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27 February, 2011

Buble, Friends and Trains.... all in that order!!

So here I was thinking this week would be a little quieter than the following two weeks activities. Ohhh how wrong was I!

But before we get into the goss, here is the pic as promised.

I’ve had a few funny comments from people, as I have it on Facebook, about how Michael looks like a cardboard cut out! Hehehe. But Groover’s it’s def him in the flesh. And just as this photo was being taken, Michael said to Erica and I: You girls smell lovely! Hehehe.

I also have a couple of better pics courtesy of my good friend Erica from the previous weekend.

Here is one of the girls Sharon, Sandra and Me!

And here is one of me and my Buble Adventures Buddy Erica

I tried my hardest to find the link to the clip on YouTube and I hope both he and his daughter Emily don’t mind, but for those of you that watch Australia’s Funniest Video’s back in the day, they won the Grand Final and you may just remember the clip! It was of Steve singing a nursery rhyme Rockabye Baby and Emily crying saying noooooooo I want Jimmy Barnes!

The funny thing is that my friend Elaine had asked me if I had seen the show, this was prob the mid 1990’s but I hadn’t. Funny enough we were going on a cruise (my 2nd cruise ever!) and I had my Mum record I think McLeod’s Daughter’s on TV. So a few weeks after I got back I sit down to watch it and Mum had just pressed record and gone to bed, so the last bit the of show before was on and strike me down there was the clip Elaine had told me about!

Anddddd OMG there was my dining buddy from the Fairstar singing for his Daughter. I remember being so happy, not only had they won the Grand Final but that he was married and had a beautiful little girl.

Many years later Erica and her family were in Brisbane to go on their own cruise and I met up with them for dinner and recounted the very story above. I had only just joined Facebook and thought you know I am going to look him up when I get home! And I did.

So last week in Sydney was 25 years in the making.

Funny how people can come back into your lives. ☺

So as most of you know I decided at the start of the year to write The Morley Report weekly. This normally means on a Sunday night. Now lately I get about 50 -60 reads, which I’m happy with. One day I would like to maybe write a book, so to have people reading The Morley Report is something that makes me happy!

Through my Blog site I am also able to see the background of the Blog. Meaning which country the readers are from, how many hits, how people are finding the report eg; Facebook, Twitter etc.

Sooooo imagine my surprise on Monday morning when it tells me views from the official Michael Buble site!! Now don’t get me wrong, I write it to share my stories and I don’t mind at all if people are reading it that I don’t know. But when I searched on the MB Site and there under Media, was the link to my Blog, well lets just say it freaked me out a bit! hehehe

It’s not like it was just a review on Michael’s concert, but actually there I was talking about MY LIFE, my friends, my experiences. I went from say 50 reads to around 160 last week. AMAZING!!! I did manage to have it taken down off the site, but the link was up there for about 1 ½ days.

It’s a long story but I did email Warner Music in America to ask for it to be taken down. You see Michael Buble has always been so very nice to us. Friendly, approachable, to have it on this site, to me, felt disrespectful. Nobody had emailed me to ask permission to share it and I just really wanted it off that site.

So I sent my email off to America, thought then about the time difference so decided to ring Warner Music Australia. Explained the story to the Receptionist who then put me through to a guy. So I tell this guy my story and he asks me to email him the link to the Michael Buble Forum where my blog appeared, plus the link to my Blog.

I’m thinking greatttttttt someone else reading it hehehe. So I send off my email and he writes back to tell me that he is going to try his best. So when I receive his email, guess who he is?? Oh yeahhhh the Vice President of Warner Music Australia hehehe. I had no idea!

So via a friend of a friend, I managed to have it removed. It ended up that it was a woman who lives in Argentina! Who meant no harm.

But just out of curiosity, here are some of the countries that read the blog last week:

Netherlands, Latvia, Croatia, France, Spain, Argentina, Canada, UK, USA and good old Australia! How about them apples hehehe.

So lets just say it was an interesting way to start the week.

Maybe due to all the excitement hehehe, I ended up with a lovely stomach virus; which had me out of sorts for a few days, but feeling pretty good right now!

And how sad was the footage this week of Christchurch. I was at home watching it live. I guess in times like this you shake your head in disbelief to see all these things unfolding this year. It did have me think, as I work in the CBD in Brisbane, on the 6th Floor. What would happen to us if it happened in our city? The human spirit though is amazing to see. My heart goes out to the people there.

