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31 January, 2012

The Tree of Life...

So first of all I would like to thank you Groover's for your comments and private emails to me about last night's blog - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Do you know what I love is that I have friends and readers that have opinions and are not afraid to voice them!

I know this website is dreadful for leaving comments and I am in the process of changing over to a much more user friendly version. But to those of you that took the time I really do appreciate it! :)

I can't wait to hear your opinions once the Documentary has aired!

And onto some other sad news. Today I heard from a very good friend of mine that his Mum had passed away. Of course, me being me I had a few tears for her.

Life is such a fragile thing isn't it. And when it ends, no matter the age or reason it's sad. But death I'm afraid is part of life. And you only need to hear other people's stories, stories of little babies not living long, or some that don't even get a chance to live to sometimes put it all into perspective.

I know I did this with my Grandad as a friend of mine lost a baby just before it was due and I thought to myself here I am feeling sorry for myself for losing my Grandad but he got to live this long amazing life until he was nearly 92!

But we all need to grieve, for the young, the old, the sick, the healthy and we all grieve differently. I sometimes like to refer to my Grandad or back to when I first lost him to explain my own take on things sometimes.

And I think until you have gone through something like this you don't truly get it. And please do not get me wrong here. Of course you are sad and you feel your friend's/partner's pain but until you yourself have experienced this loss yourself it's really hard to describe the emptiness that you feel.

And just like the books say, it takes time to heal, time to smile again and we are all so different with how this will all come about.

As we get older I'm afraid this loss is something that we will all have to endure at some stage of our life, whether we want to or not. But with this pain, comes growth and we become stronger for having survived and come out the other end.

So to my two friends tonight that have lost their Mum, I send you my love and a HUGE MORLEY HUG! Of course I could do a tap dance for you both but somehow I don't that right now is appropriate. Let me know when you are up to it and I'll bring round them dancing shoes :)

And speaking of Dancing Shoes.... I spoke to Baby Jake last night. We had a grand chat and I have to say that when I got off the phone I was a little sad and realised that I was missing him a bit. But then I remembered my Blog:

The Baby Jake Reminder List

Of course I didn't need to read too many to lift myself back up again hehehe. Thanks Barb for suggesting I write such a blog!!

Butttttttt I love our chats and this time around we were talking about me visiting him later in the year. I was only thinking today to myself, as you do.... can you EVEN imagine me on that plane flying out there to Ayers Rock! OMG I am going to be beside myself with excitement :) Poor Baby Jake hehehe.

Ahhh Life! It moves on no matter who or what happens but sometimes we just need to sit back and say to ourselves, you know what? How lucky am I to have this wonderful life that I lead, with amazing friends, family and little Embee Louise and my Dove family!

On that note tonight, take some time out to sit back

and appreciate the wonderful things that you yourself have in your own life and we'll chat again tomorrow night!

Me xxx

30 January, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead......

Ok Groover's so I promised you something special in tonight's Morley Report and here it is...

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead...

Over the New Year my friend Karen shared a story with me. You see one of her friend's who is in her mid 30's is recovering from cancer and she is a big advocate for Juicing and also mentioned this documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

First of all let me share with you the website for the DVD:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

This documentary shares with you the story of Joe Cross, a successful Australian business man who is overweight, sick and is unhappy with his health and decides to travel to America and go on a juicing diet with amazing results. And just when he thinks his story is finished he meets a new friend who requires his help.

Now I don't want to spoil it but here is the thing: this documentary is being shown on both GEM channel 1st February @ 9.30am and then on Channel 9, 9th February @ 11.30pm. You so need to either watch it or tape it.

The whole idea of getting healthy, staying healthy where a side effect is weight loss well hello can it get any better than that!!

And Joe Cross is just about to launch his DVD through Woolworths here in Australia. He has a program called Reboot Your Life, here is the link:

Reboot Your Life

So the question is to Juice or not to Juice.....

I would love to hear what you kids think, once you see the Documentary.


Me xxx

29 January, 2012

Well I think "Slack" has become my middle name....

You know what the problem is? I have just become tooo relaxed lately and start off with all good intentions of writing a nightly Morley Report and then somehow chill out too much and before I know it, it's "The Blanket Show Time" as my Grandad used to call it! :)

(that means going to bed and sleeping.... hehehe)

So it's been a busy week with a lovely public holiday last Thursday for Australia Day. Why can't all weeks be like that I ask you!

