The Paddo, Cafe's and Hammocks... Morley Style!

Well today the sun was shining and it was a magnificent day!

I started the day with breakfast with my good friend Miss B! We were meeting of course to catch up on the goss but to also chat about a Logo for the Morley Report.

We went to a little cafe in Paddington (in Brisbane, Queensland).

I have to share this with you Groover's. Take a look first....

Ok, soooo it's a plastic bag (just incase you didn't know hehehe) with a copper coin or even a copper bolt in water. When the sun shines through it, well it's supposed to keep the flies away! I KID YOU NOT! So of course I had to take a pic and share it with you kids!

Here is a pic of me and the stylish Miss B.

Now I mentioned Paddington. I grew up there as a kid, with my Mum, Nana and Grandad in Paddington or The Paddo, as it was known back then.

We moved in when I was 8 years old after my parents divorced. Back in the day I can remember if someone asked where you lived and you said Paddington they were like ohhhhh (not in a good way) because many many years ago prob in my Grandparents day, let's just say that The Paddo, didn't have a good name, as many poor people lived there.

And then only a few years later when I started to go out to nightclubs in the city (which is 10min drive) and you then said you lived in Paddington they were Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (in a very good way! hehehe). Because can you believe it but nowadays Paddington is TRENDY!!!

I can remember being sent "up the road" to the shops to get an "order" (groceries) or to get a "good leg of lamb" from Gus the Butcher. But in the last 15 years it's become even more trendier and THE PLACE to be. I took a pic this morning as I was leaving of the shops....

To me though it will always be Paddo!

This is my house today.

I promised my Grandad if I ever have enough money I would buy it back one day.

On the way home I decided to make a little purchase and bought myself a canvass for my bedroom:

I just love the beach, the water, the scenery.....

Jake bought himself a hammock yesterday. He slept in it last night and of course it was raining. He told me this morning that due to the rain, the ropes slipped down the poles during the night and he fell onto the ground. hehehehe Shame I don't have a pic of that one!

When I got home I read about Daniel Morcombe. Poor kid and his poor family. But I guess now they at least have some sort of closure, if that's what you can even call it.

Daniel was only a year older than Jake and when he went missing. Jake and I were living on the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra (not that far from where Daniel came from). Jake too used to sometimes catch the local bus to go from Caloundra to Maroochydore to visit family.

I've thought often about Daniel, his family, his brothers. Life can seem so unfair at times, so wrong. It makes you also feel relieved that it wasn't your child. I have seen the pain on his parents eyes and cannot even begin to imagine what they must be feeling today.

RIP Daniel, you had such a lovely, soft face. A face of a good kid, with a good heart.

Well kids that's it from me! I'm off to change a few things on my website, so I know you're excited but try and get some sleep! hehehe


Me xxx

I've had a few request for the Quesadillas with Guacamole. Here is the link:


Here is the one I made last night:

27 August, 2011

A Rainy Day in old Brisbane Town

Well it's been a while since we've had some rain here in Brisbane. Of course it happens on the weekend I have a huge hole in my back yard.

Behold The Morley Sinkhole!

Of course this was taken yesterday morning when the sun was out and the hole was nearly empty. Tonight ahhhhhhh not so much!

On other news I forgot to mention that we sold a couple of things via Ebay yesterday. Gotta love it when you can make some $$$$ from things that you don't need around the house anymore!!

I also spent the day unpacking some things of my Nana, Grandad and Mum that I have decided to keep. It was strange but nice to unwrap their things, wash and dry them and arrange in a display cabinet. Sad too, things that they never used, things I NEVER SAW when I was a kid as it was put away for "good". Even the crystal salt and pepper shakers that I am thinking might have been a wedding gift to Nana & Grandad, never used..... funny isn't it.

