22 May, 2011

I have a confession Groover's....

Ok,but before my confession just a few words on the week that was.

How great is it to go away but oh how wonderful it is to be back home, in my own very comfy bed with my own pillows.

Years ago I lived in housing commission and was on the single mums pension and would love to go away to escape reality! But in the last few years it's been funny because sometimes MY house is nicer :)

I now have an amazing bed, air con, Foxtel (Cable TV) and normally more channels than alot of places I stay and when it's all good - a pool too!

But even with all of these things I have to say I am still addicted to going away! I am sooo naughty hehehe.

This week just flew by, time is def an amazing thing isn't it. We wish it to go so fast sometimes and then other times you kinda just want to enjoy being in the moment.

It's also nice to be back in the most amazing Brisbane weather, we are sooo lucky here in Queensland. The days lately have just been so nice.

I've thought alot this week of my friend who passed away a week ago. At this stage there hasn't been a funeral as they had to try and find her family. It's a very sad situation. I believe they have found them now and they are interstate, so not sure what will happen. But to me, I guess really at the end, to put it bluntly it's just a shell. Your soul has already left and moved on.

I had this funny dream the other night and I would like to share it with you, if I may. I dreamt that I had this special phone with a line straight to heaven and I was able to talk to my friend and you know I even do remember talking to her. I can't remember what we discussed but I remember that we talked and I even remember talking out loud in my sleep! Yep kids that's right, even asleep I DON'T STOP TALKING hehehe.

Embee has been a bit naughty this week too. Okkkkkk ALOT naughty!!

Two mornings in a row I have woken up to see this:

Of course, look at this face!

I find it hard to even contemplate that Embee Louise could even be considered for such an act!

So shall we just say that someone must get up in the early hours of the morning and go downstairs to prob go outside to the toilet (maybe it's Jake) and on their way back upstairs (okkkk you got me, it's ME!!) picks up a sock or a pair of jocks and then brings them upstairs to her safe place - my lounge room floor. Now normally it's just one now and then buttttttt last week, two days in a row it was something like 4 socks and one pair of jocks, ON EACH DAY!!! hehehe.

Ahhh well Jake just has to learn to pic up his clothes and put them in a wash basket... it's not rocket science LOL.

Friday afternoon Embee came to my work again for a couple of hours and had a nice visit with her mate Seamus, who just wants her to play and keeps nudging her head with his HUGE HEAD....

Friday night I had dinner with my good friend Al and then on Saturday I went to the X Factor auditions. It made me laugh because when I said this, people thought I was ACTUALLY auditioning..... of course I was. As I told my Facebook friends, I was going to be pole dancing and Ronan Keating was the pole! tee hee.

Here is a pic of the Producer explaining to Ronan how my so called "Pole" act will actually work!

It was an interesting day and there were a couple of very sad acts that def made me cringe. But also a couple of good ones.

Between you and I don't really watch the show but of course now I just might, to see how the people I saw that got through, go.

The judges were Ronan "The Pole" Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Mel B (from the Spice Girls).

Today I also went to breakfast to celebrate my lovely neighbour Narelle's birthday. We had amazing food and here was the pancake that they give you at the end. I guess it was kinda like the last supper..... you will understand this very soon!

So we've come to my big confession time, are you ready, are you sitting down....

Now this has a little to do with my friend that has passed away, but alot more to do with me. I have thought about this for a long time and last year I just wasn't in a good place, with my Grandad passing away. And at the start of this year, I was still processing some things but kid's I firmly, in a scary way that is.... believe that now is the time.

You see last weekend when I was in Sydney I decided to join the Michelle Bridges (from Biggest Loser, which by the way I don't really watch....) 12 Week Body Transformation. You see my friend was a very large and over weight lady. We both did Weight Watchers at work last year together. I feel strongly that I would like to do this for her and of course for ME!

So over the next 12 weeks, bare with me as part of The Morley Report will be also talking about how it's all going.

Part of the pre season tasks is to share it with your family, friends, Facebook, Twitter etc. etc.

Normally I don't like to share it with people, just incase you fail, then well they don't really know do they. But this time I am giving you my word, my friends that I am going to see this through to the end. I am a woman of my word (as some of you may already know LOL). If I say I am going to do something then I follow through and I do it. This is who I am.

You guys are my extended family and you have supported me through many things in my life. Without you guys at times I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through. To when I was left a single mum at a young age, to studying, to finding work, changing jobs, losing jobs, moving house, buying a house to of course when my Grandad passed away last year. Where would I be with you!

The laughs you give me when I read the silly comments on Facebook, well to me they are just priceless!

So kids, another part of my journey is about to begin tomorrow. I did a huge grocery shop today and as you can see by my photo's:



Over the years I just didn't shop for food! If I did Jake would eat it all and I would be angry. I also hated spending sooo much money on food. Crazy stuff I know, but hey that's me! LOL

It's funny to see my fridge all raring to go. And exercising, well hellooooo, maybe I should send my body a Memo! I think it will be in shock tomorrow when we begin :)

My Cheerleader

She kinda blends in with the floor doesn't she! hehehe

But I feel like I've sorted quite a few things out in my life lately and now maybe it's time for this. Losing weight can be scary too you know. It's like you are an onion and as you lose weight you shed layer upon layer and then you know people can really, truly see YOU. And sometimes this is scary.

But life is short. I need to be living my life to the full and not let things hold me back.

So buckle yourself in, it might get bumpy, there could tears (watch out Jake and Embee) and yes I could get Crabby! Did I just see Embee cringe hehehe.

But it's out there now in the universe and I have trusted each and every one of you with this very personal secret! Which of course is now not a secret at all.

See you in a week's time, it should be an interesting 7 days!!!!

Me xxx


Julie Carver said...

you go girl love you heaps and we are right behind you and know you can do anything you put your mind to and look out Embee and Jake your Mama's hot

The Morley Report said...

Ohhh Julie what a lovely comment! Thanks my dear, love ya too xxx

Anonymous said...

All the best Karen I know how hard it is. I have taken weight off before several times but it doesn't stay off!! So go hard and change those eating habits for good. I am cheering on Team Karen!! Franny

Jamie said...

You are amazing, Karen! I look forward to being another one of your cheerleaders!! xxx

Olivia said...

You go girl!! So so behind you, well done! Watch out MB.....Karen will be shaking it at your next concert....LOL.Take great care xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen well done!! Actually looked at the site also but decided to pay for a ptrainer instead...I'm with you girl! Have finally got Mum doing something about her issues now so we are there with you too! Look forward to the updates xx


The Morley Report said...

Thanks Guys! All your comments mean the world to me and def helped me tonight when doing my first fitness DVD! :) What would I do without you?? xxx

Anonymous said...

Good on you Karen! And your cheer squad is growing :)


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