It's a great thing, to be an Australian. And Australian's come in all shapes, colours, religions they can be straight, gay, some might be city dwellers, some live in the suburbs (like me) and someeeeeee live out woop woop (as we like to call it, which means far far away....) like our Baby Jake.

But the one thing that we do have in common is our humour, our compassion for our fellow man in times of need and did I mention our sad humour? hehehe.

We are quite laid back about things at times which I believe endears us to the rest of the world and we just don't take ourselves very seriously at all and like to "take the piss" (tease) each other. My saying is that putting shit on someone is a form of affection, cause if I didn't like you I wouldn't bother paying out on YOU!

And for Australia Day this year I went out to breakfast with some wonderful women that I used to work with some years back. They are a great bunch of girls and we always have a good laugh :)

Now talking of laughs.... Let me share a pic of one of the girls breakfast "The Big Breakfast".

And boy was it BIG! Alas :( it wasn't mine.

Interesting pic of a sausage dontcha think!!!

Soooooo moving right along.... I had a lovely Australia Day, it was very hot and humid and for the day it actually stopped raining for a little while. This is quite a big thing at the moment as we have had quite a lot of rain. Some people are starting to go a bit troppo (mad) being kept indoors. Me, well I kinda like it!

Also my Dove Babies are growing so big & strong every day. Here is a little pic I snuck in whilst Mum/Dad was out and about!

And then on Friday my good friend at work Bob, retired after 52 years with my company!! Isn't that amazing... I can only imagine the feelings that he must of had that day. We had a scrumptious BBQ breakfast cooked by Andrew and then later in the day we all went out for coffee and cake.

I love Bob A LOT! We have always had some really great chats and I am going to miss seeing him every day!

And of course after that my afternoon consisted of a massage, facial & pedicure cause isn't that the way to top off a wonderful week? :)

So I have holiday feet right now and can you even truly believe it butttttttt I have no holiday to go on! OMG what has this world come to.... but do not fret for me Groover's, as I know you want to... This little Morley always has something up her sleeve :)

And then on Saturday it was Funny Nana's turn. You see at nearly 70 years of age she has never had a pedicure. I knowwwwwwww. She was a Virgin! But of course I fixed that hand had her feet "deflowered". She loved it!

Last night I also caught up with my friends Lisa and Lindsay!

And nooooo I wasn't dressed in feathers. I had such a great time that I completely forgot to take a pic! This pic was from last year when Lisa had her birthday party and Lindsay surprised her be proposing and right there and then they had a commitment ceremony!

I always love catching up with them as we have some great laughs and interesting chats on stuff in general!

Today I was due to go to a friends Baby Shower but woke up to read that there was flooding in two parts on our road and as the shower was on the other side of town I didn't want to risk it. More the not getting back rather than getting there. Funny how this is how we have to think right now with all the rain that South East Queensland has been experiencing.

So today was spent at home relaxing, nana napping (cause all the cool kids are doing it) and tonight I watched a lovely little movie with Renee Zellweger called Miss Potter, which was all about the children's author Beatrix Potter. I quite loved it and was surprised by how much I loved it and yesss I even cried cause I am a sook like that!

So that my Groover's brings us up to date.

I've got something special to share with you all tomorrow night, so tune in for that one ok!


Slacker Morley xxx

25 January, 2012

A Lamb amongst the Gum Trees.....

Well Groover's it's the night before Australia Day and right now I am full to the brim from the most lovely Roast Leg of Lamb accompanied by roast potatoes and roast pumpkin and for those of you overseas - this is not pumpkin out of a can!

But before we talk more about my yummy dinner tonight I wanted to let you all know that this morning when I woke up and looked outside I was very very relieved to find that I was not "living on an island" and that my back yard and the main road out the front of my house were fine!!

So Embee has packed her little yellow life jacket away, somewhere safe and sound just in case we need it for some other day, as they have forecast more rain in coming days!

And this afternoon I actually read on Facebook that there was a tree and power lines down on our road, not far from Morley Manor. And then tonight we had a visit from Phil our Electrician who told me that the tree had actually come down on a top of a two storey house! So tomorrow I might go for a drive past to check it out. Poor people.

