27 October, 2011

Morley Vault – Let us revisit "The Island" party boat!

Groover’s cast your mind back... were you one of those lucky souls that partied the afternoon/night away upon The Island on the Brisbane River?

Ahhhh the memories, those hazy drunken memories hehehe.

I myself have been on The Island a couple of times. I do have fond memories, well mostly...

And actual real life pic of me on The Island back in the 1990's

My first time was on a Sunday afternoon when I found myself along with my girlfriends walking the plank to board the Island. Now I wasn’t meant to drink much, but there was this other group of party people with a very cute guy. Need I say anymore.
And I had a very good time, so good that after we disembarked we headed to another well-known Brisbane pub called The Victory for an afternoon session. But here’s the thing...

I had to be home to collect Baby Jake from his Grandparents who had had access that weekend. But I was not quite, how shall we put it, 100% sober and I think my breath might have given me away a little bit!! So the girls dropped me around the corner at the shop (as you do) and went home to wait for Jae to be dropped off. And when they did turn up to they were told that “I was in the shower”... True Story! hehehe

Even Jake hasn't heard that one! And he thinks he has heard ALL MY STORIES!!

But geez I had fun! Those were the days my friends.

The next time I went on The Island I had high expectations, but this time I would be seriously disappointed! You see it kinda reminded me of a cruise, but with a cruise you are on the ship for a long time, many days. With The Island it was only a few hours, but Groover’s if the “Talent” shall we say was very sad and not very interesting it was a longggggggggggg timeeeeeeeeeee before we saw land again!

And do you know what one of my most favourite parts were of The Island? The somewhat dead Palm Trees that were strategically placed around the barge so that you felt like you were really on an Island! LOL

Took me a while to go back, but yes I did... One more time! ☺

And this Groover’s ended up being the only time in my life I have ever thrown up from drinking!!! I am telling you the truth.... I SWEAR!!

I had a whole lot of “free tickets” and so a big group of us went one Saturday night. I was having a really good night until a friend of mine starting flirting with a guy I liked. That was that…. And I decided to drown my sorrows, just a little though….. And I was really really good, until we got off! We decided to head up to the Brisbane Casino and another good friend of mine offered to buy me a drink and for some strange reason I CHANGED DRINKS! And ohhh noooo, not just any drink but a RED DRINK! - thanks Jeanette :)

Of course later that night or prob more early the next morning when I threw up from my bed onto the light coloured carpet, what colour was it? Yep you got it! RED!!!!!! Took me many months to get that stain out of my carpet!

But on a positive note: I did spend the next day with the guy I liked, up the coast at the beach and we did end up dating for a long time.

Ahhhhh the good old Island! It even managed to survive the Brisbane Floods earlier this year in January!

But for me, I somehow think my Island days are done!


Me xxx


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