23 January, 2011

Back to normality... well if it exists!

So here we are another week down for 2011.

Monday I had to take my Mum back to Redcliffe hospital for a check up on her shoulder and thank god she is on the mend, sling thrown in the bin! It's been a long three months of appointments but hopefully for now anyways that is that!

Jake and I also checked out a retirement village not far from us for Mum. Looks great, long waiting list but hey it's worth a shot!

And then there was that very special purchase for Embee Louise! I know I mentioned it last week but this time I decided to go ahead with, wait for it.... are you sitting down.... yessssssssssss Embee Louise has her very own brand new spakin LIFE JACKET! Complete with a little zip pocket, you know for personal things that girls need when they are out and about! hehehe

The sad news is that we had to return the first jacket as it was a bit too small for Embee Louise's child bearing hips! So on Saturday we exchanged it.

Jake could not wait to test it out, IN THE POOL! Here is the evidence:

Tuesday it was back to work in the CBD (Central Business District). I wasn't sure what to expect, having seen everything on the TV over the last week or so. But I have to say I was surprised, the city didn't look that different, there wasn't any smell and prob the only things I saw that were different was that the lights were out on our block at work and the cafe's didn't have much of a menu, due to not being able to get any food in.

And I have to say it was nice to go back to work. After a week spent on the lounge watching the events of the week with the floods on TV, it was one of those times that you should turn away and not watch so much, but you were just so compelled to keep watching at the events unfolding before your eyes. So I think to go back to work, back to routine is a good thing.

And this is just me, who wasn't affected at all. It makes you wonder how the people that were affected are coping and I am sure they would love to return to their own normality... if they could.

Tuesday had the hair done, I mean if one has to be evacuated you need to be stylish! Says me who ate loads of garlic and was in my hot nightie hehehe on that fateful Tuesday night when the floods were hitting. But I had booked myself in months ago and have to say its always nice to have the locks done!

And on some days when I get up to get ready for work, Embee Louise just cannot get herself out of bed, so this week I thought I would show a picture of the evidence:

Wed night I caught up with my friend Deb for dinner. I hadn't seen her for quite some time and we had some good old laugh whilst a very bad storm hit. We were at the Murrumba Downs Tavern at the time and later I read on the internet that the storm had something like 6000 lightening strikes! So I think we were in the best place, for when we left most of the storm had passed.

Here is a pic of Deb and I:

Thursday I attended what they call Community Recovery Training through my work. What this means is that now I have completed this training I am now on a list that if there is a disaster in Queensland I can be called upon to help out. For now what this would mean is if I do get the call I could be working in a Recovery Centre and helping people complete the paperwork to apply for grants that the State Government are approving.

I actually received a phone call on Saturday to update my details on the register they have. So who knows what this week will bring. What it would mean is having two days travel time and five days working and then two days off. Even though I can imagine that it will be emotionally hard I feel like if I can help in anyway then I would like to. Even if this means having to advise people that they are not eligible, I think I would just like to help.

The one thing about these weekly Morley Reports is that I like to share stuff going on in my life. However with both Facebook and The Morley Report, I like to try and keep it up beat and don't dwell on the negatives etc.

But what I did want to say is that over the last few months I have had my ups and downs, many things have gone on in my life and when I talk about my friends, being there, supporting me, even if its with funny comments on Facebook, they truly mean the world to me.

Over the weekend I have had a couple of emails from people offering words of support and at the down times these def help me alot to stay afloat.

I guess life is full of ups and downs, for everyone. I also hugely believe in talking opening about things in life, talking helps, ALOT.

But having said all of that in the future with these blogs I want to talk about all the positive things that go on with life, my life, other peoples life. But for just now I wanted to thank everyone for their friendship and support.

And on that note, I have had a lovely weekend, just spent at home, doing my housework, appreciating that I have a house to do housework in. Today Jake, Embee Louise and I swam in the pool, enjoying the sun, the water, listening to the birds. All good things that sometimes we take for granted sometimes in life.

Right now as we type I have Embee on the left, asleep on the lounge on top of a pillow and Jake on the right complaining about and I quote "God how much can you type?". Ahhh pure bliss hehehe.

On that note Groover's, have yourself a good week and see you Next Week! Same bat time, same bat channel.


Me xxx

I have been meaning to tell you all that it would be great; if you wanted to of course, no pressure LOL, you could subscribe to my blog! This would be a good way incase you miss me posting it on Facebook and for my non Facebook friends a way to keep up to date with all the Morley goss. Just a thought and please I honestly don't mind either way.... Just thought I would mention it!


deb said...

Oh my god I made it on the Morley report, missed this one just reading the last couple..Oh I so love Embies life jacket well i'm famous now..... very excited
Deb xxxxxxx

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