And how is this for a small world: Phil our Electrician used to work for the Brisbane City Council many years ago and knew my Grandad, as you see he used to drive the Tower Lift in the Brisbane City Hall back in the 1980's.

I used to love going for a drive up in the Tower Lift and then walk around the lookout at the top of the tower. Right now they are actually restoring the City Hall and it has been shut for some time. When it reopens which prob won't be until late in 2012, I plan to take a visit for Grandad as I know he would have loved to have seen it all restored. He had fond memories of the time he spent working there until his retirement :)

So tonight Mum and I cooked a lovely Leg of Lamb, the way that Grandad used to cook it along with homemade gravy! And in a sec I'm gonna have me a Chocolate Paddle pop. You can't any Australian as that LOL.

So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, yep just like ME! hehe

Night Groovers

Me xxx

24 January, 2012

Close your eyes and I'll.....

kiss youuuuuu, tomorrow I'll miss you, remember to always be trueeeeeeeee.

Yep last Sunday night saw the return of Young Talent Time. Now I completely forgot it was on so I ended up watching it online, as you do in this day and age!

And the fact that Rob Mills is the new host.... welll look a girl needs her eye candy sometimes you know! :)

Nowwww yes it's corny but you know what? I think in this day and age we need a bit of corny every now and then.

I think it's a great family show and I know myself I have fond memories of on a Sunday night sitting down with my Nana and Grandad and watching Young Talent Time on Channel 10 and then switching over to channel 7 to watch A Country Practice.

I really believe that kids need a good family show to maybe watch with their Mum or Dad or both even as there is just not enough of that nowadays. And I know from reading comments on Twitter and Facebook that younger kids loved it and it has encouraged them (after only one episode) to want to take up dance lessons or singing lessons as it shows kids of all ages giving it a go, unlike some of the other shows that are kinda directed to older kids.

And YES I will even confess to you Groover's that I even found myself swaying and singing along at the end of the show when the new team along with some of the members of the old team sang Close your Eyes along with Rob Mills and good old Johnny Young who of course was the host back in the day!

So I might take another look this coming Sunday night but even if I don't end up watching it every week I have to say that I really enjoyed that journey back in time the other night, back to a time when I was a kid and life was just that bit more simple!!! :)

Of course it has nothing to do with this:

Will you be tuning in to watch it on Sunday night?

And on other news.... as I type Brisbane is experiencing what they are calling The Big Wet. We have had quite heavy rain today which has seen a lot of places flood. Now it isn't as bad as last years Brisbane Floods but you know last year it really affected the Southside of Brisbane way much more that it did over here on the Northside. But today's rain seems to be affecting the Northside quite a bit more from what I can gather on the news tonight.

And I have to say that me being a "girl" sorry Ladies.... buttttt I kinda got freaked out a bit earlier today, of course reading Facebook and seeing all the weather alerts that the Queensland Police were putting up didn't help me... butttt after last year anddddd with Funny Nana home alone with Embee Louise (and that I left the telephone upstairs when I left for work today) wellll my work were kind enough to let me leave at lunch time and work from home this afternoon.

As it was when I turned off the Highway and took my exit the road under the highway was already flooded and there were police cars blocking the way and that was at 1pm!

Not sure what will happen tomorrow, but I guess we sleep tonight and wait and see what tomorrow brings. Have to say this is when I miss Baby Jake a lot as it's a tad scary just being me, Funny Nana and Embee.

Of course Embee is fine because of this:

So I guess worst case scenario Funny Nana and I cling to Embee and she swims us out to safety! :) And you think I am joking....

So wherever you are tonight, stay safe, stay off the roads and make sure your dog has it's life jacket just incase you need to escape during the night!

Me xxx

P.S. And you know what I just remembered: today's date was nearly to the day when last year I did the Flood Recovery work for the Queensland State Government in my old job.... Mother Nature hey!

23 January, 2012

Yes I'm back.... Morley's Backkkkkkk

Hey Groover's,

Long time no see....

Sorry that I have been absent, again my life seems to somehow have gotten in the way again - HOW DARE IT!!! Last week was a busy week at work and so you know how it all goes.