So tonight I am making Quesadillas with guacamole for dinner! I remember the first time I had them, it was in Las Vegas on a Buffet at The Hilton Hotel. I had to ask the staff (I think they were Mexican!) what they were called and they laughed and laughed at me and my sad Australian Accent trying to pronounce it! hehehe.

Well Groover's enjoy your Saturday night wherever you may be in the world and to the people in the America that are going to be affected by Hurricane Irene, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Me xxx

26 August, 2011

It's never what it looks like!

Hey Groover's,

Ahhhh good old Friday is upon us again! And Embee Louise has had another day at work with me today, as we had a Bobcat delivered into our back yard today.

And let me just tell you this picture below is not what you are thinking!!! "It's never what it looks like".

No I don't need to book in for a Brazilian hehehe and can I just add that I don't think I have had soooo much action between my legs IN A LONG TIME!! LOL

For some reason both Embee and Seamus love to play between my legs, with Seamus in the front and Embee teasing him from behind! Makes the day interesting to say the least.

Anddddddd just incase you kids don't believe me here is another pic!

It's also been a big week for "new cars" at my work. Here is a pic of two of my work mates with their new purchases.

And take a look at poor old Seamus, I don't think he was too keen on the new "car-car" yet....

I'm thinking I might just wash mine and WALLAH! A brand new car tee hee.

Now so far we haven't had a "Morley Vault" with my daily blogs, so enjoy....


I would like to title this one "Naughty But Nice".

A few years ago now when Jake was around 15/16 he had been invited to a friends birthday, by a boy he knew. He wanted to buy the kid some handcuffs! So being the good mother that I am... I suggested that I pick Jake up after work at the Fish and Chip shop on the Friday night and we make a stop at Naughty But Nice and purchase some "real" handcuffs!

So this is what we did. But when we pulled up into the car park, which is situated around the back, Jake then decided that he was too shy to go in. So I went in and spoke to the lady on the counter, and as there was nobody else in the shop and she was nice enough to let Jake come into the shop with me. So I went back and got Jake and off we went.

We went straight to the shelves where they were (as the lady had told me etc.) got them and then I said to Jake did he want to look around and he said NO! hehehe. So we paid for our purchase and went home.

The way I think of it is that one day someone may say to Jake, so - how old were you when you went into your first Adult Shop? And he can say well my Mum took me to my first one when I was 15!! hehehe.

I knowwwwwwwwww I should be Mother of the YEAR!

Have a great Friday Night Groovers!

Me xxx

25 August, 2011

The Secret Life of Embee Louise

My Dearest Groovers,

Did you know that Embee Louise has a “Secret Life” and that this isn’t the first time...

I found out this morning that my lovely neighbour, who came across yesterday to take Embee outside whilst I was at work as the pool was being dug out, had also taken Embee to her house for a half an hour playtime with her mate Chevy! And I had no idea...

At our last house our neighbours had recently put their dog down so I suggested that anytime they wanted to take Embee out for a walk, say if I was work etc. then that would be fine. So what started out as that was more Embee hanging out at their house a few days a week. So I would go to work and then they would come over and get her and put her back before I got home.

Again.... I had no idea of this “Secret Life” this kid led!

I even have a pic on my desk at work that my old neighbours took of her – on one of her adventures to their house. This is how I found out…. By the pic, butttttttttttttt also because she started to put on weight and I wasn’t feeding her that many treats. JAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I really wasn’t ☺

Today I have brought her to work with me, whilst they keep getting rid of the pool back at our house. She loves it here and is very social with everyone. Of course this morning she DID have to bark at the Forklift because she’s heard stories how those things can eat DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!

If only she got a wage at my work hehehe.

But that kid has the best life out let me tell you! And if only she could talk and tell me what she really gets up too!!!!!!!!!!

And let’s not forget to mention The Sock Eating. Today I found THREE!!! Yep Three socks…. But didn’t tell Jake, we just hid them in the garbage as all good mothers and kids do.