Work this week has been interesting as well, maybe just not the same as Buble but still interesting. We have a new Minister (I work for the Qld State Government) as well as a name change to our Department.

I guess life is always changing, so you just take it step by step and try and roll with the moves. ☺

There was also my little “thing” with catching the train. I guess Hate is a strong word to use……… butttttttt I HATE THE TRAIN! I was like a little kid chucking a tanty! I did manage to catch the train to and from the city one day. Got the very last car park, had to finger gesture, nottttt the way you think!! But pointed to the spot I was turning around for to say to the Dude: Dudeeeeeeee that SPOT IT MINE, BACK AWAYYYY.

The train wasn’t that bad going into the city, but at the end of the working day, I soooo didn’t want to walk back to the train station in the city, to then have a man sit sooo close to me that our thighs were touching A LOT!!!! And all the way home I said to myself, as you do…… NEVER EVER AGAIN!

So from now on I will sacrifice sleep, to get up earlier to catch my beloved BUS!! YAYYYYY FOR THE BUS!!!! ☺

I like to keep myself socially busy during the working week and try and catch up with friends.

Here is a pic of my friend from work Lagi and I having a lovely lunch.

Notice the drinks. It’s called a Pineapple Lime and Bitters and Groover’s it was mighty nice!!!

This weekend well, do they go quick OR WHAT!!! I had dinner with my neighbour Narelle, went up to see my Mum and packed up boxes at her apartment to move her up to the next level of care! And spent Saturday night talking the night away with my friend Deb! Sunday was a day of rest! Air Con, bit of housework and poor old Embee Louise had a shower/bath! She now smells like a girl again ☺

And I know this was a few weeks ago, but a friend has shared his pics from our time on Community Recovery helping with the Brisbane Floods.

I think next week shall be an interesting one, so stay tuned….. Ohhhhhhhh and before I forget! I know, I can hear your EXCITEMENT! Next week there is going to be a special Mid Week Morley Report, so stay tuned Groover’s for that!! I know try and get some sleep in between now and then, if you cannnnnnnn hehehe.

Have a great week and talk soon!

Me xxx

20 February, 2011

The Magic of Michael Buble

Hi Groover's,

Well where do I even begin.... right now I am a very tired little Groover!!

Was a good week, only had to work three days! Why can't they all be like that?

Now just so you know, we organised this whole Buble Extravaganza back in May last year. The Sydney part was a last minute mmmm BRAIN WAVE shall we say that I came up with! I know, just when you think you are all Buble'd out, I come up with another Adventure.... shame we don't have a money pit!

So Friday the party started all over again. I was sooo excited and I just wanted to add that last weekend when I saw Michael in concert in Brisbane, on that very first night, to hear him sing, well to be deep and meaningful.... I haven't felt such pure happiness in quite some time and geez it was nice! :)

So back to Friday, hopped a plane to Sydney. As I was walking off the plane I turned on my phone and read my Facebook and had this amazing email from my friend Rebecca, who got a ticket to Buble last weekend at the very last minute! I thought is was just going to be this normal email, have fun in Sydney, blah blah blah. But Groover's without going into it too much, it was one of the most beautiful emails I have ever received and I couldn't even read it all, it brought happy tears to my eyes.

Sometimes in life I think we forget the things we do, what we say, how we act, well what they can really truly mean to people that we know. I just wanted to say Thank YOU Rebecca. What a way to start my little trip away.... Mind you I didn't read the second half till much later that night hehehe.

So back to the story, I've just arrived at Sydney Airport and I've met up with Erica and then we check into our hotel. We didn't even go to our room first up, instead we went all the way up to the 32nd floor to the Club Lounge! ahhh the memories.....

Time for afternoon tea, then back to the room then a quick change and shower and back to The Club Lounge for what they call Twilight Drinks. We partook in a couple of "Very Strong Cocktails" and a couple of tasting platters.... (We had to get our Monies worth hehehe). Can I just add a soft drink, if you had to pay was $7! I rest my case...

So last weekend I met up with Arthur from school, that was 30 years in the making, so far he is in the lead buttttttt coming up, not very far behind him is my good friend Steve!

