19 June, 2011

Sore backs, Kangaroo Paws, Mountains and a man in a dress....

Well last weekend I somehow managed to hurt my back in two places. The lower back, I have no idea whatsoever, the top left hand side was picking up Embee to bath her and turning to the left!

Now let me just say that to say "I have hurt my back" sounds like something an old person would say! A few people have said maybe it's because it's cold.... let us go with that! hehehe.

The good news is that after some rest and a few Nurofen plus I am all good. I tell you what, it makes you wonder how people live with pain every day! I am such a baby.... Thank goodness I had Nurse Embee looking after me!

A good friend this week reminded me of a weekend I had away a couple of years ago. Got me thinking and I think what I am going to try and do, is drag out a story from the Morley Vault every week, where I would like to share stories from the past.... with you.

So buckle yourself in and here we go....

So a couple of years ago a friend and myself wanted to go away for the weekend, up to the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, in Winter, for a lovely country weekend. You know fireplaces, spa's etc.

Now this friend was a woman, before you get all excited on me! And do you know how hard it is to find somewhere that caters for two people sleeping separately!! Anyway we found a place and my friend picked me up from my work on a Friday afternoon in her brand new second hand car that she had just purchased that day!

We arrived around 7pm, from memory and went straight to the restaurant for a lovely dinner. My friend had too much wine with her dinner so asked if I could drive her car (remember it's brand new...) down to our cabin. Ohhh did I tell you this place is on the side of a steep mountain?

So I said okkkkkk, I mean it wasn't far. Not that we had been there yet as remember we went straight to dinner before checking in. So we get into the car, it's pitch black, I have the lights on high beam and we are trying to work out which way to drive out. My friend says it's that way and points straight ahead, so off we drive but I am not so sure. Now I am quite short! I knowww I write like I am really tall hehe. And so it takes me a bit to look over the dashboard etc. She says to turn left, I hesitate and say are you sureeeeeeee? She says yes, I inch ahead and that's when I see IT! Ohhh yeah its a giant staircase that YOU WALK DOWN the mountain on.... NOT DRIVE! OMG OMG OMG, so I stop! THANK GOD! And my friend is laughing, laughing (remember she drank all that wine with dinner) and my heart is going a million miles an hour.....

So thanks to ME, I find the way out of the car park and take the winding track down to the bottom of the mountain and find our cabin.

She is very nice and gives me the main bedroom, which has glass windows all around.... ohhh sooo nice! Or so I think. Later that night we go to bed, she is in the other bedroom and is out like a light (thanks to the wine). And eventually I fall asleep. Oh, did I mention, no electric blanket, no spare blankets....

I wake up about two hours later. My head is FROZEN! I open my suitcase and wear 50 layers of clothing. I'm still cold. So I go out into the lounge room and drag the lounge over to the pot belly stove. It's 2am and I have never lit a fire in my life. So there I am, wearing my suitcase, frozen, not happy, frozen and trying to light a fire.

My friend wakes up and comes out and cannot stop laughing at me. You see I got the main bedroom because I wanted a ceiling fan incase I got HOT! I knowwwwww I'm a dick.

She went back to bed and left me trying to warm up on the couch. In the end she was kind enough to swap bedrooms as her's was warmer as it had wooden walls, not windows all around it.

Oh and did I mention I saw a mouse run over the floor earlier in the night. The place was soooo very depressing and smelt all musty and like something out of the early 80's with regards to it's decor.

The next day we checked out and asked for our money back for the next night. I just couldn't stay there another night, for some reason the place just really brought me down and I think if you can't get warm well for me I was just plain crabby! hehehe.

My biggest regret was that I left that poor little mouse in that miserable cottage. Poor little thing....

I have only just heard that it has new owners as of a few months ago and they have spent a fortune doing the place up! So maybe that mouse is now living up big! I can only hope.....

The End.

Now back to the current week.