Did I mention that my yard is starting to resemble a War Zone…… ☹ But like Beauty, these are the sacrifices one must make to have a beautiful backyard. I just hope between now and when the dirt gets delivered next Tuesday we don’t have Torrential Rain. My biggest fear is that I end up with a Sink Hole, you know like you see in those emails that go around of some sink hole in Mexico. I can just see my back shed and yard slowly sinking into the hole!

But of course I am remaining positive and not picturing that AT ALL, just so you know! Hehehehe

I read a really lovely story today about a Man and his dog, that even stayed with him in death and would love to share it with you:

Dog Story

And today I also spoke to this wonderful guy at the Commonwealth Bank over the phone. We chatted about his dog and about Embee being at work and on top of that gave wonderful customer service, and as you do at the very end I shared my website for him to take a read! He promised me he would take a read tonight. Hope I didn't scare him too much LOL.

And let me leave you with one last pic:

It's from the other day when the light was bouncing off a parked car outside and straight into my eyes. And whilst I know I look all Rock Chick and cool, it was more so that I could see my monitor and type....

On that note I shall sign off! But if for some reason you don’t hear from me next week, make sure you check the hole in the backyard. Either I’ve sunk into the Sink Hole orrrrrrrrrrrrr Jake has buried me there!

Yours always
Karen aka Me xxx ☺

If you take a look at the top of my page I have created a few tabs for different pages. There is a page called All About Morley, Morley Recommends and Contact Me.

Morley Recommends is me sharing with YOU some great things that I come across from time to time. Power is Knowledge Groover's..... So go take a look!

24 August, 2011

Crabby Morley's are not fun!

Well Groover’s as hard as it is to EVEN IMAGINE; this little black duck has been a bit okkkkk A LOT! Crabby and stressed over the last couple of days.

And poor old Baby Jake is the one that’s copped it the most.

Why is it do you think that we take these things out on those closest to us?

You see the last few days I feel like I have been like Plasticine…. and stretched in all different directions. I’ve had a few things on the go all at the same time, so maybe it’s my fault that I feel so stretched thin!

So Baby Jake: This is my FORMAL APOLOGY – I am sorry for being a Grumpy Pants and speaking “Like a Pig” (as I used to call it years ago when Jake was little) to you. Please forgive me .....

So moving on....

Today is my friend Deb’s birthday, so we went out and had a nice “Birthday Lunch” to celebrate.

Deb does really amazing Media and PR work and can I suggest that you do yourself a favour and go check out her Facebook Page and add a Like, to help her out…. I would really appreciate it and along the way you might see some amazing pics of the work that she does! ☺

The Butterfly Experience Media & PR Facebook Page

And finally good news: Our amazing Garden Man – Peter arrived this morning and made a good start on pulling out the pool and decking. Here is a pic of where it was left this afternoon. He is back tomorrow for Day 2.

I can’t even imagine what the yard will look like with no pool and eventually grass andddddddddd The Morley Resort Spa! ☺ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Spaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe.

Ok kids, try and not be crabby to those you love! (Morley: note to self!!)

Me xxx

P.S. I dropped my Mum home tonight and I have my house to myself!!! So excited!

23 August, 2011

The Wheels on the Scooter go round and round....

My Grandad loved his scooter! ☺

I remember making him (cause he sooo didn’t want to) go into the Scooter Shop to try out a scooter. The lady in the shop was sooo lovely and after he tried out a couple, we decided on a little red one and they would deliver it to him at the Retirement Village so he could trial it for three days and if after that, if he still didn’t like it, then we could return it.

He never returned it ☺

He told me a few years later how he was glad that I “made him” go to the shop. That Scooter gave him the mobility when his poor little knees had worn out. He would scoot down to the corner shop and buy the ladies at the retirement home their lotto, lemonade, lollies and potato scallops.

