20 September, 2009

Getting the hang of this Blog Thing....

Well here I am back for No. 2 Blog! I had no idea how popular this type of thing was. And I guess I did this myself, but through emails to friends and the good old M Report emails that went out a few times during the year when I had some BIG NEWS to share!

And what I find really interesting is some of the comments/feedback that I have received over the years about my M Report emails. I haven’t kept any and my good friend Cassie once said to me, you know you should keep a copy of them and maybe one day make a book! Hehehe Imagine that… You see personally, to me, I don’t see what people SEE in my writing. I didn’t really enjoy it at school and mind you I can remember though the excitement of FINALLY receiving my “Pen License” in mmm maybe Grade 6 or 7, which meant that I no longer had to write in pencil! Ohhhh what a day when I finally had that little certificate in my hot little hands! J

As a lot of you know, I like to talk, andddddddddddddddd I like to tell a good story or two! My friend Chris once said, you know we should have a tent up (this was for a Famiy Day that we were putting on for one of my previous workplaces) and have Karen sitting there and people can pull a subject matter out of a hat and she can tell a story about it! As she has sooo many stories…. Hehehehe

So maybe this BLOG THING is kinda like me being a story teller! J

It’s Sunday night and I am wondering what this week will bring? Hopefully maybe some new houses to check out, maybe even a phone call about having an interview for my job, fingers crossed! It could even bring some phone calls about a couple of offers we have put on for houses…. Maybe they might come back and accept our offer! Or maybe not hehehe.

Ahhhh if only we had a crystal ball to see what was coming up in life! But then again I always say, if someone told you that this, this and thissssssssssss were going to happen to you in the next say 12 months you would go, NOOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYY but its funny cause we are given things in life that somehow we just manage to deal with! Sometimes it stretches us other times we fly by it! And other times, we don’t even realise how well we have actually handled it!

It can sure suck at times being a Grown Up! J

Well, I am off to bed. I am going to wake up like a four year old tomorrow morning! Rise and shine with anticipation of a great week!


Me xxx


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