I met Steve on a cruise on the Fairstar (it was known by many names back in the day.... but lets try and keep this PG rated hehehe). This cruise actually left on my 20th birthday and went for 14 long party filled nights.... OH BOY!!! Those were the days!

Just cause I know you need a laugh, lets roll back the time to 1986

And cause I'm feeling generous and am hungover, try this one for size

Now about three years ago I reconnected with Stevie baby via Facebook and he lives in Sydney, so last Friday night, after nearly 25 years! (again you do the math, but don't spread it round ok) we finally met up in person.

Up to date, modern look, really we don't look that much older hehehe

He met us at the hotel along with Sharon and Sandra, friends and Sharon just so you know, if you can keep up, I met back in January at Sandra's 40th (you do the math hehehe) birthday party. Sharon and her husband Lee are from WA and we tried to surprise Sharon with a Buble Ticket andddd trip from Perth. Butttttt her husband's InBox was full and in the end we had to email Sharon. She was very excited and came a very long wayyyyy and on top of that her husband Lee (who loves Buble too) sent her off to Sydney on a Girls weekend. What a dude!!

So a drink at the hotel then off to The Basement in Sydney, which is a small bar/night club/jazz bar etc. There were 7 of us and Joanne and Maria joined us as well and we had dinner and some... ok a few.... ok manyyyyyy drinks!

Steve and I had alot of stories to catch up on and it was an amazing night. We were there to see the Boathouse Allstar's, which is the Buble Band on their nights off doing their own gigs.

They were amazing and half way through the night their boss turns up (Michael Buble, incase you didn't get it) and gets up and sings a song.

Then the famous Australian Trumpeter James Morrison gets up on stage and performs a couple of tunes with the guys.

First time I have seen them in their own gig and it was such a great experience, I thoroughly recommend it, if you ever have the chance. It was a Sold Out show and we all had a great night.

Saturday for me anyway was spent as you do, breakfast at Club Level, a lunch time nap (which didn't work) and then I watched a movie.

Amazing views from the Club Lounge

Sandra and Sharon turned up and we had a drink and we made a new "friend"! Mishka! He was sooo lovely and sooo funny. Fate def has a way of bringing people into your life just at the very right time.

We went back and got ready for the concert, went to Twilight Drinks Take 2 and made some new Hawaiian friends, who were leaving on a cruise today. We had fun chatting to them and then we hot tailed down to the Entertainment Centre to meet Sharon.

Great show, prob not the best seats we have ever had, but to be very honest, to see if from another angle, well I have to sat it was interesting. I think if you can swing it, floor seats are the way to go. You seem to really be involved.... but hey, a Buble Adventure comes in all different shapes and sizes.... I PROMISE YOU!!! ;)

Loved the concert and made a mad dash to head back to our hotel to the, yessss you guessed it Club Lounge for a couple of quiet (lol) drinks.

This is where it gets a little hairy..... but without saying too much we very lucky to meet Michael again. We had a few chats during the night. Talked about the Brisbane Floods (prob not going to be a concert due to time constraints with his current tour and getting married - TWICE) Once in Argentina where his partner is from and the other in Canada, where Michael is from.

This man is just so down to earth. As well as being extremely talented, you can really talk to him, just about anything and as you can imagine, I did! There were a few famous faces in the mix and thanks to my new friend "Paul" we stayed on for an after party. Of course it was only later that Erica told me that "Paul" was in fact Paul Dainty, Tour Promoter to HUGE ACTS. I had no idea hehehe.

Anyway we had alot of fun, a few snappy drinks, some huge laughs and we even managed a couple of special pictures that I am sorry to say - but I don't have on me tonight. So will share them with you in next weekend's Morley Report!

For now let us pretend this is kinda how the pic might look!

So the weekend def finished on a HIGH. It was funny as this time around I really didn't have a clue what the good old Buble had in store for me. It's def been an amazing ride and to this very day continues to bring such incredible experiences into my life. Who would have ever thought it possible.

So tonight, I am weary, I have though managed to unpack. I'm hungry (we have no food) and I need prob need about 12 hours sleep hehehe.

I managed to pack so much into the last 10 days. Meet up with old friends from school, from my first ever cruise, meet a famous tour organiser (without knowing it), saw a few famous Australian TV celebs and get to talk to Michael about some wonderful things. And to top it off, we even got a pic.

