03 July, 2011

I'm back......

So for the first time since January this year, when I made a pact with myself to write my blog every Sunday night, I didn’t….

First of all I would like to thank my friends that have text’d, emailed, phoned and sent messages on Facebook. It has meant a lot to me.

I guess since my Grandad passed away last year, well the last 12 months have been a hard time in my life, and sometimes out of the blue a feeling hits you where you are just flat and feel like locking yourself away from the world.

My work is still going really well just so you know, but it’s more to do with life, friends and I guess just more life…..

Years ago when we were younger life was so much more simple. People made the effort to keep in touch with friends, to catch up in person etc. But now it seems people are so caught up in their own lives that they just don’t make the time, which is very sad…

I don’t like to bore you guys with all the dreary details but I am slowly getting back to me, so my advice to you is to enjoy the peace and quiet whilst this girl is quiet ☺

I was watching an episode of Australian Story over the weekend. It's such an inspiring television show. Sometimes you just need to get a grip and realise how luck you really are in your own life.

So over the last couple of weeks the world has gone on, I have completed a two day First Aid Course. First time ever and found out I have a reaction to Latex! How did I find this out you ask? Well by waking up on Day 2 with a small rash under my lip. Now maybe on the previous day I went in to hard on my dummy’s face…… who knows! Oh and I also broke his neck on that previous day and ended up with bruises on each knee! As they say: It’s a Jungle out There!!! Hehehe.

I also had a catch up with the girls that I did my Tourism Course in 1999 with. I hadn’t seen them for over a year so it was great to see them and catch up on the goss.

We had a lovely lunch at my house.

It’s funny isn’t it, that as the years tick by so many things start to encroach into our lives. Sickness, Separation, Death of parents/grandparents, new jobs, new babies. I guess you get to a certain age in our life when these things are inevitable.

As I say sometimes: It’s a tough gig being an adult.

I’ve changed my travel plans also for New Years Eve. We’ve cancelled the cruise and are now booked to travel to Hamilton Island at The Beach Club. It looks like a great resort, just for adults! ☺ When the days are cold here I dream about sitting in the sun by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean!

Saturday I had my hair done with a new swishy do, with a bit of a different colour. I had a great afternoon chatting with Jess my hairdresser. It’s funny how it can be such a small world, with the good old Kevin Bacon, six degrees of separation with us both knowing the same person.

Although this seems to happen to me a bit, I think it really is a small world after all ☺.

So I’ve been sitting hear trying to think of a story for The Morley Vault. Here is this week’s installment:

So many years ago, even before Baby Jake was born I lived in Townsville with my Ex Husband, who of course at the time was my husband…. Who would have thought! Hehehe

He was in the Australian Army and every so many weeks he had to do a Duties Week on the Army Base. So one Duties Week for some reason I needed to go up to the base and get a message to him, for the life of me I have no idea what it was.

My sister in-law lived up there too and on this day accompanied me to the base. So I leave her in the car and walk into the main office and I was wearing my sunglasses. I talk to the person on duty, explain my message and he writes it down and then I thank him and walk back to my car.

Now my sister in-law is laughing and laughing at me. I have no idea why?? Eventually when she stops crying (tears are running down her face…..) she tells me it’s my sunglasses. Now I am confused so I take them off to look at, and guess what? I only have ONE LENSE in!

So I have walked into the office, with one lense in, didn’t even realise and was talking and talking and explaining my story for him to write down. He must have thought it was a joke because come onnnnnnn, why would someone do this? How could they not even realise they had a lense missing…….

This is a story I have never lived down and prob is one of my most embarrassing stories. I can still see it now, the realisation that I had been a loser and walked in like that not even realizing!!!!!!!!!

My Boss at work is moving and has been bringing in bits and pieces for people to pick through. Kinda like his own Garage Sale but in the office. One day he came into work and said I have something for you. He said, when I found it, I automatically thought of YOU!

Where does he get such an idea? Hehehe.

Embee has been taking it easy and on the cold days find good places to catch some rays!

And what would a Morley Report be without a picture of my mate from work Seamus! I have unofficially become his 2nd mother and sometimes loves to sleep under my desk as I work away.

Well my friend’s things brings me to the end of this week’s Morley Report.

Promise to be back next Sunday with another report!

Me xxx


Maltese Manor said...

Welcome back, I've missed you! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
Even if the song changes...
Hey Karen, thinking of you often.
Will catch up soon.

Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

Hugging you plenty Miss Karen xxx

The Morley Report said...

I've missed YOU too Maltese Manor :)
What beautiful words Anonymous! Thank you....
and loving that hug Mandy xxx

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