27 February, 2011

Buble, Friends and Trains.... all in that order!!

So here I was thinking this week would be a little quieter than the following two weeks activities. Ohhh how wrong was I!

But before we get into the goss, here is the pic as promised.

I’ve had a few funny comments from people, as I have it on Facebook, about how Michael looks like a cardboard cut out! Hehehe. But Groover’s it’s def him in the flesh. And just as this photo was being taken, Michael said to Erica and I: You girls smell lovely! Hehehe.

I also have a couple of better pics courtesy of my good friend Erica from the previous weekend.

Here is one of the girls Sharon, Sandra and Me!

And here is one of me and my Buble Adventures Buddy Erica

I tried my hardest to find the link to the clip on YouTube and I hope both he and his daughter Emily don’t mind, but for those of you that watch Australia’s Funniest Video’s back in the day, they won the Grand Final and you may just remember the clip! It was of Steve singing a nursery rhyme Rockabye Baby and Emily crying saying noooooooo I want Jimmy Barnes!

The funny thing is that my friend Elaine had asked me if I had seen the show, this was prob the mid 1990’s but I hadn’t. Funny enough we were going on a cruise (my 2nd cruise ever!) and I had my Mum record I think McLeod’s Daughter’s on TV. So a few weeks after I got back I sit down to watch it and Mum had just pressed record and gone to bed, so the last bit the of show before was on and strike me down there was the clip Elaine had told me about!

Anddddd OMG there was my dining buddy from the Fairstar singing for his Daughter. I remember being so happy, not only had they won the Grand Final but that he was married and had a beautiful little girl.

Many years later Erica and her family were in Brisbane to go on their own cruise and I met up with them for dinner and recounted the very story above. I had only just joined Facebook and thought you know I am going to look him up when I get home! And I did.

So last week in Sydney was 25 years in the making.

Funny how people can come back into your lives. ☺

So as most of you know I decided at the start of the year to write The Morley Report weekly. This normally means on a Sunday night. Now lately I get about 50 -60 reads, which I’m happy with. One day I would like to maybe write a book, so to have people reading The Morley Report is something that makes me happy!

Through my Blog site I am also able to see the background of the Blog. Meaning which country the readers are from, how many hits, how people are finding the report eg; Facebook, Twitter etc.

Sooooo imagine my surprise on Monday morning when it tells me views from the official Michael Buble site!! Now don’t get me wrong, I write it to share my stories and I don’t mind at all if people are reading it that I don’t know. But when I searched on the MB Site and there under Media, was the link to my Blog, well lets just say it freaked me out a bit! hehehe

It’s not like it was just a review on Michael’s concert, but actually there I was talking about MY LIFE, my friends, my experiences. I went from say 50 reads to around 160 last week. AMAZING!!! I did manage to have it taken down off the site, but the link was up there for about 1 ½ days.

It’s a long story but I did email Warner Music in America to ask for it to be taken down. You see Michael Buble has always been so very nice to us. Friendly, approachable, to have it on this site, to me, felt disrespectful. Nobody had emailed me to ask permission to share it and I just really wanted it off that site.

So I sent my email off to America, thought then about the time difference so decided to ring Warner Music Australia. Explained the story to the Receptionist who then put me through to a guy. So I tell this guy my story and he asks me to email him the link to the Michael Buble Forum where my blog appeared, plus the link to my Blog.

I’m thinking greatttttttt someone else reading it hehehe. So I send off my email and he writes back to tell me that he is going to try his best. So when I receive his email, guess who he is?? Oh yeahhhh the Vice President of Warner Music Australia hehehe. I had no idea!

So via a friend of a friend, I managed to have it removed. It ended up that it was a woman who lives in Argentina! Who meant no harm.

But just out of curiosity, here are some of the countries that read the blog last week:

Netherlands, Latvia, Croatia, France, Spain, Argentina, Canada, UK, USA and good old Australia! How about them apples hehehe.

So lets just say it was an interesting way to start the week.

Maybe due to all the excitement hehehe, I ended up with a lovely stomach virus; which had me out of sorts for a few days, but feeling pretty good right now!

And how sad was the footage this week of Christchurch. I was at home watching it live. I guess in times like this you shake your head in disbelief to see all these things unfolding this year. It did have me think, as I work in the CBD in Brisbane, on the 6th Floor. What would happen to us if it happened in our city? The human spirit though is amazing to see. My heart goes out to the people there.

Work this week has been interesting as well, maybe just not the same as Buble but still interesting. We have a new Minister (I work for the Qld State Government) as well as a name change to our Department.

I guess life is always changing, so you just take it step by step and try and roll with the moves. ☺

There was also my little “thing” with catching the train. I guess Hate is a strong word to use……… butttttttt I HATE THE TRAIN! I was like a little kid chucking a tanty! I did manage to catch the train to and from the city one day. Got the very last car park, had to finger gesture, nottttt the way you think!! But pointed to the spot I was turning around for to say to the Dude: Dudeeeeeeee that SPOT IT MINE, BACK AWAYYYY.

The train wasn’t that bad going into the city, but at the end of the working day, I soooo didn’t want to walk back to the train station in the city, to then have a man sit sooo close to me that our thighs were touching A LOT!!!! And all the way home I said to myself, as you do…… NEVER EVER AGAIN!

So from now on I will sacrifice sleep, to get up earlier to catch my beloved BUS!! YAYYYYY FOR THE BUS!!!! ☺

I like to keep myself socially busy during the working week and try and catch up with friends.

Here is a pic of my friend from work Lagi and I having a lovely lunch.

Notice the drinks. It’s called a Pineapple Lime and Bitters and Groover’s it was mighty nice!!!

This weekend well, do they go quick OR WHAT!!! I had dinner with my neighbour Narelle, went up to see my Mum and packed up boxes at her apartment to move her up to the next level of care! And spent Saturday night talking the night away with my friend Deb! Sunday was a day of rest! Air Con, bit of housework and poor old Embee Louise had a shower/bath! She now smells like a girl again ☺

And I know this was a few weeks ago, but a friend has shared his pics from our time on Community Recovery helping with the Brisbane Floods.

I think next week shall be an interesting one, so stay tuned….. Ohhhhhhhh and before I forget! I know, I can hear your EXCITEMENT! Next week there is going to be a special Mid Week Morley Report, so stay tuned Groover’s for that!! I know try and get some sleep in between now and then, if you cannnnnnnn hehehe.

Have a great week and talk soon!

Me xxx


Bradley said...

I've read it 3 weeks in a row!!!

Rica xx

The Morley Report said...

Well done Erica! If you do four you might have to go to Rehab hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love Train! Their last CD was just great!
; )


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