25 November, 2011

Are you covered?

Well finally it's Friday night. I don't know about you but this week went sooooo slow. But we all made it and now the weekend awaits us. Yeeee Haaaaaa

It was an interesting week with Leon my Lion getter a hairdo courtesy of Greg in my office!

For some reason all the guys in the office like to style his hair!!!

And Embee and Tank shared pics with me of their little adventure last week whilst I was away on holidays:

And Barb's mug made another appearance chilling out at lunch time with Dr Phil! As all good mugs do!

Even mugs have problems.....

Today was Seamus's mothers birthday and we went out for a lovely girlie lunch to this amazing cafe at Aspley called Ramekins Cafe!

The food was amazing and at the moment between Mon-Fri they have a $15 lunch special which includes either a soft drink or juice!

Here is their Facebook Page:

Ramekins Cafe

And we also met some lovely Tennis Ladies that were having their own scrumptious lunch :)

Now Seamus's mum is a little shy soooo this is the best pic I could get!

Then this afternoon it was time for Birthday Cake. Now there is a lesson to be learnt here Groovers. You seeeeee Ashlee had bought the cake and after the cake was cut up she went to take some out to Andrew but we thought she had already taken her piece and there was just one slice left.

And we gave it to Kevin. Well not long after we found out it was Ashlee's piece!!!!! And we were too late because Kevin was eating the very last bit.....

Poor Ashlee :( She was the one that bought the cake and ended up with none. So the moral of the story is this: ALWAYS get your piece first!!!!!!!

And this week has seen my good friend Deb return home after her broken foot accident. Now the fun & games really start as she starts to mend and begin her rehabilitation.

Here is a pic of her x-ray and if you look closely at the right hand side you will see the complete break!

And for those of you who are queasy, turn away nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Here is a pic of Debs foot the day after her operation. They have put in a plate and screws to try and keep it all together. And all she did was trip over on some raised bitumen on a driveway!

As I mentioned during the week, this has me think myself about taking out Medical Insurance because I guess you start to get to a certain age when things can happen. And it's not being all melodramatic but with a mortgage and bills to pay what would you do if you had to take time off work and how would you pay your bills?

There is this amazing television ad by Bupa (which is the old MBF - Medical Benefits Fund). Now when I first saw it I kinda switched off. Buttttttt then Barb told me what it was about as this was last week when we were away and so then I watched the whole advertisement next time it came on.

Groover's I would like to share this with you as I find it compelling viewing....

Bupa. Find A Healthier You

It def makes you think doesn't it....

And you know it's not just having a private hospital because as sad as it is to say nowadays it's all about time. Waiting on lists to have an operation or to get a bed and what would happen if you didn't have time and by waiting it meant that you lost time, time from your life.

We all think that it won't happen to us, our family or our kids. But it can and for some it does.

Now I'm not saying that I know the answer but to me it makes sense to maybe now for myself, to consider taking out some insurance.

A lady I spoke to on the phone at Bupa the other day shared a story with me of a good friend of her's. They are both single women in the 60's and a few years back she talked her friend into taking out cover. And a few weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The admitted her the very next day and after initial tests she had to have her breast removed. But here is the thing: she didn't have to wait....

By taking her that very next day I am sure they saved her time. Time in her life. Time to see her grandchildren grow :)

The lady on the phone told me that her friend has since told her that she doesn't know how to thank her for talking her into taking out health cover!

I know my friend Deb is doing it tough and I am sure she won't mind me saying (well I hope not anyway!). But tonight I did her grocery shopping and took it over to her. I helped re-arrange things in her house, things that you and I take for granted, so that she can get around.

She is in pain, a lot of pain and our society is of no help to her AT ALL. Not unless she lives in a poor suburb, is old or has children.

What happens if you find yourself without a partner? Maybe you haven't had children orrrrrr your kids have moved out and live somewhere else, what then?

Sorry to be all bleak on you kids but with the Funny Morley sometimes comes that Practical Morley, the one that cares about you! :)

Now it's a personal choice but for me, well I think I'm at that stage now where I need to be thinking about my future and how I can be a healthier version of me!

Our hospital system is letting us down and I guess tonight I just want you to take a few minutes to think about how you can LOOK AFTER YOU for the future!

Over and out

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Karen you have been a god send in my life, and yes without you and baby Jake I would of well and truly been up shit creek. It was a normal every day and I just tripped over a bumb and now life is so tough and I didn't have a backup plan and now I am up shit creek.

Yes the lawyers have started the chase today and have been told it will be 1 - 2 years to get it sorted out..... Great lets hope I am still around.

But thanks Karen you and your Morley Report have beena help through this horrible time


The Morley Report said...

Deb I am so glad that Jake and I (and Ashlee) can help you out during this time. You are def having a bad trot my friend! But hang in there xxx

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