Now first of all I wanted to thank those of you that took the time to check up on me to make sure that I was ok and that my absence wasn't due to say Baby Jake being away, which I am very pleased to say is not the case at all :)

Whilst I am def missing him I have to say that I am enjoying the freedom. Now over the last so many years Jake did his own thing anyway but I guess to have him not here altogether wellll I guess it's just that little bit more freeing! If that makes any sense...

Funny Nana is doing really well and it's been great having her here. Of course she has decided that she doesn't want to go back into a retirement village!! Buttttttt we always discussed that our current set up with her living here is only a short term thing for six months and I know deep down she will be fine when the time comes to move her etc.

And some nights when I am upstairs say watching TV or on my laptop and can hear the TV on downstairs it feels like it's Jake just down there. Mind you, Mum goes to bed at 8.30pm ish andddddd downstairs looks all clean and girly! I LOVE IT! hehehe

And speaking of Jake, he is doing really well in Ayers Rock and for those of you not friends with him on Facebook - he has put up a few interesting Status Updates as follows:

Shit you not, I just tripped over a snake.....

(this it seems happened on the way back from doing his washing at night and not walking on the lit up paths....)

My personal fave is this:

Things i miss in Yulara...
5. My peeps (including the ranga pup)
4. My totally rad couch
3. Foxtel IQ
2. Unmetered ADSL
1. The mighty, mighty coug!

Now just so you know, the mighty, mighty coug is his car! No mention of me and James one of his "peeps" commented "how nice the couch beat us" to which Jake replied "hey, it's f####n awesome couch mate".

So very interesting to see what Jake misses! Even if I didn't make the list!!

Embee is loving having Funny Nana here but EVEN I have to now limit what Funny Nana feeds little Miss Embee Louise as she has Funny Nana under her "I don't get fed" spell!!!!!!

Last week was a happenin week with a visit to the doctor for Funny Nana, for a little meet and greet as it's a new doctor. I went out for dinner with the guys from work to welcome a new team mate and had a great night out with lots of stories and laughs.... and not all of them came from ME!!! I knowwwwwwww can you even fathom it hehehe. Nahhh me either :)

Then on Saturday I drove down to my fave place Kingscliff and spent Saturday/Sunday down there with Erica, her husband Brad and their three boys.

Before they arrived though I took myself off to the quaint little picture theatre that they have there, which is a little like Gold Class cinema and they bring in food and drinks but not so fancy chairs.

And NO! that wasn't my date, just a pic I got of their website. I promiseeeeeeee

It really is very lovely and at a fraction of the price!

I saw the movie The Help.

Highly recommend it to you Groover's!

So as I said before I caught up with Erica, Brad and their kids and on the Saturday night I went out to dinner with Erica, our friend Carly and my friend from work Alan and as quite a few of you commented via Facebook - Alan, Alan, Alan, Al, Al, Alan..... no wait it's Steve, Steve, Steve.

Actually it was Alan, but we do have a Steve at work too hehehe.

Anddddddd kids I have to tell you that I met the man of my dreams on Sat night! We even shared a bedroom......

May I introduce to you, my new boyfriend Mason!

And I guess it's safe to share with you that YES we are in fact in loveeee and plan to be married! hehehe.

I had a great time hanging out with Mason and learnt all about DS games. He reminded me a bit of Baby Jake (I knowwwww poor Mason!) and he is very very cute! Again Mason, not Jake.

Then of course I came home yesterday to recover and had a lovely 2 hour nana nap!

Oh and guess what? I have become a grandmother AGAIN! Yep you got it, my Mother and Father Dove are the proud parents of two new born little chicks! I caught a glimpse of them this morning as they were left home alone!! But not for long.... as either Mum or Dad came back before I left for work!

And of course today was the first day here in Australia for quite a few little kids to either go back to school orrrrr it was their very first day. It was touching to read and see so many pics of my friends kids and took me back quite a few years to when Jake had his first day!

This pic is of Jake's first day in Grade 1. He was very excited to go to school and was pointing to the school as we could see it from our front yard. Of course say maybe 5 mins later as we walked down the hill, Jake fell over in the mud!! And arrived at school with a stained shirt! ahhhh Good Times hahaha

So we go from that pic to this one....