You see Groover's over the years I have found that when you are in the moment, I mean REALLY IN THE MOMENT, you don't think to say, hang on a sec whilst I drag my camera out and take a pic. Someday's it does feel like hey, maybe I have made it all up. But this weekend brought home to me how truly lucky I have been over the last so many years.

And also you know you like to be respectful. People are always wanting something from those few talented people, those that entertain us. You don't want to be seen as another person wanting something.

So the fact that Michael took the time, to talk to all of us. To talk to me a couple of more times during the night and to be kind enough to grant us a pic, which sometimes, esp nowadays is something he doesn't always do, well how lucky were we!

He truly is a gentleman, he has always made the time, always has a smile and a good attempt at the Aussie accent lol and has never once, in the few times I have met him, let it all go to his head.

I told him last night how proud I was that he has helped us out in Queensland with his private donation and that when he donated $50,000 a few years back for the Victorian bush fires, that he truly is an amazing person. He told me that he has a great connection with Australians with friends and even his Personal Assistant is from Tasmania.

Michael, thank you for being you. For bringing your music into my life and for making me feel special, that nothing is a problem. Imagine how different my life might have been if I hadn't been channel surfing on Foxtel back in 2005 and discovered you.

It's back to real life from tomorrow and before you know it another round of Buble concerts, more adventures and I'm afraid MORE STORIES hehehe to be told.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting my love of Buble, even if at times you are sick of it!!

Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Me xxx

13 February, 2011

Did someone say Buble????

Well it's like a solar eclipse.... it only happens so many years Groovers! So keep this in mind.... last time was 2 1/2 years ago when the Buble Fever last hit.

But for some of you that don't know the background, it was back in 2005, when my Grandad was very sick and we didn't think he was going to make it and I had to sell his unit and find somewhere for him and my Mum to live (a very stressful time in my life....) and so I was home one night folding washing, cause my life is EXCITING like that you know Groovers.... anddddddd low and behold here was this guy called Michael Buble in a special on the Max Channel.

From that moment on I fell in love with not only his music, but his wicked sense of humour. Little was I to know that this was the beginning of an amazing journey that to this day still continues to travel along.....

Who would have thought that from that very first concert, so many wonderful experiences and friends would come my way and my life wouldn't be where it is right at this very moment, if not for Michael Buble. Even Embee Louise Morley (who turns 5 next month!!!) is named after all my Buble Adventures... Embee = MB = Michael Buble!
We booked these tickets back in May last year, so it's been a while a commin! But finally on Friday my friend Erica flew in, from a little place I like to call Country Sydney, cause even after 5 years I always forget the name of the place where she is from. So some might even say, near Tamworth! I met Erica back in 2005 at the Salt concert at Kingscliff for Buble and sat next to her and her husband. Poor kids.... they still can't get rid of me!

I had a phone call from an old friend who was also at the concert and caught up with her for a bit, so that was a good surprise too!

And at the very last minute had a call from another friend, who's friend (yes Friend seems to be the flavor of the day hehehe) now couldn't go and so I managed to sell one of the tickets to my good friend Rebecca, a Virgin Buble Concert goer..... She had a blast!!! :)

It's like going back in time when Buble hits the stage. I guess I now associate him with many lovely memories....

My Grandad really loved him too and I bought him Buble's CD's to listen too. I remember a few years back, I was in the car with Mum and Grandad and had a MB CD on and all three of us were singing along.... NOW THAT SURELY WAS SCARY hehehe. But I guess it goes to show you how these songs travel over time.

Whenever I hear the song "Can't Help Falling In Love" the old Elvis Presley song, I hear my Grandad singing, for I can't help falling in love withhhhhhh Lou! Which was my Nana's name :)

This is my fave pic of Nana and Grandad! When I think of them together now, this is how I see them and it makes me kinda Happy!

Whilst we are looking back I thought I might also share a fave pic of Me and Grandad! We had a theme song: Me and My Shadow, cause I followed him around everywhere!

And here is the gang from Friday night's concert!

I have friends now from all over the world due to Michael and his music. I've travelled to Vegas to see him in concert, Sydney, Salt in Kingscliff and Brisbane. And whilst some people might think it strange, I guess at the start it was all about Buble, but now for me it's the music and how it makes me feel.