Everyone down at the little shopping centre knew him and he would tell me stories about them all. He had a soft spot for Moneka who eventually left to travel around Australia and he was sad the day she left…. Moneka and I are now friends on Facebook and I know Grandad would have loved to know this, but you know I firmly believe that he does know. ☺

He loved that scooter. Of course he stacked it (fell over) a couple of times…. Could it be that he was driving too fast… mmmm who knows LOL. And when that scooter wore out he bought another.

Once on holidays we even hired a scooter and I tell you it was like a kid going out of the house the very first time! I waited anxiously for him to return, all in one piece hehehe.

And today, before work I went into the Department of Transport and handed in the Rego Plates to cancel his registration, as this was the one thing that slipped my mind over the last 12 months. Only took me three attempts. Talk about RED TAPE! But I know that Grandad would want me to persevere with The Transport Department and get it sorted out. I even joked this morning, in my sad Morley Humour “it’s a wonder you don’t need a blood test from me too!” poor lady on the counter, I don’t think she knew what to make of my joke! But Grandad would have got it.

Groover’s, one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to do so far was to slowly cancel My Grandad. Well that’s how it feels….. You have to cancel all these things eg. Medicare, Bank, Voting, Doctor, Mail and of course the good old Department of Transport. It’s like piece by piece you are slowly eliminating or erasing them from existence. Deep I know, but that’s how it has felt.

And today, well it was the last thing. I thought I was done last year but in July his Rego Papers turned up for the scooter. So it was a little sad this morning. But of course these things must be done and as I have said many times before, it’s the memories that we keep inside, in our hearts that count at the end of the day.

So Grandad your little scooter has gone on to another home, to bring joy and mobility to another person. I’m sure though she (the scooter) misses all your banter and jokes! And I’m sure she had heard them all and then some….. hehehe.

Love ya

Fuzz Face ☺ xxx

22 August, 2011

Who let the dogs out....

Well today brought about a few things:

One I came across (via a guy at work) this amazing little USB Key, which I JUST HAD TO SHARE!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Thennnn Baby Jake finally decided on some stuff for his 21st Birthday in October. I can’t quite believe that he is nearly 21. I have a saying “It seems like that you are pregnant forever and then one day you wake up and your baby is all grown up, and you think where did all the years go?”.

So as Jake isn’t your normal run of the mill type of kid (in more ways than one!!! LOL) he has decided on not having the typical 21st but wants to instead do a Story Bridge Climb:

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

With a spot of Kayaking on the Brisbane River with Riverlife with their “Saturday Night Paddle and BBQ” and is even thinking of doing some abseiling.


But we are only in the early stages of organising it, so stay tuned.

Mum is staying on a few more days to Babysit Embee Louise as our Garden Man is starting tomorrow to rip out the pool. So it’s only a matter of hours until our back yard turns into a war zone ☹

The Block last night was a little disappointing. What did you guys think?

I thought it was great that Polly and Waz won, but how sad for the other guys. But I am a firm believer in trying to always find a positive take on things. And the way I see it is that they have had this amazing experience, gained lots of knowledge, made some amazing friendships and who knows what other opportunities will come from the show in the future…

We also had a quick visit tonight from our Neighbour Narelle and her dog Chevy!

Here is a pic of me trying to keep these little kids still! Soooo much energy!

Well my Groover’s that’s it from me, have yourself a lovely night.

Me xxx

21 August, 2011

A Groovy Morley Sunday

Well today was another good day. Of course more sorting out, but won't bore you with all the details, cause I know I'M OVER IT!

And tell me this Groover's, is it wrong to start your day with this:

Could it be a sign that I am getting older - instead of OLD ;) when I decide to take two of these little babies to get me through the day and save my back?? hehehe.

Jake went to a 21st last night and got home today at 11am (a little hungover), me well I was hungover from yesterday.... Ahhhh how time has changed!

We also had help from Louise and her baby Zeus - The Wonder Dog!

He even has his own Facebook Page.