Groover's it goes by so very very fast. And whilst today was a big milestone for some of you out there, really it's just a brand new chapter in the life that we all know as "The Mother". Fun isn't it! hehehe.

And of course since we have last spoken I have been wheeling and dealing and organising all sorts of "little trips away..." ummm ahhhh what will Jake say! tee hee.

And this my friends brings us all up to date!

I sure hope you have had a great last few days too :)

Promise (spoken in the words like Arnie) I'll be backkkkkkkkk - tomorrow night!

Love ya

Me xxx

14 January, 2012

Neighbours, Doves, Friends and Lumps....

That Title sounds like a Soap Opera doesn't it hehehe. Ahhh all will be revieled, keep reading.....

Well Groover's I have been absent for the last couple of days... sorry about that but SOMEHOW life got in the way!

I'm sorry but what's WITH THAT!!

So let's do a little recap to bring you kids up to date:

Ok so on Thursday I had to go to the bank for work and take a billion, trillion coins to have counted and get some $$$ for my Petty Cash tin. Nowwwwww back in the day (and yessssss there was electricity back then hehehe) I can remember taking coins to the bank and they would have this round tin, kinda like a pan that you sift for gold and they would sift all the coins and put them in groups eg. 50 cent coins, 20 cent coins.

And the other day at the bank they now have this!

Anddddd you just pour in all the coins and it goes on a little conveyer belt and counts up all the coins and at the end it spits out a receipt that you take the to teller and either deposit into your account or ask for a breakdown in notes etc.

And you know what was funny? At the end when it was starting to slow down and you can hear the coins being counted, I could imagine that there were these little pigmy's in the machine counting, counting, counting as fast as they could go hehehe.

Anyway you know meeeee :) I like to share stuff and I found this whole new way of how banks count coins interesting. Makes you think about all the people in the past that have lost their jobs now due to all this technology. But don't get me wrong, I loveeee technology, I mean look at me here with my own website! But just makes you look back I guess on how things used to be.

And on Thursday night I had a great chat with Jake via Facebook Chat that has a video thing up the top of the box that is linked to Skype. So we could see each other and chat and Funny Nana thought it was hilarious that we could see him and he could see us, all because of that little dot (camera) up the top of the laptop screen LOL.

And you doooooo gotta love the good old technology as Jake then took me on a tour of his apartment!! So was great to chat and see his sad face :)

And then yesterday was Friday. Yesssssss finally! I had an appt after work with my doctor. And before we get into all of that I would like to share this clip that I watched this week via some of my friends on Facebook:

Dear 16yo Me

You see last year I found a lump. And I was really scared to have it checked and this week when I watched that video I thought to myself that I need to do something about it. So it was mainly watching that video along with the death of Kristian Anderson that made me do something about it.

Now the lump is actually on the top of my head, more closer to my hairline and I guess maybe the size of your little fingernail.

So I was pretty scared late yesterday afternoon and I guess it makes you think of other people, when they too have been scared and then get told that it could be serious.

But Groover's I was lucky. Very lucky. You see it is, is a cyst and prob a block hair folicle and the best thing is to just leave it alone. She had a very good look at it and so I am quite relieved to be honest with the outcome.

I guess I wanted to say to you kids is this: don't wait, don't put yourself through all that stress and don't leave it until it's too late as you have friends and family that need you here to be around :)

Geez I like to share don't I hehehe.

Soooooooo that was the last couple of days!

And this morning, you know a morning that I could sleep IN! I didn't. I didn't because of two things:

No. 1 Reason

Next door are having a HUGE PARTY tonight. These are the neighbours I don't really know. They started mowing on their ride on mower at 7am today. Thanks neighbours.... buttttttt I was already awake. That brings us to,

No. 2 Reason

Mumma and Dadda Dove decided to try and build up their nest with more twigs, so from about 6am one was on the eggs, the other was bringing in new twigs.

Yepppppppppppp it was all happening early today at Morley Manor!

And later in the day I had coffee with a friend that I hadn't seen for quite some time, her name is Rebecca:

We do go back about 17 years believe it or not... I know I can't believe it has been that long. In my mind she will always be around 21/22 from when I first met her. But it was great to catch up and hear all about her life. She is married with two beautiful boys. Def makes me feel old...... But always great to catch up with her.