I was also surprised by a little package in the mail! Noooo it wasn't a love letter from Buble, that was the week before.... LOL. I received in the mail a framed certificate from the Queensland Premier! It was a Certificate of appreciation for and I quote "for your hard work and dedication to the people of Queensland during the recent devastation of the Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't help out to receive any certificate etc. and I have to say I was the one that got more out of the experience.... But at the same time as being a little embarrassed about it, it was nice to have that acknowledgement.

On the way home from the Post Office I thought about the people that I met during this time. I haven't thought about them much lately so it was nice to think of them and I hope that they are all doing ok.

On the work front we had a few interesting things go down this week.

First of all lay your eyes on this:

Yes you saw right, it's a Kangaroo Paw with a bottle opener attached at the end, encased in a frame! As you do..... it seems my section at work won a bid on this lovely item and we will have this in our office for a whole 12 months! Aren't we lucky.... Poor little Kangaroo :(

We had a visit from Toby another dog that one of the guys at work owns! He is very cute!

And Seamus got a new bed for work! It's a tough life you know all day working with me! A boy needs his rest!!

And the wonderful Andrew brought me in the most amazing chicken pie for lunch! He even heated it up and brought it to me at my desk..... TRUE STORY!!! Thanks Andrew!

Embee had an up and down week too, literally! The other morning as I walked past the visitor's bedroom I found this sight:

If you look really closely you'll see the pillow having a smoke! Yep you got it Groover's, the Visitor's Bed Pillow and Miss Embee Louise had some hot lovin and I just happened to walk past afterwards... THANK GOD! They were both exhausted but fulfilled hehehe.

Later in the week we ran out of Dog Biscuits and I managed to find one tin of Chump Dog Food in the kitchen cupboard! So for two mornings in a row Embee had real life dog food (not the usual dog biscuits) in a bowl complete with two schmackos delicately placed either side, you know like a wafers in a ice-cream sundae! tee hee.

We had my Mum over for the weekend and I have to say we had a really lovely visit! I took her shopping for winter clothes, as you do and one thing I am not really into is shopping!!! But we got it done and I survived the day.....

That night I attended a special dinner with some lovely ladies and this was the table setting!

This morning we went down to the other end of our road, it's very long..... and had something to eat whilst watching the ocean, the pelicans, sea gulls! I had a 60 cent bet with Baby Jake that the Pelican's would eat some chips..... I LOST! :(

We had such a lovely time that I completely forgot to take a pic, sorry kids.

Then in the afternoon I went to my friend Karen's Candle Party! I worked with Karen many years ago in the Tourism Industry. And here is the inside goss: looks like instead of a 11night cruise for New Years Eve this year, we could be heading up to Hamilton Island! Maybe I should ring them ahead of time and warn them that "The Two Kazza's" are on the way and as my Grandad used to say when I arrived: Batten down the hatches! hehehe.

So it's a little cold here tonight in Brisbane. Some people are really babies..... others just live in front of the heater.

Some real hip and happening kids wear yellow beanies.....

But some, well let's just say tonight I thought for a sec that I had a Scotsman in my lounge room. As I type this is the get up that Baby Jake is wearing in his car whilst he has gone out to get dinner.

I can only hope he doesn't get pulled over by the police! Would make for a lovely MUG SHOT!!!

Well kids we have come to the end of another Morley week! I know it was exciting wasn't it hehehe.

Keep Warm or Cool depending, on where you are!


Me xxx

Jake just arrived home, outfit in tact! Phewwwww.....


Anonymous said...

LOL! Aah Karen, the memory of that night will never leave me!!! I hadn't laughed that much for years, and to see you trying to light a fire with frozen fingers...well, what can I say but hehehehe! Oh, and is that a kilt that Jake's wearing?????

The Morley Report said...

I was sooooo cold, what a night!!! One I will never forget. At least I know how to make a fire now hehehe.

Oh and Jake was wearing a dressing gown, but doesn't it look like a kilt!!!

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