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27 March, 2011

Living the dream....

Well it's been a big week!

You see I resigned from my job last Monday, so I wanted to tell work before I announced it to the world (aka The Morley Report), as you do....

I finish up on Friday 1st April and boy it couldn't come quicker! hehehe.

I have a brand spankin new job with a company that helps broadcast the ABC and SBS TV and Radio around Australia. I am going to be the Team Assistant and help support the Manager and his staff.

And here is the best bit, it's only 10 mins from home! Currently I travel on a minimum 3 hours every day and that my friends is on a good day. So to say that I am over travelling would be an understatement! And as one of the guys at work said to me this week - You are living the dream - to be working that close to home!

More in next weeks Morley Report but I am so truly happy that I need to pinch myself at times. And I know that this was the right thing for me, right now in my life to do!

So there is my very very big special news :)

So the week has gone mighty slow, but this time next week this chapter will be finished in my life and I am ready for the next one.

I have a week off in between jobs and am taking Embee Louise up to what we call the Doggy Holiday House in Coolum, so stay tuned for pics....

So last night was a big night!!! My friend Lisa was having her 42nd Birthday Party, 1920's style at The Hilton hotel in Brisbane.They went all out and had it set up Casino style with tables and dealers etc. NOOOOO not that kind!!! Ploise....

But here is where it get's interesting..... you see it ended up that Lindsay proposed to Lisa and of course Lisa accepted butttttttt then she turned around and up pops a celebrant. It was just an amazing experience and very touching. They have been together 17 years and Lindsay had kept this very very special secret from Lisa for quite some time. And the look on Lindsay's face was priceless. She was sooo chuffed and proud, it was truly beautiful.

It makes you think to yourself how wonderful it would be to find that one special person to spend the rest of your life with. I still believe that it's def out there, you just gotta keep going until you find it :)

Jake aka DJ Sammy (Jake's middle name is Samuel) was there too and play tunes for the night!

We had a wonderful time and got home around 2.30am!

Which meant that a sleep in was in order and oh my goodness even a Nana Nap happened this afternoon hehehe. Let's just hope I sleep tonight!!!

Here is a pic of Embee and I chilling out on the lounge this afternoon! So it was a lovely way to cap off a big week for me.

I look forward to the coming week for some good bye HOT LUNCH DATES and maybe a couple of tears through a happy smile :)

So kids have a good week and see you on the flipside!

Me xxx

I also wanted to thank the people that subscribe via email to my blog and to also my new followers! I love to tell a good story and consider myself a story teller so to those of you that take the time to read my blog every week, to those who share the link to my blog via Facebook and Twitter, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One day I hope to write a book, but for now it gives me so much pleasure to write my little stories for you guys :)

20 March, 2011

Man Flu, The Love Boat and Embee Louise turns 5!

Well it's been a quiet old week in the Morley House.

I think it was Karma speaking when yours truly had to leave work on Monday to make the very long trek home with Man Flu taking over.....

It's funny how when you are at work some days you think to yourself, wow how amazing would it be to stay home and do nothing instead of being here at work.

Well let me tell you Groover's it ain't all it's cracked up to be. To be honest the week has flown pass, so maybe I have the flu to thank for that. But the biggest part of the flu was that I kinda lost my voice. I do believe that Baby Jake or should it be Jake? (a friend said to me maybe it was time I dropped the Baby from Baby Jake!) before I move on maybe we should address this little subject and put it to what I like to call a Groover's Vote!

Should Jake, who turns 21 this year in October! I know can you believe it.... be called Baby Jake still orrrrrrrrrrr should we go for the more grown up, sophisticated Jake. I leave it up to you, to guide me on this one....

Anyways back to the story: I think my son.... def enjoyed the fact that I couldn't really talk much this week. It was funny to be silent, you know like being a Monk hahaha. And when I could start to talk I was softly spoken!! I knowwwwwww I can hear you all gasp from here! It was funny to be this softly spoken and even not trying to talk too much, when I could or had to as it hurt.

I have come to the conclusion that even though I might be a loud talker, and that I like to talk all the time andddddddd that I always seem to have something to say, I quite like it! I quite like the talkative me.

I can remember on my Grade 2 report card it said: Karen likes to talk hahaha. And my friends this has never changed.... unless of course I am suffering from good old Man Flu!

So I spent the week on the lounge with Embee Louise and didn't have that much to say, even on Facebook.