I have however met Michael on a few occasions as well, and he has always been so very friendly, down to earth, approachable and a very generous person. He loves to mimic the good old Aussie accent as well :)

So we had an amazing night on Friday and then on Saturday checked into a swanky hotel in the city, was upgraded to a suite complete with complimentary wine and chocolates. At 5.30pm it was Cocktail Happy Hour, with canapes and wine (all included with our wonderful room rate! Thanks Brad!!!) then the beautiful Anne collected us, along with another friend Arthur and his lovely wife Yvette who bought the tickets months ago from me, as a surprise for Arthur for Xmas. They flew all the way down from Cairns and when good old Cyclone Yasi was heading for them, I was told their Buble tickets were the 2nd thing they packed! LOL

Now I hadn't seen my good friend Arthur since we were 15! Now Groover's you know I like to be up front and honest, gets me in trouble sometimes hehehe buttttt can I just add that it had been 30 years!!! since I had seen him. YOU DO THE MATH!! lol

Anddddddd he was a Rum drinker..... OMG I was in heaven! hehehe.

The 2nd night there were 12 of us and again Buble didn't disappoint.

Al even said that his voice seems to be even better this time around, must be a getting older thing. As I know, as I have heard this same comment about myself, MANY MANY TIMES hehehe. Ok, so I lied in that bit! tee hee

And you know wayyyy back in 2005, not very many people were into Michael and his music. This time around, it was so very nice to have friends along for the ride!!

After the concert we went and sampled some drinkies at a swanky bar at The Emporium Hotel and the eventually went back to our hotel. I tell you Groover's the old Kazzachezza isn't what she used to be, that's for sure!!!

We ordered some room service and watched The Love Boat, as you do at 3am in the morning!!! The beds were amazing and Erica even managed to sleep on top of the sheets!! Story there, but will maybe share in next week's Morley Report!! Promise....

Then up we got today and went up to the 30th Floor for our wonderful buffet breakfast along with an amazing view of Brisbane, where I was able to point things out to Erica! Lucky girl.... I knowwwwww you wished it could of been YOU! hehehe

We checked out, dropped Erica off to the airport and homeward bound I was.

It was very hot here today, so had a lovely swim in the pool and Embee Louise who joined me, WITHOUT her life jacket, and we floated around the pool together....

Of course then came the unpacking, uploading of pics onto Facebook anddddddd just between YOU and ME!!! a phone call to our Accommodation next weekend in Sydney to organise a good old upgrade to a little something they like to call "Executive Club Level". Damn you Sofitel in Brisbane for introducing me to Club Lounges... But seriously Groover's what a way to go. I mean Hey! Our little family can just all come together and share Embee Louise's dog biscuits over the next couple of weeks to make up for Mumma's naughty habit! hehehe

So on that note, next week..... Look what can I say, it's going to be messy! There will be more reunions to be had amongst friends, more drinks, two days this time to be Canaped OUT! More laughs to be had, more Buble music to enjoy and this time around I might even remember to pack my nightie and not break my Vagina! Seee the Morley life is never dull! Scary, Sad and at times even RIDICULOUS!!! but never dull!

See you next week! And as my Grandad used to say "you'll know me, I'll be the one with the hat on!"


Me xxx

06 February, 2011

Now that was an AMAZING week....

Hi Groover's,

Well they say a lot can happen in 7 days and in this last week, I would so agree with this statement!

I've met some amazing people that have been affected by the Brisbane Floods. I've also made some new friends that I worked with in my team from the Community Recovery and whilst I have been mighty tired at times, I wouldn't have changed this experience for anything.

Here is the lovely Emma from my Team with our Vehicle for the week:

As I touched on a bit last week, it def gives you a wake up call in life as to how very lucky I am. Sometimes I think we can lose sight of this, so whilst I was out there helping people with payments for things that they had lost, listening to their very sad stories, I too gain alot :)

I would also like to thank Baby Jake, for making sure that I ate at night.... Most of the time I came home, ate my dinner, sat on the lounge like a vegetable, yesssssss Groover's different to other "Vege Times" hehehe and slept.

Some nights I didn't sleep well, thinking of things that I had seen during the day and other nights I slept like a baby!

And I was lucky in the fact that with one very sad story, that there was an ending an outcome. Sometimes not always happy but an outcome nether the less. I guess people choose to live their lives however they see fit so you do as much as you can possibly do and you just have to be happy with the knowlege that you did your best.

