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30 September, 2011

Did you smell that?

Yep, it's Friday, Friday,
Gotta get down on Fridayyyyyyyy :)

Two days kids, for some Australian's it's a three day weekend. But here in Queensland it's two days. But hey, it's better than nothing.

Baby Jake is away for the next two nights, staying at a motel on the other side of Brisbane.

I knowwwwwww I hear you say: Karen, is he with the Latino Cleaner? And my answer to that would be: of course not! He is staying at the motel because for the next two days he is doing a course to get some qualifications to work on a mine site.

Gullible I hear you say..... mmmmmmmmm maybe, but I believe Jake.

So it's a "boy free" house this weekend! Although Jake did think that maybe we wanted to get rid of him by suggesting he stay at a motel, so that we could have HOT MEN over..... I mean come onnnnnnnnn does that even remotely sound like ME!

What can I say. I'm not that fussy. You know years ago we used to joke, that we weren't that fussy, as long as the guy had a drivers license and two of their own teeth, then that would be fine! LOL

On other news..... tonight I had a lovely dinner with my wonderful neighbour Narelle, down the road from our houses at the local Tavern

You know over the years we have been really lucky to have such wonderful neighbours. And to me the best kind of neighbours are those that you see from time to time, that don't live in each others pockets but when you need them they are there for you. As you are there for them.

Narelle has been this friend for us. She loves Embee Louise and has helped us out over the last few weeks when my hole was being refurbished!

And also Embee loves Narelle's dog Chevy.

Now last night was all about Jake's secret's. Tonight let me fill you in on an Embee Louise secret.

When certain dogs come up to smell/sniff her, she is how shall we say, very VERY accommodating! You see she likes to lift her leg, wayyyyyyyy up in the air, to of course allow easy access....

But Groover's it's a bit like this. You can sniff, you can look but ohhhh noooo you cannot touch! I guess you might say Embee is a tease :)

And just for the record: NOOOOOO she doesn't get that move from ME!

So kids, relax and unwind. Enjoy your weekend and chat soon!

Me xxx

29 September, 2011

The Secrets of Baby Jake.....

In eleven days Baby Jake is turning 21. 21 Groover's! So that put's me at around mmmm 27. What can I say, I hit puberty REALLY EARLY in life....

But more on Jake turning 21 in a very big blog to look forward to in coming days. One to mark in the diary :)

But tonight's topic is all about secrets. You know the kind you don't tell your Mother. And can I just say, there are SOME secrets that us Mum's are quite happy not to know.

But it's hard you know, when your child starts getting older.

I miss my Baby Jake. There I've said it.

It only seems like yesterday he got his first tooth,

rang his first "Porn Hotline',

wore training pants,

danced in the nude, made a cute little song about a "Vase" whilst nude...... and most of those were only last week! hehehe

When they are little they love to hang with you. As they get older they start to pull away a little and hang with friends, which is fine because you want that. You don't want some sookie Mumma's boy. But it's hard when they don't really need you anymore.

Mind you once they are sick (and having said that Jake is on the verge of coming down with Man Flu again....) oh yeah thennnnnnn they need ya!

Earlier this year, on a Thursday night, Jake would come home very late after work. Usually around 8pm. At the start I didn't ask Jake where he had been as now that he is older, it really isn't any of my business. But of course I was curious. Eventually I asked and made a joke - was he going to get a tattoo done bit by bit, every Thursday night? So from then on every Thursday night when he came home late, I would ask how the tattoo was coming along. And do you know to this day I STILL don't know where or what he was doing.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some things EVEN I don't need or want to know.

And this brings us to last night. Jake worked back late due to us having a meeting with the State Government about the beautiful railway line and bridge going up near our house. All good on that front, it was more a PR visit, for now.......

So Jake said he would be home by 8pm and it was my turn to cook dinner. So 10.30pm comes and no Jake. Rang the mobile a few times, no Jake. Finally Jake rings back and is on his way home.

Nowwwwwwwwww he doesn't tell us where he has been. He says to me "Do you really want to knowwwwwwwwwww" and that makes me scared Groover's. No I do not want to know. So I go to bed and leave Ashlee there to probe for the goss.

All I can tell you is this: I believe there is a Hot Latino Cleaner at his work..... oh and it's a Girl hehehehe.

Ohhhhhhhh I sure do miss my Baby Jake. The Baby Jake that used to tell me stuff, hang out with me and give me and Humphrey B Bear hugs :(

And def don't like this hairy kid, with a deep voice and the hots for Latino Cleaners.