I had to cancel some lunch dates, even the HOT ONES... :( and cancelled on drinks on Friday night for Al's birthday!!

But come Saturday I was up and kinda rearing to get back out there into the big world.

Some of my good friends, who are also cousins, Maureen and Bern were embarking on a 7 night cruise out of Brisbane and I had promised months ago to see them off.
I have never been to wave someone off before and I was a bit excited.
Whilst it was raining, there was this great viewing platform and it def got me excited for my two cruises that I myself am taking later this year! What can I say I am addicted to The Love Boat Theme. Disco version of courseeeeee ;)

So I spoke to them and waved, as you do. No streamers though and have to say this bit was a bit disappointing! Not sure why that doesn't happen anymore...

I also caught up at Portside where the ship left from with with my good friend Uma. I haven't seen Uma for ages and we had alot of girlie goss to catch up on.

Was lovely to see her and chat. My poor little throat was being given a good work out but I did survive, so all was fine in the world!

Now as we speak Jake is on Big Brother Duties for the week and has gone to visit his little brother in Kingaroy for the week. I wonder if he will have to change a dirty nappy! Geez I sure hope so hehehe. Nowwwww THAT would make my week LOL.

And today my friends, my Groover's is also a very special day. You see it's Embee Louise Morley's 5th Birthday! I cannot believe that it has been five whole years since she came into the world.

I remember the breeder sending me some pics of the litter. We called these the Guinea Pig shots as she just looked like a baby Guinea Pig. And as we received progress pictures in the coming weeks I put out the mayday email to my friends as to what should I call her.

My good friend Jillian who lives in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast suggested Embee, after all of my Michael Buble adventures. Now this was back of course in 2006 and little did we know of the adventures that were ahead of me hehehe.

So today Embee and I have just hung out, did some of her fave's - hung out in the backyard, did a patrol to make sure things were ok in the backyard, checked out the pool area, did a wee on the grass (that was Embee not ME! just incase you were wondering....) although I was tempted hahaha.
And then as I cooked some brunch for me, Em had her own little plate of Heaven!
They say that animals pick us. And I honestly believe that you cannot tell me that they are not people reincarnated! Because at times they are sooo human like.

This reminds me of a very emotional clip I saw this week from the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan. Did you see it Groover's? It was filmed by a Japanese film crew. Instead of me relaying the story, click on Ultimate Loyalty

That night after seeing the clip I said a little prayer for them. So many people, animals have been and will continue to be affected by the disasters unfolding in Japan. At times you have to think to yourself: what is happening to our world, but I guess human nature is a powerful thing and we continue to survive as best as we can when we are faced with such hardships in life.

Another friend posted another link later in the week to say that both dogs had been rescued and taken to a shelter. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this made me. Sometimes it's the small things in life that we need to hang onto. To grasp with both hands and not let go.

So Miss Embee Louise, thank you for picking my little family to come into. It was hard to decide to get another dog after losing our beloved Dannii (yes as in Minogue and even spelt the same way!) I waited 6 years and hindsight prob a bit too long but I just couldn't bring myself to replace Dannii. Until I realised that I wasn't replacing her I was just bringing ANOTHER member into my little family!

You have brought me such joy, laughter and love along with eaten jocks and socks andddd we won't mention that bad habit, BADDDDDDD HABIT of humping only Jake and the guest Bedroom's pillow! Or the fact that you are a very ROUGH lover! hahaha. Not sure where you picked that up from....

Well that was the week that was, in my house anyways......

Until next week, let me leave you with this little tiny teaser..... I have BIG BIG NEWS to share but my lips are sealed, well kinda.... until next weeks Morley Report!

And nooooo I am def not Pregnant with TWINS to Buble! At least that's what the scan said hehehehe.


Me xxx

Do you remember that I told you the other week of my friend Steve, who I met on my cruise when I turned 20. And how he and his daughter were on Australia's Funniest Home Video? I've had quite a few people ask me about it and so Groover's here it is
Working Class Girl

13 March, 2011

Big Brother Baby Jake and a weekend of Sandra's…..

Well it’s been a very interesting 7 days since we last spoke.

On Monday my little Siamese fighting fish MJ passed away. He was a special gift from my friend Marie who I worked with at the courts. And noooo he wasn’t named after Michael Jackson…. He was MJ after Marie and her daughter Jessie, who purchased him for me.