Zeus the Great Dane Facebook Page

Of course if I don't mention Embee Louise's own Facebook page I will be in big trouble!

Embee Louise Morley (News Personality)

I have to tell you he is only 1yo and is STILL growing! He looks like a giant giraffe and when they were leaving tonight when he stood up on his back legs he was the same height as Jake! I could ride him to work even LOL.

And of course no Sunday afternoon would be complete without a good old Nana Nap! Mmmmmm Nana Nap.....

And that kids brings me to now. Of course Mum, Embee and myself are snuggled down, in front of the heater and watching the Final of The Block (love that show!).

The Block

We however waiting for Baby Jake to org and bring home Pizza!

So see ya next time, same bat channel same bat time!

Me xxx

20 August, 2011

The name is Skip.....

Mini Skip.... (aka James Bond hehehe).

Sorry I have hit a wall tonight....

Well Groover's this little duck is mighty tired!

But before we get into that one, a big THANKS to my friend James for coming over last night and helping rejig my Morley Report. Changes to come kids, so keep an eye out over the next week or so.

Awoke this morning early but we put off the inevitable finding allll other things to do rather than start with sorting out the crap in the back garden shed!!

Funny isn't it when we find all these things we don't normally like to do instead of doing THAT ONE THING we know we have to do! I find cleaning the bathroom the same.....

I even showed my Mum what a Blog is... and got her working the old Apple Laptop :)

Jake prepared and cooked us another lovely breakfast and then the time had come. To me getting dressed this morning, was like getting ready for battle and putting on my armour hehe.

And I was very anxious you see to do this job today. It's a long story, as most stories are. But last October my Mum moved up levels in her Retirement Village as she needed more assistance in the day to day things and because of this move has had to downsize. Our shed def came in handy let me tell ya!

And my Mum has a habit of hoarding things. So I was prepared that today would bring some arguments on what she could throw away, what we could sell at either a market stall or garage sale. But you know what, the day went really well! And to be honest even though I am buggered tonight, it's a relief that we have done so much work today.

It must be hard when you get older and you need to downsize and go through your whole life, which is now packed in boxes. There were her 21st cards, her own christening gown (which is nearly 70 years old), photo's of my Nana and Grandad, special little things that you remember from when you were small that mean something to you that you just have to keep!

And I know that WE ALL have someone like this in our own family, that they keep "things for good" and then how sad to find they have passed away and never used them :(. I think we should never keep things for good. We should enjoy every day to our fullest and make sure that we use our "good things". I think this generation is doing that, which makes me very happy!

There are some of my Grandad's things too that we went through, which again wasn't as hard as I thought. It's actually quite cathartic to go through these things and remember the good times and smile! Not one tear was shed and I sure hope this happens again tomorrow as I am going to go through a spare bedroom which houses alot of my Grandad (who passed away one year at the start of August this year). But it's one of those jobs that has to be done I guess. And in the end they are just things. The real things are the things we keep in our hearts and in our memories which are the most precious!

Of course the day would not be complete without Jake doing something stupid hehehe. Today's stupid Jake Story consists of some packing tape and Jake wrapping it around his wrist (like a bandage) and then only thennnnnnn does he say out loud "I really didn't think this through...." as he then had to take the tape off and was worried about all his hair! WHAT A GOOSE..... made for some good laughs! :)

So we finish today's blog with Embee Louise and her new baby! Mum had bought this little baby (off the Doggie Black Market hehehe) because it reminded her of Embee! Can you see the resemblance?

May the Force be with me tomorrow and may it be with you Groover's too. Have a great weekend!

Me xxx

P.S. MORLEY NEWSFLASH: I completely forgot to thank Ashlee for her AMAZING help today! Sorry.... I did say I had hit a wall LOL.

19 August, 2011

Friday Lova

Groover's, Friday is my most fave day of the week. Why? Well it starts the whole weekend and to me that means a WHOLE TWO DAYS of freedom!!!!

