13 March, 2011

Big Brother Baby Jake and a weekend of Sandra's…..

Well it’s been a very interesting 7 days since we last spoke.

On Monday my little Siamese fighting fish MJ passed away. He was a special gift from my friend Marie who I worked with at the courts. And noooo he wasn’t named after Michael Jackson…. He was MJ after Marie and her daughter Jessie, who purchased him for me.

I had him for nearly two years, which is a good innings but I am a softy and have to say I def miss seeing him on my desk every day. RIP MJ ☹

Tuesday brought some big big news. Baby Jake Morley, is now a Big Brother! Now I can hear you counting back the days/weeks and say Karen, that was mighty quick, and nooooo Michael Buble isn't the father THIS TIME.... And I didn't hide it from you all this time....

You see his Dad’s wife gave birth via cesarean, so as they knew the date and the sex too, Jake took the day off work to go up to the hospital.

His name is Cooper John and here is a pic:

I think it’s nice that Jake is now a big brother and I am sure Cooper feels the same way ☺

But I have to say it was interesting for me that day, as I guess it took me back to a similar day nearly 21 years ago when I had Jake. Whilst I got the most amazing person out of it, that time in my life was very stressful and when I look back it seems like a lifetime ago…. A movie maybe I once saw.

They say we go through things in life that make you a much stronger person and this time my friends was one of them. But that’s obviously just how my life was meant to pan out.

Becoming a single parent of a 13mth old at 25 years of age was prob not the game plan I had growing up. But if I hadn’t of gone through all of those things I wouldn’t have my Baby Jake. ☺

So congrats Baby Jake on becoming a Big Brother.

One thing I did forget to mention last week was that last weekend when I went to purchase some packing boxes for Mum, the place that I had to go to (as I left it to the very last minute and it was a Sunday) was actually built behind a shopping centre, that used to be a car park for the shopping centre back in the day. And this is where I used to go with my Grandad early (very early....) on a Sunday morning, and have my very first driving lessons.

I was soooo very excited and can remember on my actual 17th Birthday going up to the local Police Station for my Learner’s Permit. Anddddd when I got it the nice policeman wrote down my height as 5 foot ½ inch. And let me tell you Groover’s that ½ inch is mightyyyyy important when you are a short kid. Hehehe.

As I’ve mentioned before I like to be a little social during the week and try and catch up with friends by having lunch with them.

On Wed I went to lunch with my friend from work Marie and get this: just as we were coming back to work and we were talking in the lift, Marie asked me what my next adventure was. I told her I was off to Mt Tamborine for the weekend but that in June I was going on a 3 night cruise…. She asked “was it at the start of June?” and low and behold, guess what Groover’s? Yeppppppppp you got it, we are going on the same cruise. Can you believe it!!

As my Grandad would have said “Batten down the Hatches” hehehe.

I told Marie that when we are on the cruise I am going to ask for The Love Boat Theme – Disco Version, to be played in the night club and that she will have to get up and dance to it with me ☺

On Friday I had lunch with my very good friend Marcus. We used to work together a while back and we just clicked and got on famously. He is quite a funny guy and had a passion for Tuna, which I HATE! (It's cat food….) and somehow he always loved listening to my Morley Stories. I don’t think it had anything to do with being chained to his chair! LOL

So now it was the weekend and it wasn't until someone at work asked me what I was doing this weekend that I realised it was a Weekend of Sandra's hehehe. This is why:

Friday night my friend Sandra No. 2 and I went out for dinner. Sandra came along to Sydney for the Buble weekend, so it was great to catch up with her and talk goss...

Saturday I drove down to Mt Tamborine and for my Groover’s overseas this is about 2 hours south of me in Brisbane and is part of the hinterland of the Gold Coast.

My friend Sandra (different Sandra to Fri night) let us call her Sandra No. 1. There was some talk which Sandra was which number, buttttt I have known Sandra down at Mt Tamborine a little longer, so she shall be known as Sandra No. 1, lives there in the most amazing house that her husband built.

When I stayed there last time it felt like a B&B (Bed and Breakfast).

We drove up to the top of Mt Tamborine and had lunch on the Saturday and had a bit of a look around. Such a peaceful place….

I had the best time hanging out with Sandra, Glenn and their son Jake. I always enjoy my stay there and come back feeling soooo relaxed.

I wanted to share this sign that we accidentally stumbled across whilst driving on the mountain. I think it's message is very interesting and over the years I have often wondered myself is it really possible to have the one big love in your life? Or maybe do we meet a few of them in our lifetime....

A little sneak pic of next weeks Morley Report: A certain someone is turning 5 next week? I know sounds like maybe its Jake's mentality hehehe, but no you would be wrong.

A little hint: She has hair all over her body…. And NOOOO it’s not me before waxing! hehehe.

And at this moment I would like to share a little pic that I took during the week. Embee has a secret passion. You see late at night or in the early hours of the morning, Miss Embee Louise Morley leaves my bedroom, goes down the internal stairs into Baby Jake's house and there she finds the Mother Load! Yepppp Jake's socks and underpants. I know what you are thinking... she has no class! hehe and you would be right!!!!

Sooo this week poor old Baby Jake has had Man Flu. Now what is interesting is that I have found when you say this to men they are like - what the hell is that!!! They have no idea.... whilst women just nod and smile. So Jake has had the flu, but of course when you are a man, it's like you are a Dying Duck! Another good saying passed down from my Grandad! And so one day actually this time, when I was at work and Baby Jake was home from work, dying in his bed.... Embee Louise has snuck downstairs found a little snack and brought it up to my house and when I returned from work that night, there at the top of my stairs is the little snack itself. Laying there in all it's glory and when I took the pic, Embee was quite happy to sit by it's side, looking ohhh so proud.

Of course Baby Jake doesn't know this story (I threw the undies out without mentioning it) so when he reads this week's Morley Report and see's this pic, he will then realise that he is one pair down! hahahaha.

Ok on that note, thanks for reading, be good, take care and remember: same bat channel same bat time (see you next Sunday!)


Me xxx ☺


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss K, beautiful baby pic and I am sure BJ will make an excellent brother.

I do believe you can have a love affair that lasts a life time and mine is licorice :-)

Love reading your weekly reports you sweet thang you!

Take care and have an amazing week. Luv Tan xo

Anonymous said...

Another clue as to who the bday person is....has hair allover except for a homemade gstring

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