I had him for nearly two years, which is a good innings but I am a softy and have to say I def miss seeing him on my desk every day. RIP MJ ☹

Tuesday brought some big big news. Baby Jake Morley, is now a Big Brother! Now I can hear you counting back the days/weeks and say Karen, that was mighty quick, and nooooo Michael Buble isn't the father THIS TIME.... And I didn't hide it from you all this time....

You see his Dad’s wife gave birth via cesarean, so as they knew the date and the sex too, Jake took the day off work to go up to the hospital.

His name is Cooper John and here is a pic:

I think it’s nice that Jake is now a big brother and I am sure Cooper feels the same way ☺

But I have to say it was interesting for me that day, as I guess it took me back to a similar day nearly 21 years ago when I had Jake. Whilst I got the most amazing person out of it, that time in my life was very stressful and when I look back it seems like a lifetime ago…. A movie maybe I once saw.

They say we go through things in life that make you a much stronger person and this time my friends was one of them. But that’s obviously just how my life was meant to pan out.

Becoming a single parent of a 13mth old at 25 years of age was prob not the game plan I had growing up. But if I hadn’t of gone through all of those things I wouldn’t have my Baby Jake. ☺

So congrats Baby Jake on becoming a Big Brother.

One thing I did forget to mention last week was that last weekend when I went to purchase some packing boxes for Mum, the place that I had to go to (as I left it to the very last minute and it was a Sunday) was actually built behind a shopping centre, that used to be a car park for the shopping centre back in the day. And this is where I used to go with my Grandad early (very early....) on a Sunday morning, and have my very first driving lessons.

I was soooo very excited and can remember on my actual 17th Birthday going up to the local Police Station for my Learner’s Permit. Anddddd when I got it the nice policeman wrote down my height as 5 foot ½ inch. And let me tell you Groover’s that ½ inch is mightyyyyy important when you are a short kid. Hehehe.

As I’ve mentioned before I like to be a little social during the week and try and catch up with friends by having lunch with them.

On Wed I went to lunch with my friend from work Marie and get this: just as we were coming back to work and we were talking in the lift, Marie asked me what my next adventure was. I told her I was off to Mt Tamborine for the weekend but that in June I was going on a 3 night cruise…. She asked “was it at the start of June?” and low and behold, guess what Groover’s? Yeppppppppp you got it, we are going on the same cruise. Can you believe it!!

As my Grandad would have said “Batten down the Hatches” hehehe.

I told Marie that when we are on the cruise I am going to ask for The Love Boat Theme – Disco Version, to be played in the night club and that she will have to get up and dance to it with me ☺

On Friday I had lunch with my very good friend Marcus. We used to work together a while back and we just clicked and got on famously. He is quite a funny guy and had a passion for Tuna, which I HATE! (It's cat food….) and somehow he always loved listening to my Morley Stories. I don’t think it had anything to do with being chained to his chair! LOL

So now it was the weekend and it wasn't until someone at work asked me what I was doing this weekend that I realised it was a Weekend of Sandra's hehehe. This is why:

Friday night my friend Sandra No. 2 and I went out for dinner. Sandra came along to Sydney for the Buble weekend, so it was great to catch up with her and talk goss...

Saturday I drove down to Mt Tamborine and for my Groover’s overseas this is about 2 hours south of me in Brisbane and is part of the hinterland of the Gold Coast.

My friend Sandra (different Sandra to Fri night) let us call her Sandra No. 1. There was some talk which Sandra was which number, buttttt I have known Sandra down at Mt Tamborine a little longer, so she shall be known as Sandra No. 1, lives there in the most amazing house that her husband built.

When I stayed there last time it felt like a B&B (Bed and Breakfast).

We drove up to the top of Mt Tamborine and had lunch on the Saturday and had a bit of a look around. Such a peaceful place….

I had the best time hanging out with Sandra, Glenn and their son Jake. I always enjoy my stay there and come back feeling soooo relaxed.

I wanted to share this sign that we accidentally stumbled across whilst driving on the mountain. I think it's message is very interesting and over the years I have often wondered myself is it really possible to have the one big love in your life? Or maybe do we meet a few of them in our lifetime....

A little sneak pic of next weeks Morley Report: A certain someone is turning 5 next week? I know sounds like maybe its Jake's mentality hehehe, but no you would be wrong.

A little hint: She has hair all over her body…. And NOOOO it’s not me before waxing! hehehe.