Ahhhhhh Groover's, my Baby Jake is a growing up!


Me xxx

Check this pic out. Tonight Jake accidentally locked himself outside when he went out to the car for something. And was knocking and knocking........ and nobody would let the poor old "Man Flu" boy in :(

In this house we like to call that Morley KARMA Baby! :)

28 September, 2011

Weddings, Parties, Anything...

I think Facebook has something strange going on. And no I'm not talking about the hoax thing that Facebook is going to charge soon....

You see I normally link my blog each night to Twitter and Facebook. And from there you can access it to read and I can also see how many people are reading it. And yesterday I did read on another blog page that they had noticed a drop in numbers of readers. And low and behold last night I experienced the same thing.

Now Jake says maybe people just aren't reading it anymore... and maybe this is true, butttttttt me thinks that maybe Facebook have changed something in the "behind the scenes part" that we cannot see.

So if you do like to read my blog, can I suggest a couple of things. You could save the website


to your favourite's on your computer and bring it up from time to time. You could subscribe to it via email, orrrr you can be a follower by joining Google. But if you ever have any problems or questions just send me an email to:


Ok enough of that....

First off all let's get this over and done with:

Yep that's me on my wedding day. I was 21 years and 2 months old. Just a baby! But more of that later....

Today would have been my Grandparents wedding anniversary. I can't remember the number... isn't that bad! But I know it would be around 70 year mark. And if you did read my blog last night you would have known that yesterday marked the anniversary of my Nana's death.

Yes, she died the night before their anniversary and you know something: she had asked me to buy her an anniversary card and had me bring it up to the hospital on the Friday, had me write in it for her as her hands were shaky and then I left it with her and the next day she gave it to my Grandad, and that night she passed away. He said it was the first time in all those years that she had ever given him a card not on the actual day. Makes you wonder doesn't it, if she in fact knew that she was going to die and not be there this time on the actual day.

And last year on this day, well I received a phone call in the morning and it was from the Crematorium telling me that "today they were going to place my Grandad's ashes in the wall with my Nana!". I of course had a few tears, but Groover's they were tears of happiness, because my Grandad loved my Nana so very much and missed her for 13 years and to know that on this very special day, their Wedding Anniversary that they would finally be together, well I could see the smile on my Grandad's face.

So don't be sad when I share this with you. It's a wonderful love story and it's rare nowadays to hear about such love.

A friend of mine tells me that she will always remember my Grandad, from the day when he showed her proudly of all his love letters that he sent to my Nana during World War 2, that he had kept all these years, even after Nana passed away.

So it got me thinking of other "wedding's" in my family. So if you promise not to laugh too much, here are some more pics of me at my wedding, it was in January 1988.

And here is one of my Grandad and Mum and of my Mum and Dad, who of course are now divorced, as am I (isn't everyone? hehehe) because they too are part of my family history! Otherwise I might not be here!! :) You can blame them hehehe.

If you looked carefully you may have noticed that there was a pic of Grandad escorting me on my wedding day and then one of Grandad doing the same thing for my Mum!

My Dad was so generous and thoughtful to suggest that my Grandad give me away on the day, as he had been the "father figure" in my life and I had lived with Mum and my Grandparents since I was 8. But my Dad did come to the wedding along with his wife and my brother and sister! Yep, sounds like a story line from Neighbour's or Home and Away hehehe.

So tonight Groover's I dedicate my Blog (if you get to read it that is....) to the most wonderful Love Story that I know:

My Grandparents Norm & Lou!


Me xxx

27 September, 2011

My Nana with some Candles & Boxes thrown into the mix....

Well Groover's tonight both Embee Louise and I are stuffed! We put in a big day today at work, packing and sending out parts in boxes.

And as some of you know I have a bit of a phobia with packaging tape! But today I conquered my fear and taped up 12 boxes!!!

A very proud Morley moment :)

As I type Embee Louise is passed out on the lounge, snoring her head off. I mean a girl can only pack so many boxes you know.

And on a totally different subject: Today is also the anniversary of when my Nana passed away. And as sad as it is to say I can't quite remember how many years it's been. That's when my Grandad would come in handy. But it's been at least 14/15 years.

Now before I go any further I want to explain something. A friend mentioned to me the other night that when she reads my blog and when I talk about my Grandad it gets a bit sad for her and she cannot read it all and skips the paragraphs until I am talking about something else.