I love it, walking to my car on a Friday afternoon after work. I think the air even smells different, more free....

I love the view, the sun setting, the smell of the bush and most afternoons I get to see the cattle and horses that roam at the bottom of the antenna's at work. Today I wasn't so lucky, no Angamals (as I used to pronounce the word animals when I was little). I can even hear my Grandad saying that work, mimicking me!

Have you noticed on a Friday that people are less stressed. Everyone is winding down for the weekend.

A few years ago I used to work every second Saturday. I hate working Saturdays (with a passion). So I used to play a mind game with myself, as you do. When I got up on a Saturday morning I would tell myself it really was a Friday. And it worked! Gotta love a good mind game when it works in your favour.

So what's your fave day of the week? And Why? I'm curious.....

Big weekend ahead. I can't wait to hang out in the mini skip! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight with the an - tic - i - pation!!!

Until then, breath in that Friday Air and chilllllllllllll..... mmmmmm Friday!

Me xxx

Thanks for your support with the likes on my Facebook Page, views on this page and the time you take to write your comments! You Groover's are AMAZING!!!

18 August, 2011

It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life For me!

And I'm feeling good....

Well Groover's it's been a busy few days!

First my Dad left!

Then Jake surprised me and cooked a BBQ for dinner on Tuesday night.... (and even cooked a breakfast on the BBQ on Wed, as it was a public holiday here). He also did some yard work.

Even Embee was in shock, it is rare like an Eclipse!

And Ashlee even started to rip out the pool liner and had much fun playing and falling in the "Green Soup" which was now a lovely chocolate brown colour, at the bottom of the pool.

But onto BIGGER NEWS! On Tuesday night, with our friend James's assistance, I bought the domain name The Morley Report and on Wed I rejigged my Blog. In coming weeks I hope to create a Logo and redesign the website all together.

Last night I also created The Morley Report Page on Facebook, so for those of you who haven't seen it you can like it here to the right of the page (hopefully I have set the link up correctly...) if not, then just go onto Facebook and search for The Morley Report.

Today I went back into the city to attend a Minute Takers Course.

I drove. I couldn't face the Public Transport.

Now I have to tell you that I HATE MINUTES with a passion. But I actually enjoyed this course. I knowwwwwww, wash my mouth out with soap!

But I met the most amazing group of women in that course today. With really interesting stories to tell. We talked about Dogs having middle names aka Embee Louise.... and I told them about my new website and Facebook Page.

A lady I met on the course told me all about her dog Benson and how a good friend of her's, before he passed away, made Benson a Four Poster Bed in Silky Oak and that Benson sleeps on Sheridan Sheets.

Shhhhh don't tell Embee Louise. She just gets excited in the morning when she gets her 96% Fat Free Beef Schmacko's (that I call her Cigar, as they are in that shape!), imagine her face if she heard about Benson's sheets and bed!!!

So I had a lovely day, but geez am I glad I don't work in the city anymore....

I went and picked Mum up this afternoon and we have a big weekend planned that includes cleaning out the shed (where all her things are stored) and trowing them into a mini skip!

And kids, that's just how exciting my life is..... Dirt and Skips! Sounds like a dirty movie hehehe.

Ok, so that brings me to one last bit of goss!

The Morley Report is going to be changing. Instead of a long Sunday (most weeks...) version, I am hoping to Blog more regularly, with shorter blogs (I knowwww, can you even imagine me keeping it short and to the point!!!). But I am going to try.

I would love for your feedback, comments on my website, even subscribing to it. If you have any questions just let me know. Of course The Morley Vault will be staying along with stories on Baby Jake and Embee Louise and me. Because what would be the point of a Morley Report with no Morley Stories :)

So Groover's strap yourself in and join me in the next exciting chapter. I knowwwww that I'm BIG KEV excited!!!

Me xxx

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