And at this moment I would like to share a little pic that I took during the week. Embee has a secret passion. You see late at night or in the early hours of the morning, Miss Embee Louise Morley leaves my bedroom, goes down the internal stairs into Baby Jake's house and there she finds the Mother Load! Yepppp Jake's socks and underpants. I know what you are thinking... she has no class! hehe and you would be right!!!!

Sooo this week poor old Baby Jake has had Man Flu. Now what is interesting is that I have found when you say this to men they are like - what the hell is that!!! They have no idea.... whilst women just nod and smile. So Jake has had the flu, but of course when you are a man, it's like you are a Dying Duck! Another good saying passed down from my Grandad! And so one day actually this time, when I was at work and Baby Jake was home from work, dying in his bed.... Embee Louise has snuck downstairs found a little snack and brought it up to my house and when I returned from work that night, there at the top of my stairs is the little snack itself. Laying there in all it's glory and when I took the pic, Embee was quite happy to sit by it's side, looking ohhh so proud.

Of course Baby Jake doesn't know this story (I threw the undies out without mentioning it) so when he reads this week's Morley Report and see's this pic, he will then realise that he is one pair down! hahahaha.

Ok on that note, thanks for reading, be good, take care and remember: same bat channel same bat time (see you next Sunday!)


Me xxx ☺

06 March, 2011

I live for boxes.....

Well have to say it's been a very busy week! I don't normally do much on a school night because I don't bounce back that easy the next day, esp if it's a work day.

But did I listen to my advice this last week? Nahhhhhhh

Monday started off with an interesting phone call from Baby Jake whilst sitting on the bus on the way home from work. Long story short, it seems that in his black sporty car with a P Plate the Police just loveeeeeee to pull him over. This time they thought he was driving with a suspendedhttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=3012152287869440550&postID=7296315205615071556 lic. But this stems back to August in last year to when Jake was pulled over for speeding, which he is contesting and it's taking this long for them to sort it out. Soooo it ended up being a Dept of Transport error, buttttt they didn't find this out til later in the night, pulled him over, made him leave his car at the shopping centre down the road from us and drove him home.

After a few phone calls he sorted the "misunderstanding" but I had to drive him to pick up his car.

This pic is him collecting in from the car park!

Buttttt get this: So today, he is driving to meet me at Mum's Retirement village and they pull him over yet again. They can't get him on anything so what do they do? Give him a fine for $100 for leaning his arm on the drivers window! True Story!!

I had dinner on Tuesday night with my good friend Al. Nice to catch up on all that has been happening over the last few months.

Wed night was dinner with Lisa and then afterward I went to a show at the QPAC (funny same theatre that I saw Michael Buble in back in 2005). Not sure if you have ever heard of John Edward the psychic? Well it was like that and her name is Lisa Williams. She has a show on Foxtel and I am being honest here, if she picked me out I would freak!!! I just like to go and watch what happens and hear other families/peoples stories.

I didn't get picked! Phew.... hehehe. My Grandad used to say "Karen you should be frightened of the living not the dead!". But even so I think he would know it would def freak me out big time if anything happened. So no def didn't get picked!

There were a few interesting stories. One family of a mum and three sisters and their dad had passed away and came through. Another was a guy who lost his dad when he was 3yo. He was up in the top section of the theatre, right at the very back. And when she was reading him one of the lights kept flickering. She asked him about lights and he said that at home they go through 3-4 light bulbs A WEEK! And she also mentioned 5 cent pieces. Does he find them all the time? He said he did and she said they were from his Dad.

So whether you believe or not, to me its fascinating! Here is another thing. You hear peoples stories, how desperate they are to hear from people, loved ones that have passed. It's sad. There was one lady that lost someone to a murder/suicide. I guess sometimes you hear their stories and I know I walk away with my goodness, my life ain't that bad.....

This week three of my good friends have been through some interesting and trying times. I won't go into all the details, but it def makes you think about life. One friend, who shall remain nameless (he's shy) had a very very close call.

He was sitting eating lunch at a Subway and a car drove through the wall directly behind him. He came away unharmed, but let me tell you it was a close call.

Now I can't tell you how he was feeling, but for me, it makes you think that you just never know when your time is up. Life is there to be lived. Sometimes we just go through the motion I guess of our daily grind. But how do you know if maybe this is your very last day? Of course we don't. But what we have to try and remember and some days its hard to do (and this isn't my quote by the way):

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

Thursday night was the night my first ever Mid Morley Report was published. Due to a Michael Buble Hollywood competition where I had 8 challenges to complete one of them being to advertise the MB Application on Iphone/Itunes. It had to be creative so putting onto my Morley Report was what I came up with. I knowwww I'm pretty creative tee hee.