And what was interesting to me was that I don't find it sad at all. To me by talking about him and his sayings and my memories, to me it's keeping his memory alive and it makes me smile and sometimes laugh. Now it's taken me a while of course to get to this point but I am hoping that when you read my stories on my Grandad and now tonight my Nana, that you too will see that it's a celebration of their life. I want to share these stories, feelings, memories, which mean the world to me. So I hope I don't bore you and I def hope I don't make you sad.

My Nana was really like a mother to me growing up. We were very alike, both Scorpio's and at times would disagree on things, have different opinions etc. If she wanted something done she wanted it done yesterday! And the reason we clashed at times was that we were both very much alike.

Nana striking a Pose, wayyyyyy before Madonna!

Nana holding me up aka Lion King style hehehe.

Four Generations: me, my Mum, my Nana and my Great Grandmother (Grandad's Mum)

And I have her to thank for my love of ice blocks!!!! :)

Here's one of Nana and I on holiday at, wait for it..... REDCLIFFE!

Nana with her Mother and my Mum:

And me with Nana and my Great Grandma at Zillmere where Mum and Dad bought a house!

And you know I can remember one time digging up all her baby carrots in the garden to make a "pretend stew" for my dolls, which can I just add looked and tasted AMAZING! and getting a hiding for it!

But kids this is the best one: When I was in Primary School around 11 years of age, we were practicing this candle dance at school. And this one day that just happened to be my Nana's birthday, I decided to do a little practicing at home, in front of the TV (turned off, so I could see my reflection) as you do.....

The Candles looked a like this:

Now both Mum and Nana were downstairs under the house hanging out the washing, so I had plenty of time to practice. I went into my Grandad's bedroom and in his wardrobe I got out these fancy matches that he had received at Xmas time and went into the lounge room to light my candles.

They were a little like this but a bit more funkier! Remember it was the 1970's!

So I had a candle in each hand but then I thought to myself, as you do.... I wonder what would happen if I used one match and lit the whole pack! Yep I was a dick!!! And so I decided to give it a shot. Next thing I knew WOOSHKA up it all went in flames and I started to panic so quickly got a lounge cushion and smothered the flames!

Well it worked! But then there was that small problem of the smoldering cushion smell in the lounge room..... Not long after Mum and Nana came upstairs and of course smelt the burning cushion and as you can imagine I got into a whole lot of trouble!!! Happy Birthday Nana hehehe.

I don't have a lot of photos of her, you see she was a bit shy. Or so she would have you believe. Grandad and I used to joke with her that it's the quiet ones you have to watch. At least with us "loud" ones you know where you stand. And just for the record, when Nana wanted to talk, ohhhhh she could talk. So not so sure on that quiet shy title! :)

She loved being a Great Nana to Jake too

And you knowwwwwwww Miss Embee Louise is in fact named after my Nana. Of course not the Embee part, we've already established this fact in a previous number of blogs! But the Louise part. In memory of her. I know she would have loved Embee. She loved all our and my pets. And having said this, let me share one last "spooky" story.

The night my Nana passed away I was out with my sister in a nightclub in the city, as she had just turned 18. I had seen my Nana the day before at the hospital and she had improved a lot and was more like her old self. So that next night when we got home my dog, Dannii (spelt of course as Dannii Minogue, even back then....) was out in the front yard. Now when we had left that night to go out I had locked her inside and she was a medium size dog, so she couldn't have just "slipped out". I thought we had been broken in to, as the same thing had happened back on the previous Boxing Day, but that's another story!

So I decided to leave my car in the driveway just in case we had to make a quick escape. So we unlocked the front door and then I saw my answering machine (no mobile phones in those days) flashing lots with lots of messages. We checked all the doors and nothing. all deadlocked, no forced entry. Then I answered the machine. All calls from the hospital and then my cousin to tell me that Nana had passed away.

I was sooooo freaked out and I guess in shock and couldn't work out how Dannii (who my Nana loved very much) was outside in the front yard instead of inside where we had left her a few hours earlier. And after finding out about Nana, my sister and I decided not to stay the night there and went and stayed at my boyfriends place instead.

To this day I don't know how Dannii got outside and have often wondered if it was my Nana, coming to say goodbye.....

So there you go. Some interesting Nana stories. She was my Role Model and of the biggest influences in my life. I loved and still love her alot and it makes me very happy to know in my heart that my Grandad and Nana are together again :)

The End.


