23 August, 2011

The Wheels on the Scooter go round and round....

My Grandad loved his scooter! ☺

I remember making him (cause he sooo didn’t want to) go into the Scooter Shop to try out a scooter. The lady in the shop was sooo lovely and after he tried out a couple, we decided on a little red one and they would deliver it to him at the Retirement Village so he could trial it for three days and if after that, if he still didn’t like it, then we could return it.

He never returned it ☺

He told me a few years later how he was glad that I “made him” go to the shop. That Scooter gave him the mobility when his poor little knees had worn out. He would scoot down to the corner shop and buy the ladies at the retirement home their lotto, lemonade, lollies and potato scallops.

Everyone down at the little shopping centre knew him and he would tell me stories about them all. He had a soft spot for Moneka who eventually left to travel around Australia and he was sad the day she left…. Moneka and I are now friends on Facebook and I know Grandad would have loved to know this, but you know I firmly believe that he does know. ☺

He loved that scooter. Of course he stacked it (fell over) a couple of times…. Could it be that he was driving too fast… mmmm who knows LOL. And when that scooter wore out he bought another.

Once on holidays we even hired a scooter and I tell you it was like a kid going out of the house the very first time! I waited anxiously for him to return, all in one piece hehehe.

And today, before work I went into the Department of Transport and handed in the Rego Plates to cancel his registration, as this was the one thing that slipped my mind over the last 12 months. Only took me three attempts. Talk about RED TAPE! But I know that Grandad would want me to persevere with The Transport Department and get it sorted out. I even joked this morning, in my sad Morley Humour “it’s a wonder you don’t need a blood test from me too!” poor lady on the counter, I don’t think she knew what to make of my joke! But Grandad would have got it.

Groover’s, one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to do so far was to slowly cancel My Grandad. Well that’s how it feels….. You have to cancel all these things eg. Medicare, Bank, Voting, Doctor, Mail and of course the good old Department of Transport. It’s like piece by piece you are slowly eliminating or erasing them from existence. Deep I know, but that’s how it has felt.

And today, well it was the last thing. I thought I was done last year but in July his Rego Papers turned up for the scooter. So it was a little sad this morning. But of course these things must be done and as I have said many times before, it’s the memories that we keep inside, in our hearts that count at the end of the day.

So Grandad your little scooter has gone on to another home, to bring joy and mobility to another person. I’m sure though she (the scooter) misses all your banter and jokes! And I’m sure she had heard them all and then some….. hehehe.

Love ya

Fuzz Face ☺ xxx


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