30 January, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI

Well has there ever been prouder time to be Australian, or a Queenslander.

The last couple of weeks have shown us, prob something that we already knew but just hadn't witnessed for a while that when the chips are down, Aussies and Queenslander's are there to help and support where needed.

You know they say that there are certain moments in life that you will never forget. Like (depending on your age!) where you were when Elvis died, when Princess Diana died and more recently when Michael Jackson died. There are pictures that stay with you as well. Over the last few weeks I have added to my memory a couple of those photos.

I will never forget seeing on the TV, the lines and lines of volunteers, broom/shovel in hand, ready to help out wherever needed. How proud I was to witness this site in my life. How very very proud I am that I am a Queenslander an Australian.

This week we celebrated Australia Day. And you know I think the Australian of the Year should have been - Queenslander's! I honestly do.

And what could be more Australian than a Public Holiday!! :)

Here is a pic from a couple of years ago of me on Australia Day!

And is there nothing better than smelling a BBQ being cooked in your neighbour's back yard! Baby Jake cooked us a lovely BBQ for dinner, nothing more Australian than that Groover's. Well of course I didn't get pissed (drunk for you overseas kids) so that kinda makes me half Australian I think hehehe.

But I did spend the day floating around our pool and laying in the sun. Only thing about a mid week Public Holiday, you gotta go back to work the next day :(

Well as some of my Facebook Groover's will know I was called up by the Department of Communities late Friday afternoon for five days of what they call community recovery starting from Saturday.

I am based at Windsor and in what they call an Outreach Centre. This is where we go out and visit people in their houses, to talk about damage, esp to their contents. If they meet all the requirements, and if we are able to, then and there we write out a cheque etc.

Community Recovery is all about being a presence within the community, being out there talking and listening to people, helping them with paperwork for grants by the State Government and also providing them with a form for the Premier's Relief grant which is money from all the money that has been donated, as in from the telethon and private donations. So this money is to now slowly be given to people. So whilst they might not be eligible for other things this they are.

I am into Day 2 today and have 3 more days. Yesterday was spent around New Farm area. And today we went to Milton, St Lucia (near the Uni) and Toowong.

There are a few things that I would like to share. One is that if you have a mobile, and your message bank only allows people to leave a phone number only, well I would strongly suggest to change to a message bank service where someone can leave a message. Here we are wanting to come out and visit people and try and write them cheques. But just leaving only a number, some people would be well I don't know that number so I won't ring them back.

The other thing and this is a big one. Take a few seconds, stop, just look around you where you are sitting, if you are at home that is. And appreciate you all see. We take so many things in life, people, things we own, the house/unit where we live. Some people in life don't even have that. Even before the flood. This insight into some peoples lives are very sad. To see how they are living, what they do not have.

The devastation that Mother Nature can inflict on us is something that words cannot describe, as I am sure some of you have seen recently with your very own eyes.

We all help in different ways whether it be by donating money, helping a friend clean up, making food for volunteers or even just listening to peoples stories.

What I noticed where we were in the last two days is that there isn't the media coverage anymore, not alot of volunteers on the street. Mind you alot of work has already happened, but the rebuilding of peoples lives will continue for some time to come.

Sometimes in life we think we have it tough, that our life sucks in some way. From what I have seen over the last two days, I have said to myself, get over yourself Morley. Look at all you have in this life, the friends, family, nice house, somewhat nice dog hehehe. Ploiseeeeeee you have so much to be thankful for, don't ever forget that.

And Groovers tonight, as I type and am stuffed may I just add!!! I leave you this week with these same words: You have so much in your life to be thankful for, even if at times you cannot physically see this.

The next week will def be interesting to see what the two cyclones that are due to hit Queensland will bring. How can anyone really know how it will play out. But to take a certain phrase from a certain person "The make us tough this side of the boarder. We are Queenslander's. We are the people that get knocked down, but we get back up again!

Good Luck to you Queensland, stand strong, stand proud, you are amazing in all that you do and I am thankful that I live amongst such an amazing group of people!

Love ya

Me xxx


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