22 February, 2012

The Ally McBeal Bathroom.....

When I attended my 2nd interview with my current employer I was taken on a quick tour to meet everyone and as we passed the toilets/bathroom it was explained to me that both the male and female toilets were together in the same bathroom....

Now this was really hard to process and in my mind I was seeing this:

You know from the show Ally McBeal! Remember when we were all soooo shocked about how they all used the Unisex Toilet/Bathroom at work.....

So when my first day arrived to be perfectly honest I really wasn't sure what I was going to find behind THE DOOR!

I pictured maybe this happening....

And come on what would happen if I ran out of thisssssssssss

It wasn't like I was out at a nightclub or bar where the girl next to me would just pass some under the divider....

And can I just add here that back in the day I used to make lots of what I liked to call "Toilet Buddies" as I was always and stillllllllll go to the toilet alot when I drink! Damn you Baby Jake and your BIG HEAD..... And would make all these wonderful girlie friends in the queue to use the toilet. And somehow our bladders would end up being in sync during the night as I would see them again anddddddd again :) in the Ladies Room!

Ahhh I miss them days Groovers but my fave line that I used to use, whilst standing in line was "I bet Men designed these toilets, because let's face it if women had THERE WOULD BE MOREEEEEEEEEE" hehehe.

Anyway back to my current day Toilet Story...

So finally I made the brave move (cause a kid can only hold on for sooo long) and you know what? It wasn't what I thought but then again it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Whilst it was no modern Ally McBeal toilet it was and still is fine. So how it works is like this: We have five cubicles and the very last one is the "Girls Toilet". Recently Debbie started with us at work and jazzed it up a bit and this is how it looks now:

Andddddddddd it smells all girly too as Debbie has put in some nice smelly stick things in a bottle!

But on that odd occasion you do find yourself standing next to a guy, a fellow worker, washing your hands and you of course make general chit chat.

So in some ways it really IS like the Ally McBeal Unisex Toilet.... but instead of this:

and this:

I see this:

and this:

and sometimes even thisssssssssssssss:

But for some reason it's ok cause the way I see it, they are my "Work Family" anddddddd I do try to go when nobody else is in there hehehe.

So on that lovely visual I shall say Goodnight Groover's!

love ya

Me xxx


Unknown said...

When does that happen?
Season, chapter and moment please

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