I am sure some of you are Buble'd out..... and that my friends is ok! hehehe. But thanks for those of you that read it.

Oh the winner gets a holiday to where else but Hollywood! Of course if anything comes of it, you will be the first to know! :)

Friday I went to a sports club to catch up with my friend Caron who works at my Mum's retirement village and who over the last six years has been the biggest help and support to me.

Here is a pic of Caron and I on the look out for a Sports Man! hehehe.

Saturday I had lunch with another good friend and hello Saturday night I had a very HOT DATE with my lounge chair. My god it was devine hehehe.

Today we had to go back up to my Mum's unit. For those of you not in the know, we have had to move her up to the next level of care. She is all moved in now with all of her things, butttttt she has MANY MANY other things in her apartment. So we have now over two weekends packed it all up in boxes and we are going to get it moved to our place to store in our shed. And later this year kids we are going to have a VERY VERY BIG GARAGE SALE. She has some really nice things, lots of DVD's too. And modern stuff, not old lady things..... So Jake is going to be in charge of the Garage Sale so when it finally does happen shall let those of you in Brisbane know!

Then tonight on my way home, Jake of course had his police magnet car..... he went one way I went another. Was driving down my very busy road and there was this dog running on the road, I slowed down but it went to the other lane and I had to flash my lights and beep my horn. It was just starting to get dark, but still light. Anyway this poor dog took the bolt! He was sooo fast and I had pulled over when I tried to get it to come to my car, but the car behind me followed it down a side street.

I followed them too and the dog took off through some bushland. A man also turned up and he had been looking after the dog for his daughter that was away. They looked and looked (the man and the man from the other car) but we couldn't find him.

Jasper is his name and he was a very fast very naughty dog. We couldn't find him. We all drove off and decided to go down another side street. The roads lead to a sewerage plant and then onto the river.

The other couple in the other car saw him, but he ran off again. The poor man who was looking after him walked sooo far to find him but just couldn't find him. The other couple finally left, it was starting to get dark and as I was driving off I saw him again, Jasper is brown. Butttt the man tried again, and I am sorry to say I am not sure how it all turned out.

I have his phone number as he lives not far from me, just incase I happen to see Jasper tomorrow morning.

Isn't it sad when you try so hard, they have no idea you are trying to help them. I guess it's like people - you try the best that you can but in the end only they can help themselves and you just have to be happy for what you have been able to do.

No hidden messages there for anyone by the way, it's just something that my hands typed! hehehe

So Groovers, if I hear anything further on our little friend Jasper I promise to let you all know.

Well we have come to an end to another eventful Morley Week.

This week I have made sure I am home most of the week. And can I just add I'm a little excited to do NOTHING!!!

But as they saying goes: Famous last words.... hehehe Who knows what next week holds.

So until then keep on Groovin on!


Me xxx

03 March, 2011

Hollywood, la la la la

Well the moment is here! Yep you got it… the mid week Morley Report.

Now I hear you say, Karen my friend, how come? What’s the goss? Well Groover’s you see it’s all to do with a certain Michael Buble Hollywood competition being held by Warner Music Australia and one of the eight challenges is to share the Michael Bublé Crazy Love Australian tour app, which you can download on either your Iphone or Ipad (for you hip Groover's).

But I thought to make it interesting I would share all eight of the challenges with you, my friends…. ☺

So here we go, buckle yourself in:

1. Take a picture of yourself posing next to the Michael Bublé Crazy Love 'Hollywood Edition' album.

Story to this above pic! Soooo I had bought the Crazy Love Hollywood edition via ITunes, so to have a picture I went out to purchase the actual CD. The girl in the music shop was very helpful. I had remembered seeing some posters displayed in the shop a couple of week earlier. Of course asked about these posters to find out that they had only a couple of hours earlier been put into the dumpster outside. So with my “new friend's” help, we retrieved them, esp for this picture!!

