06 February, 2011

Now that was an AMAZING week....

Hi Groover's,

Well they say a lot can happen in 7 days and in this last week, I would so agree with this statement!

I've met some amazing people that have been affected by the Brisbane Floods. I've also made some new friends that I worked with in my team from the Community Recovery and whilst I have been mighty tired at times, I wouldn't have changed this experience for anything.

Here is the lovely Emma from my Team with our Vehicle for the week:

As I touched on a bit last week, it def gives you a wake up call in life as to how very lucky I am. Sometimes I think we can lose sight of this, so whilst I was out there helping people with payments for things that they had lost, listening to their very sad stories, I too gain alot :)

I would also like to thank Baby Jake, for making sure that I ate at night.... Most of the time I came home, ate my dinner, sat on the lounge like a vegetable, yesssssss Groover's different to other "Vege Times" hehehe and slept.

Some nights I didn't sleep well, thinking of things that I had seen during the day and other nights I slept like a baby!

And I was lucky in the fact that with one very sad story, that there was an ending an outcome. Sometimes not always happy but an outcome nether the less. I guess people choose to live their lives however they see fit so you do as much as you can possibly do and you just have to be happy with the knowlege that you did your best.

I also met some very brave overseas students who lived near the University, that have lost everything and now need to find somewhere to live. And they were amazed at how friendly and helpful that Australian's are.

Here is a sign that was on the fence out the front of some unit's in St Lucia (a suburb of Brisbane hit hard by the floods)

And what I found very interesting was people's reactions when we wrote cheques to present to them for things they had lost eg. Fridge, clothing, washing machines etc. etc. I guess there are alot of people out there right now that have suffered such loss and have been through a very traumatic time.

Some people weren't sure what we were doing there, as we had shirts that read Community Recovery. I think some were worried they might have to pay the money back, others thought maybe that we were there to interrogate them. But for once! it was nice to be there to listen and to support and if we could to give them a little money to help them back on their feet!!

So my Community Recovery is over for now..... I had Thursday and Friday off as what they call Fatigue leave and you know on Wed night we were all like "we're not tired.... blah blah blah" but let me tell you Groover's come Thursday I was done! haha I couldn't even talk and let me share a secret: and I can't even remember which night, so lets go Thursday night, so Jake and I are sitting at the table eating dinner, I'm trying to talk and then I just dribbled.... YEP DRIBBLED!! Like a Babyyyyy hehehe. I couldn't even function my mouth to eat LOL. So I think my fatigue leave came at the right time.

I would say; I guess over the five day period you live at a certain type of adrenaline to be able to function but my new friend "Michael" noooo not Buble! Anyway he told me that we function with a level of awareness. I think that's what he said anyway hehehe. But it was so true because you didn't know what you might find.

Without going into too much detail, we did on one visit have to call an ambulance and then in the end this person refused help. A very different word to my Admin world at work, but I found that I was able to use skills that I developed many years ago, yesss there was electricity back then, but we used to maypole dance hehehe. So I was able to use skills that I developed when I worked for the CES (Commonwealth Employment Service).

And I have to say to be able to help people less fortunate than myself was a wonderful lesson that came just at the right time in my life!

Of course good old Cyclone Yasi made it it's grand entrance this week as well. What a worrying night on Wed night. I didn't sleep very well and I was worried that when I woke up the next morning I would see sights like Cyclone Tracey possibly in Cairns.

The next morning was met with mixed emotions, Cairns and Townsville were spared, of course many trees were down, flooding but nothing like we all imagined might happen. But places like Tully, Cardwell, Mission Beach and other smaller townships in-between Cairns and Townsville were affected.

So heartbreaking to watch the devastation on TV.

Not sure what might happen, but I may get a call to help out up there as well, at a later stage. I guess we shall just wait and see.

So Thursday was a write off and Friday I got to catch up with a couple of people from my team for a nice lunch and a good old goss!

Here is a pic of Me, Michael and Emma at our Lunch!

Saturday I just chilled out and swam in the pool, Sat night we had a BBQ with Jake's friend James and today, Sunday was a bit more swimming and lazing about in my Air Con, which of course is set on Igloo Setting hehehe. I said to Jake yesterday Thank You to Grandad, because without him I wouldn't have been able to afford to install air con for us upstairs and downstairs. I know Grandad would have been so please that he could help us out :)

So tomorrow it's back to work. I think it will be a little strange to readjust to just being behind a desk again, but life goes on I guess and we do what we can do.

Now, before I go, I guess I need to warn you Groover's..... It's about another Natural Disaster (as some might call it hehehe) but you should sit down for this one! You see next weekend Michael Buble is in town. And for most of you out there, you know what this means.... Yepppppppp Buble Fever is about start hehehehe.

So be alert but not alarmed! Next weeks Morley Report will include Buble Stories, pictures, DNA samples... ohhh sorry did I just type that out loud! hahaha.

So if Buble doesn't float your boat, if you can't bare to hear another (but can I just say NEW) Buble story, than may I suggest you skip the next two weeks Morley Report. Because Groover's BUBLE FEVER IS ON IT'S WAYYYYYYYYYY

Until then, stay safe, be good and remember in the words of Michael Buble "It's new dawn, it's a new day, it's new life, for meeeeee and I'm Feeling Gooooooood!

I forgot to say that today Jake's friends Louise and Ben came over for a swim with Louise's dogs Zeus (he's the big one) and Tank. Here is a pic of Embee Louise, just not too sure about Zeus!! hehe


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