All About Morley

Hi Groover's,

A few years ago I used to send out group emails to fill in friends on the ins and outs of The Morley's and called it of course The Morley Report.

Over time people would ask me, have you kept copies of The Morley Report? Of course I hadn't.

It was then suggested that I write a book or write a blog. Hence the seed was sown and The Morley Report Blog was born.

I love to tell a story, or two or three. And on a good day we could even get to FOUR!

There always seems to be something going on with my son Jake, or our Cavoodle Dog (by the way Dog is a swear word in our house) Embee Louise and of course there is me, Karen.

This is my life as I see it. I don't smoke, drink much......... or do drugs BUT! I like to say that Holidays are my Drug of choice and I am always conjuring up a new adventure in my head :)

We live in Brisbane, Australia - a great place to be in this world and we share a Dual Living House, where "My House" is the girly, nice smelling house upstairs and Baby Jake (as I like to call him, even though he is nearly 21) lives downstairs in his "Boy" smelling house ewwwwwwwwwww!!

I guess I should also share that I am a HUGE Michael Buble lover, so you may see the odd reference to Buble. Eg. Embee is actually MB = Michael Buble. Longggggggg story, of course :)

My goal in 2011, is to get out there and have fun, some adventures and just enjoy life and report back with all the shenanigans that make up The Morley Report........

So congrats for making it this far! Hang on to your seats as it might get a bit bumpy! hehehe.

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