Of course there is no physical evidence to prove that I had to actually jump into the Wastepaper Bin to get them!!! ☺

2. How well do you know Michael? Submit 5 creative Michael Bublé trivia questions.

1. When Michael Buble played at the Las Vegas Hilton over the Valentines Day weekend in 2006, which other famous singer was he filling in for?

a) Rod Stewart
b) Barry Manilow
c) Elvis Presley
d) Pussy Cat Dolls

2. Which Song didn't Michael Buble write:

a) Home
b) Feeling Good
c) Everything
d) Haven't Met You Yet

3. Michael's Music has appeared in quite a few movies. Which Movie hasn't included a Michael Buble song.

a) When Harry Met Sally
b) Two Weeks Notice
c) The Wedding Date
d) The Proposal

4. In October 2005 Michael Buble had to cancel a concert that was to be on the Sydney Opera House steps. This reason for this was:

a) Illness
b) Floods
c) Cyclone
d) High Winds

5. Michael Buble's father Lewis is a fisherman. What type of fish does he catch?

a) Trout
b) Tuna
c) Salmon
d) Gold Fish

1. b) Barry Manilow
2. b) Feeling Good
3. a) When Harry Met Sally
4. d) High Winds
5. c) Salmon

3. What is your most memorable Michael Bublé moment? Was it when you met him for the first time? Heard him for the first time? Sang to him for the first time? We want to hear about it.

Some of you may already know this story. And I did hesitate in sharing it, as it’s a very personal private story, but here goes:

Back in 2005 in Brisbane I had just been to my second ever Buble Concert and we ended up meeting Michael afterwards in a Bar. He spent some time talking to us and one of my friends told him that I was attending the concert again the very next night. I was a little embarrassed that he knew this but he made me feel that it was ok….

Now he opened his concert with Feeling Good, starting with being a silhouette etc. After the song he talked a bit and said hello to the audience and said that whilst he was behind the curtain instead of looking all sexy he would rather be doing: and then he did a dog finger shadow puppet and one where his microphone dropped down (it looked like something rude!! Lol). So now remember I am talking to him and I say you know when you do the finger puppet things after Feeling Good, wellllll you should do the Rabbit! So I showed him this finger puppet rabbit that I used to do over the years, esp for some reason if I had had a couple of drinks!!!

Sooooo the very next night, I am sitting with another friend at his concert and low and behold he does my Rabbit!! Now everyone laughed and of course the show moved on….. but OMG I was still all about OMG HE DID MY RABBITTTTTTTTTT hehehe.

And you know what? The fact that he even remembered a whole 24 hours later, knowing that I would be in the audience and get a kick out of it anddddddd knowing that ONLY I would know the reference, to me showed me what a wonderful, thoughtful person he was and still is! The End.

4. Share the Michael Bublé Crazy Love Australian tour app – share the app link on your Facebook or twitter, send a group email to all your contacts, write it on your car – go Crazy with spreading the word – you must send through your photo evidence.

Here is where you guys come in! Here is the link to this blog to provide evidence of promoting it to the best Groover’s a girl could have! ☺


For those technical kids here is what they call a QR code (not Queensland Rail hehehe - Australian Joke). Which directs you to the download of the app. To use this you need to have an application on your camera phone that allows you to scan QR codes. Baby Jake tells me this is the way of the future.....

Here it is:

5. Compile your collection – create your dream Michael Bublé mix tape. Your track list must contain 10 songs.

Michael Buble Mix with 10 songs

1. Best of Me
2. Smile
3. Lost
4. Home
5. Feeling Good
6. Wonderful Tonight
7. Hold on
8. End of May
9. You and I
10. You don’t know me

6. Use the Michael & Me app tool to compose the most creative and imaginative photo – upload your photo to the ‘Right Now’ section of the app.

Ok, so if you take a very close look you can see that Michael aka Justin Bieber (from his Hollywood Single Video clip) is sitting perched on my little tasting platter, hence my thumbs up motion! hehehe

7. If you could ask Michael Bublé one thing, what would it be? Email us at thehollywoodchallenge@warnermusic.com the question you are desperate to ask Michael, the more inspired, the better!

Question: So Michael you walk into a recording studio. In booth Number 1. is Elvis Presley, in booth Number 2. is Michael Jackson, in booth Number 3. is Frank Sinatra and in the very last booth Number 4. is George Michael.

Which booth would you walk into and why?

8. Name 4 Hollywood landmarks you’d want to visit if you win the trip to Hollywood.

1. The Hollywood Walk of Fame
2. The Hollywood Bowl
3. Have a drink at The Roosevelt Hotel, home to the stars.
4. Def have to visit the Hollywood Sign

Well we have come to the end of the Special Edition Mid Week Morley Report.
Thanks for reading, thanks to supporting me and thanks for downloading the Michael Buble Crazy Love Australian Tour app.

Love you Groover’s

Me xxx
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