Me xxx

26 September, 2011

Techno Morley and all that Jazz....

Ok, so hands up if you are Technology challenged?

I have to say I'm not too bad, but I do have my moments.

Today one of the guys I work with confessed to me that somehow he had accidentally come across my blog on the internet. And Groover's he was a Blog Virgin. I guess one could say that I deflowered him..... Poor Boy! hehehe

But you knowwwww it got me thinking about how far I myself have come technology wise. I can remember when I was 13-15 years of age at High School and started to learn to type on the good old manual typewriter.

A few years back Jake would say to me: why do you type so loudly on the computer? And I would say because Baby Jake, back in the day when I learnt to type at school I had to build up my little finger muscles to make the "a" key to work! And now with computers you don't need to type so hard but hey you cannot teach an old dog new tricks kids!

And you know something funny, in our typing class at school we were pretty swish anddddddd we used to have two YES TWO! Electric Typewriters in the front of the class that in each class we would take turns to use. Oh yeah I was def up with the times Groover's LOL. Some could even call me Hip and Happening back then.

And when I started working full time I remember when computers were introduced into the workplace and all the older people were freaking out with the changes. Of course me being 16 years old, adapted with no problem whatsoever! Now though I def get the freaking out at changes thing..... But that's a whole other Blog :)

But then I stopped working full time and gave birth the THAT BIG HEAD, you may also know him as Jake aka Baby Jake :) and I decided to stay home and raise that so called BIG HEAD.

Now fast forward a few years to when Jake was around 8 years of age and I returned to full time studies to obtain a Certificate III of Tourism, which went for 12 months. Now part of this course was Computers and get this Groover's this little Morley hadn't even held a mouse!! And I can remember that at one of the very first classes we actually created our own personal email address, the same one I use to this day!

But Groover's check out my funky new "Wireless Mouse" that I use at work!

Hey I said I was HIP!

Now since then I've gotten aboard the Techno Train and had a MySpace account when nobody in Australia knew what it was, I joined the School Friends website when back in the day it was still called School Friends, I also started to use MSN Messenger (thanks to Jake and Al, Skype and then my friend Mark introduced me to Facebook when I didn't even know what it was and also introduced alot of my friends to Facebook and gave lessons hehe anddddddd I'm sure they won't me me saying, but by introducing my friend Kelly to MySpace thennnnn Facebook, she met a lovely guy John from Canada and now are happily married living in Australia.

I also joined Twitter which I'm still getting used to and of course then my Blog - The Morley Report was born, due to my friend Cassie suggesting it. And just recently it was revamped into my own website with my own sexy domain name due to my friend Deb andddddddd of course all of James's hard work along with my other friend Barb's Logo design.

This little Morley sure has come a long way in the world, well techno wise and today after talking to my friend or should I call him Mr S, when he told me that he was a Blog Virgin it got me thinking about just far I have come.

So Groover's thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart for all of the time you take to read my posts, to send me such lovely private messages and comments, it means the world to me.

I have had some people tell me that they look forward to reading it each night and that on some day's it's the highlight of their day to sit down and have a laugh. (And that's laughing with me NOT AT ME! hehehe) And I also have had some friends that tell me that they cannot go to bed unless they get to read The Morley Report first LOL. I kid you not......

Makes me smile and makes me a little proud, so thanks you kids!

Have a great day tomorrow, talk soon

Me xxx

25 September, 2011

Desperate and Dateless....

Have you ever been to a Desperate and Dateless Ball?

Quite a few years back I decided to be brave and take the plunge and coerced, as you do, a few of my friends to join me.

It was held at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and you had to fill out a questionnaire and you were then matched up. Then you were given their first name and phone number (these were the days before Mobile Phones... and Electricity hehehe) and then the games began. Who would ring who first? Would you meet up before the day? Where would you meet them on the day?

My "Date" rang me, thank god! We had a nice chat on the phone which went quite well and decided to wait until the day of the Ball and meet up in the city. One of my friends met her "date" a few nights beforehand and really hit it off.

So finally the day had come, new clothes, shoes and hair & make up done! Then came the scary bit, actually seeing what they looked like. Brisbane City was full of dressed up guys and girls ready for a big night.

Now my guy wasn't too bad, we met up in the city and sat next to each other on the bus on the way down to Dreamworld. We had a good chat but between you and me, he was just ok. He said something, which I can't quite remember today that reminded me of my ex-husband. So that was that hehehe. Still I was one of the lucky ones and held onto my date the longest that night.