And that brings us all up to date! Ohhhhhhh and one thing I didn't mention is that the naughty Travel Bug has been nipping at my heals this week. I tried and trieddddd but what can I say. I am weak!!! And I gave in and have a few things up my sleave for a bit later on in the year. But of course if I told you, I would have to kill you.

And YES JAKE, that means you too. My lips are sealed..... for now!

Ok well you guys all have a great night. Wish me luck with sleeping tonight with the party next door. My waters are telling me its going to be a doozy and we all know that those waters of mine def DO NOT LIE!!!

Oh here's a thought: I might just get my ride on mower... and do a few laps tomorrow morning around at 6am. (of course I don't really have a ride on mower. Maybe I can just use my normal mower). Actually they might still be up partying.... I'll have to think of something else!

Wish me luck!

Me xxx

11 January, 2012

Hot Days, A Dove Surprise and Armpit hair....

Well another DAMN HOTTTTTT day here in Brisbane today!

All I can say is Thank God for Air Con! We have to have it at work, esp due to all the transmitters for TV & Radio so it is Divine :)

And I have it on at home too!!! Poor Funny Nana, her air con downstairs needs repairing so I have been pumping the air from up here down to her and she has a pedestal fan for now... but soon we shall get it fixed for her.

And my lovely friend Karen has a very cute dog called Hannah and from the looks of these pics she def felt the heat today, poor kid :(

Before Air Con:

After Air Con:

And I just can't help myself butttttt don't you think that Hannah looks just like "Santa's Little Helper"? Who is the dog out of The Simpsons!

So a quiet day today all round really. Reminds me of prob where Jake is at Ayers Rock where they only come out after dark. Something like Twilight but with a Red Rock in the background hehehe.

And speaking of Baby Jake - I spoke to him last night. All is going well and they have him working in all the different sections at the moment to get a good idea of what is what. He was telling me that yesterday it was raining up there and of course he also has air con in his unit but he bought a pedestal fan and whilst we were talking he had it on and it was a "bit cool" hehehe. Who woulda thought that he would be cool whilst we are melting? Crazy Climate Change!

And when I got home this afternoon I checked on my Mumma Dove. Now I have been reading up a bit and it seems its the Dad that sits on them during the day and the Mum at night time. I guess the Dad likes to hit all the nightclubs at night time and needs the time off! LOL

But Groover's here is the thing - first I noticed the that palm leaf has shifted a bit. Now everyone it is still intact but there really is nothing that I can do to help becauseeeeeee the next thing was that the Daddy Dove saw me peaking and freaked out and flew away :(

I was gutted to say the least.

I was so worried he wouldn't return. But look what I found:

So I waited in my bedroom for it to return. To hear it return I should say and guess what? It did!!!! OMG I was sooo relieved. Now I am too scared to peek out hehe. I have learnt my lesson - for now anyways....

I just hope that the nest and palm leaf holds for when the eggs hatch!

And speaking of babies growing up, I just have to share with you kids a funny thing I heard yesterday on the phone at work.

Soooo one of the girls that works in another office in Queensland was telling me that her 11yo (hope I got that right) son spotted his first armpit hair yesterday and was sooooo excited!

That "Hot Dude" is probably a little bit older than 11, but I thought I would share anyways.....

Isn't that funny..... It happens to all of us doesn't it but geez 11 years old seems soooo very young NOW to me. Funny what happens to us as we age. I can remember leaving school at 15 and when I would return to parties the boys more so would have sprouted up and were a lot taller and their voices would have cracked and now were deeper. Where the girls just looked the same!

Anddddddd now at 45 it is funny when you see men my own age and even guys from school because in my mind we are all still 15 but here we are, and it pains me to even type it - Middle Aged! The men are losing some hair and going grey whilst the women dye their hair so you can't tell! hehehe

And that's they way it should be!!! LOL

And we won't even begin to talk about women and waxing & bleaching! hehehe

And thennnnnnnnnn as we get older esp in the men they start to get ear & nose hair!

So there you go one minute you are discovering your first armpit hair next you know you are sprouting hair in places you didn't even know was possible!

On that note I'm outta here!


Me xxx
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