15 September, 2011

Facial Enema's at the Dentist - Morley Style

So this morning I finally had my visit to the Dentist for part of my tooth that fell out on Sunday.

Now to say that I am a scaredy cat is an understatement, when it comes visiting the dentist. One my fave sayings is that "I would rather have another baby than go to the dentist".

But occasionally you don't have a choice and today my friends was one of those days!

I had to go back in June for a sore tooth (I'm thinking it was the tooth that partly fell out now) but prior to that mmmm might have been 5 or 6 years. Cause I'm good like that :)

So at nearly 45 years of age, I had my first ever needle today. We tried first without one, but it was too painful, so had to bite the bullet and do the honorable painless way out.

Now you may thing I am strange. God knows really deep down this is true, but Dentist wise I haven't had a filling since I was 7 or 8 andddddd as I said had never had a needle. And only the other week did I hear that before they do the needle they do numb the gum first. Thank GOD!

Personally now after having the said Needle, I would describe it like a Facial Enema!

And it's amazing what they do, you see the Dentist took out my old filling, which was still in tact, put in a white one and thennnnn repacked the tooth to make it look like a whole brand new tooth! Crazy stuff.....

And all was good until the needle wore off :( I ended up coming home, taking some tablets and having a sleep. Cause I'm a big baby. But I'm sure you guys might already know this little Morley Fact.

And on another completely different subject I also wanted to say how wonderful it felt today to see such support for R U OK? Day from my friends on Facebook.

There is one big thing that I have learned over the last 12 months and that is to take care of yourself first. Sometimes you only have the energy to deal with your own life and not that of others. And that's ok. Because if you don't look after YOU first nobody else will.

At the end of the day you hope that people understand.

Well enough of all the deep and meaningfuls.

I received a special email last night from my good friend Anne! She has made a purchase of a brand new spankin car car!! Sooooo happy for her :)

Tomorrow back to talking about my hole.... cause we knowwwwwww we like Hole Updates!

Night xxx


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