It was funny because as we arrived at Dreamworld there were people everywhere, all dolled up to the nines and I will always remember the dude holding a watermelon! You see some people came up from the Gold Coast to Dreamworld and he had obviously told his date that he would be the one with the Watermelon. Very smart guy. Because of all the hundred's of people all dressed up how would you know which one was your date!

So right from the start people were ditching each other left right and centre. Someone went to get a drink and never came back..... Someone else needed to go to the Bathroom and simply disappeared! So the fact that mine lasted the longest was a pretty a good thing LOL.

It was one of the first times that Dreamworld opened their gates at night time, so to see so many well dressed people on rides after dark was quite amazing to see.

Alas there was no romantic hot man that night for me.... and the same went for my group of friends, but we did have fun.

The one thing I do remember from that night was one of our friends, let us call her Jane for this story, had had quite alot to drink and I was worried that she had gotten onto one of the wrong buses and went down the coast instead of back up to Brisbane. So after I got off my bus in the city (we had free entry into a Brisbane nightclub) Angela another friend and myself waited and waited and no Jane!

It had been a big day, getting ready, the whole anticipation anddddddddd we had sore feet. So we hobbled down to the nightclub and oh hello there is our friend Jane having a great time on the dance floor! I could have throttled her!

I guess as you get older you learn to put yourself first and whilst you care about your friends, you don't let it spoil your own night! You see I was talking to another younger friend tonight who had had not a very good time out last night and I told her this very same story. You live and learn I guess Groover's.... that's life!

Oh and just for the record: That was the first and last time I attended a Desperate and Dateless Ball! Cause that's how this Morley Roll's..... :)


Me xxx

24 September, 2011

All Hail the Organiser & Secret Garden M.

Have you got one of those cupboards that just need organising? Do you put it off and put it off and then one day you think: OK today is THE DAY!

So I took myself off to this place:

Now this isn't my first visit to this store. I found it a couple of years ago and whilst I'm not a gadget person I have to say that they have the most amazing things. Thing's that you don't even know you need, but that you def decide to purchase :)

So I came home and finally..... organised my medicine's. It's been driving me insane for a long time when I opened the cupboard, normally when I'm sick or Jake has the Man Flu.... I can never find what I need. Even though I know it's in there somewhere.

So this my friends is the completed makeover:

I know, it's quite Sexy isn't it!

I guess I was a born organiser. I can even remember once in Primary School (Ages 5 - 12) it was even written on my Report Card. Of course this is also what I do for a living, being a Team Assistant. And as sad as it is to say: It's My Thing.

Makes me feel good when I look around and see things in their place. Now you might say I'm Anal! Buttttt I'm not that bad. (Just don't ask Jake...) Promise you Groover's.

Then this afternoon Embee and I spent the afternoon in our back yard. Now I want to share two plant's with you. Kinda like a Burke's Backyard. Mmmmm maybe it should be called Morley's Hole??? Morley's Mosh Pit? Okkkkkkkkk Secret Garden M.

Anyhoo, moving on..... So I have shared with you guys once before a pic of some little yellow roses that my Grandad used to have in a broken pot on his Balcony. But the thing was that he gave them to me to re-pot, which I never really got around to. And after a while they looked like they had died. And then after my Grandad passed away, one day when I came home from work I noticed a little green shoot. So I re-potted the little plant and nowwwwww it's come alive and every now and then Grandad gives me a little Yellow rose. Sometimes it's two and today was one of those day's.

And then there is also one other plant. It's an old fashion Gerbera plant one of many that my Nana planted many many years ago when we lived in Paddington. And after my Nana passed away and my Mum and Grandad moved to Redcliffe, we dug it up and potted it and took one of the plants with us.

And then when they moved to the Retirement Village it came along too. And then after Grandad passed away it was a "special" thing of my Grandad's that meant alot.

Funny thing was that Grandad and I used to talk about this plant alot. And how that sometimes it looked like it was dying but out of the blue would come to life. So, so far it hasn't died on me. But I'm still waiting for a flower to bloom, so stay tuned Groover's.

Ok, gotta go a good friend has popped in with some wine..... so gotta be a good girl and have a drink.

Chin Chin kids!

Me xxx

And it's just not plain wine - we have the delightful Hibiscus in Rose Syrup in our delectable white wine. Mmmmmmm
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