13 February, 2011

Did someone say Buble????

Well it's like a solar eclipse.... it only happens so many years Groovers! So keep this in mind.... last time was 2 1/2 years ago when the Buble Fever last hit.

But for some of you that don't know the background, it was back in 2005, when my Grandad was very sick and we didn't think he was going to make it and I had to sell his unit and find somewhere for him and my Mum to live (a very stressful time in my life....) and so I was home one night folding washing, cause my life is EXCITING like that you know Groovers.... anddddddd low and behold here was this guy called Michael Buble in a special on the Max Channel.

From that moment on I fell in love with not only his music, but his wicked sense of humour. Little was I to know that this was the beginning of an amazing journey that to this day still continues to travel along.....

Who would have thought that from that very first concert, so many wonderful experiences and friends would come my way and my life wouldn't be where it is right at this very moment, if not for Michael Buble. Even Embee Louise Morley (who turns 5 next month!!!) is named after all my Buble Adventures... Embee = MB = Michael Buble!
We booked these tickets back in May last year, so it's been a while a commin! But finally on Friday my friend Erica flew in, from a little place I like to call Country Sydney, cause even after 5 years I always forget the name of the place where she is from. So some might even say, near Tamworth! I met Erica back in 2005 at the Salt concert at Kingscliff for Buble and sat next to her and her husband. Poor kids.... they still can't get rid of me!

I had a phone call from an old friend who was also at the concert and caught up with her for a bit, so that was a good surprise too!

And at the very last minute had a call from another friend, who's friend (yes Friend seems to be the flavor of the day hehehe) now couldn't go and so I managed to sell one of the tickets to my good friend Rebecca, a Virgin Buble Concert goer..... She had a blast!!! :)

It's like going back in time when Buble hits the stage. I guess I now associate him with many lovely memories....

My Grandad really loved him too and I bought him Buble's CD's to listen too. I remember a few years back, I was in the car with Mum and Grandad and had a MB CD on and all three of us were singing along.... NOW THAT SURELY WAS SCARY hehehe. But I guess it goes to show you how these songs travel over time.

Whenever I hear the song "Can't Help Falling In Love" the old Elvis Presley song, I hear my Grandad singing, for I can't help falling in love withhhhhhh Lou! Which was my Nana's name :)

This is my fave pic of Nana and Grandad! When I think of them together now, this is how I see them and it makes me kinda Happy!

Whilst we are looking back I thought I might also share a fave pic of Me and Grandad! We had a theme song: Me and My Shadow, cause I followed him around everywhere!

And here is the gang from Friday night's concert!

I have friends now from all over the world due to Michael and his music. I've travelled to Vegas to see him in concert, Sydney, Salt in Kingscliff and Brisbane. And whilst some people might think it strange, I guess at the start it was all about Buble, but now for me it's the music and how it makes me feel.

I have however met Michael on a few occasions as well, and he has always been so very friendly, down to earth, approachable and a very generous person. He loves to mimic the good old Aussie accent as well :)

So we had an amazing night on Friday and then on Saturday checked into a swanky hotel in the city, was upgraded to a suite complete with complimentary wine and chocolates. At 5.30pm it was Cocktail Happy Hour, with canapes and wine (all included with our wonderful room rate! Thanks Brad!!!) then the beautiful Anne collected us, along with another friend Arthur and his lovely wife Yvette who bought the tickets months ago from me, as a surprise for Arthur for Xmas. They flew all the way down from Cairns and when good old Cyclone Yasi was heading for them, I was told their Buble tickets were the 2nd thing they packed! LOL

Now I hadn't seen my good friend Arthur since we were 15! Now Groover's you know I like to be up front and honest, gets me in trouble sometimes hehehe buttttt can I just add that it had been 30 years!!! since I had seen him. YOU DO THE MATH!! lol

Anddddddd he was a Rum drinker..... OMG I was in heaven! hehehe.

The 2nd night there were 12 of us and again Buble didn't disappoint.

Al even said that his voice seems to be even better this time around, must be a getting older thing. As I know, as I have heard this same comment about myself, MANY MANY TIMES hehehe. Ok, so I lied in that bit! tee hee

And you know wayyyy back in 2005, not very many people were into Michael and his music. This time around, it was so very nice to have friends along for the ride!!

After the concert we went and sampled some drinkies at a swanky bar at The Emporium Hotel and the eventually went back to our hotel. I tell you Groover's the old Kazzachezza isn't what she used to be, that's for sure!!!

We ordered some room service and watched The Love Boat, as you do at 3am in the morning!!! The beds were amazing and Erica even managed to sleep on top of the sheets!! Story there, but will maybe share in next week's Morley Report!! Promise....

Then up we got today and went up to the 30th Floor for our wonderful buffet breakfast along with an amazing view of Brisbane, where I was able to point things out to Erica! Lucky girl.... I knowwwwww you wished it could of been YOU! hehehe

We checked out, dropped Erica off to the airport and homeward bound I was.

It was very hot here today, so had a lovely swim in the pool and Embee Louise who joined me, WITHOUT her life jacket, and we floated around the pool together....

Of course then came the unpacking, uploading of pics onto Facebook anddddddd just between YOU and ME!!! a phone call to our Accommodation next weekend in Sydney to organise a good old upgrade to a little something they like to call "Executive Club Level". Damn you Sofitel in Brisbane for introducing me to Club Lounges... But seriously Groover's what a way to go. I mean Hey! Our little family can just all come together and share Embee Louise's dog biscuits over the next couple of weeks to make up for Mumma's naughty habit! hehehe

So on that note, next week..... Look what can I say, it's going to be messy! There will be more reunions to be had amongst friends, more drinks, two days this time to be Canaped OUT! More laughs to be had, more Buble music to enjoy and this time around I might even remember to pack my nightie and not break my Vagina! Seee the Morley life is never dull! Scary, Sad and at times even RIDICULOUS!!! but never dull!

See you next week! And as my Grandad used to say "you'll know me, I'll be the one with the hat on!"


Me xxx


Bradley said...

Note:- Erica was here :)

julie carver said...

you are amazing

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