09 January, 2011

A New Year has begun..... bring it on!!!

Well welcome back to The Morley Report.

It's been a while in between reports, alot has happened in my life, some not so good, but I am back kids! I have decided, after being inspired by my friend Barbara Dart (who has started her own Blog this year) to try my very best and create or some may say - torture... (Baby Jake, yes this is YOU!) to bring you a weekly Morley Report, on the adventure's, the non-adventures and just my thoughts in general on all things Morley!

After a very sad and lonely Xmas and New Year's Eve, with missing my Grandad who passed away back in August last year, I have decided to make 2011, a year full of happiness, laughter, with a sprinkle of adventures thrown into the mix!

It was back to work last week, for me and a return to normal life and structure. It's funny how these things can mean so much without really realising it. Of course the floods in Queensland at the moment are BIG NEWS!!

Through my work you can sign up for what they call Community Recovery. This means that whilst I am still employed by the Queensland State Government I can be called up to help. They don't call this volunteering as I am still employed, but I feel that it's a great way to help people in times of need.

I have hopefully training next week and then I wait to see if they call me up. Of course this will also depend on Jake being around to be there for Embee, so not sure how it will all pan out, but if I don't go this time I will be at least trained for the next time.... which I am afraid will always be there.

I also decided on New Years Eve last year that next year (2011) I would make sure I had something extra special planned. That special thing turned out to be a 11 night P&O Cruise departing Brisbane on 27th December, 2011 from Brisbane. So this was a priority to make sure I didn't change my mind and I ended up booking it. I booked it through a good friend of mine that I used to work with at Sunlover Holiday's who now works for herself and is a Travel Agent from home.

If you ever need a good travel Agent, this is the woman you need, organising your plans! I explain it like a good hairdresser, where you sit there and trust them 100% and don't have to worry about stuffing up your hair. This is what Karen is like, but as your Travel Consultant.

Soooo the big news was that Karen has decided to be my travel buddy! Can the Pacific Dawn handle two Kazza's at the same time..... well my friends we shall find out! hehehe.

I spent the weekend down at Mt Tamborine at Sandra, Glenn and Jake's (there Jake that is) house. Kim and her daughter Sarah also were there. It was soooo relaxing and the weather at the moment really gave it character. I felt like I was staying at a B&B. And we spent last night on their lovely deck, sharing stories and laughing and enjoying their amazing view. A great way to spend your weekend.

It's funny how people/friends come into your life. Some come and go, some are there for a while, others a while longer but occasionally you strike it lucky and have friends that honestly care for you and are just there when you need them.

Sometimes this goes without even saying.... when you find these people Groover's, hang on to them. Even if it means sometimes you don't see each other much, it's those people where you can just pick up from where you left it, that really can mean the most to you.

Jake has been bothering me to add something about him, like he is part of this Morley World. I say WHAT THE??? He says to tell you all he is awesome and that he is the only reason it's called "Morley"..... the kids on drugs, what can I say!

Here's the thing though, when I go away somehow Jake seems to do more work around the house! This weekend he cleaned and organised his house!

Whilst I am trying to type this he has come up to "My House" to get some attention.... chasing Embee, steeling her toys...., dancing for me! I think maybe I should have stayed away long hahaha.

Well there we go, Week 1 done and dusted.

Let's see what next week brings into The Morley World!


Barbara said...

nice work ms morley!! Here's to a fabulous 2011 for us both!! :)

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