I also met some very brave overseas students who lived near the University, that have lost everything and now need to find somewhere to live. And they were amazed at how friendly and helpful that Australian's are.

Here is a sign that was on the fence out the front of some unit's in St Lucia (a suburb of Brisbane hit hard by the floods)

And what I found very interesting was people's reactions when we wrote cheques to present to them for things they had lost eg. Fridge, clothing, washing machines etc. etc. I guess there are alot of people out there right now that have suffered such loss and have been through a very traumatic time.

Some people weren't sure what we were doing there, as we had shirts that read Community Recovery. I think some were worried they might have to pay the money back, others thought maybe that we were there to interrogate them. But for once! it was nice to be there to listen and to support and if we could to give them a little money to help them back on their feet!!

So my Community Recovery is over for now..... I had Thursday and Friday off as what they call Fatigue leave and you know on Wed night we were all like "we're not tired.... blah blah blah" but let me tell you Groover's come Thursday I was done! haha I couldn't even talk and let me share a secret: and I can't even remember which night, so lets go Thursday night, so Jake and I are sitting at the table eating dinner, I'm trying to talk and then I just dribbled.... YEP DRIBBLED!! Like a Babyyyyy hehehe. I couldn't even function my mouth to eat LOL. So I think my fatigue leave came at the right time.

I would say; I guess over the five day period you live at a certain type of adrenaline to be able to function but my new friend "Michael" noooo not Buble! Anyway he told me that we function with a level of awareness. I think that's what he said anyway hehehe. But it was so true because you didn't know what you might find.

Without going into too much detail, we did on one visit have to call an ambulance and then in the end this person refused help. A very different word to my Admin world at work, but I found that I was able to use skills that I developed many years ago, yesss there was electricity back then, but we used to maypole dance hehehe. So I was able to use skills that I developed when I worked for the CES (Commonwealth Employment Service).

And I have to say to be able to help people less fortunate than myself was a wonderful lesson that came just at the right time in my life!

Of course good old Cyclone Yasi made it it's grand entrance this week as well. What a worrying night on Wed night. I didn't sleep very well and I was worried that when I woke up the next morning I would see sights like Cyclone Tracey possibly in Cairns.

The next morning was met with mixed emotions, Cairns and Townsville were spared, of course many trees were down, flooding but nothing like we all imagined might happen. But places like Tully, Cardwell, Mission Beach and other smaller townships in-between Cairns and Townsville were affected.

So heartbreaking to watch the devastation on TV.

Not sure what might happen, but I may get a call to help out up there as well, at a later stage. I guess we shall just wait and see.

So Thursday was a write off and Friday I got to catch up with a couple of people from my team for a nice lunch and a good old goss!

Here is a pic of Me, Michael and Emma at our Lunch!

Saturday I just chilled out and swam in the pool, Sat night we had a BBQ with Jake's friend James and today, Sunday was a bit more swimming and lazing about in my Air Con, which of course is set on Igloo Setting hehehe. I said to Jake yesterday Thank You to Grandad, because without him I wouldn't have been able to afford to install air con for us upstairs and downstairs. I know Grandad would have been so please that he could help us out :)

So tomorrow it's back to work. I think it will be a little strange to readjust to just being behind a desk again, but life goes on I guess and we do what we can do.

Now, before I go, I guess I need to warn you Groover's..... It's about another Natural Disaster (as some might call it hehehe) but you should sit down for this one! You see next weekend Michael Buble is in town. And for most of you out there, you know what this means.... Yepppppppp Buble Fever is about start hehehehe.

So be alert but not alarmed! Next weeks Morley Report will include Buble Stories, pictures, DNA samples... ohhh sorry did I just type that out loud! hahaha.

So if Buble doesn't float your boat, if you can't bare to hear another (but can I just say NEW) Buble story, than may I suggest you skip the next two weeks Morley Report. Because Groover's BUBLE FEVER IS ON IT'S WAYYYYYYYYYY

Until then, stay safe, be good and remember in the words of Michael Buble "It's new dawn, it's a new day, it's new life, for meeeeee and I'm Feeling Gooooooood!

I forgot to say that today Jake's friends Louise and Ben came over for a swim with Louise's dogs Zeus (he's the big one) and Tank. Here is a pic of Embee Louise, just not too sure about Zeus!! hehe

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