06 March, 2011

I live for boxes.....

Well have to say it's been a very busy week! I don't normally do much on a school night because I don't bounce back that easy the next day, esp if it's a work day.

But did I listen to my advice this last week? Nahhhhhhh

Monday started off with an interesting phone call from Baby Jake whilst sitting on the bus on the way home from work. Long story short, it seems that in his black sporty car with a P Plate the Police just loveeeeeee to pull him over. This time they thought he was driving with a suspendedhttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=3012152287869440550&postID=7296315205615071556 lic. But this stems back to August in last year to when Jake was pulled over for speeding, which he is contesting and it's taking this long for them to sort it out. Soooo it ended up being a Dept of Transport error, buttttt they didn't find this out til later in the night, pulled him over, made him leave his car at the shopping centre down the road from us and drove him home.

After a few phone calls he sorted the "misunderstanding" but I had to drive him to pick up his car.

This pic is him collecting in from the car park!

Buttttt get this: So today, he is driving to meet me at Mum's Retirement village and they pull him over yet again. They can't get him on anything so what do they do? Give him a fine for $100 for leaning his arm on the drivers window! True Story!!

I had dinner on Tuesday night with my good friend Al. Nice to catch up on all that has been happening over the last few months.

Wed night was dinner with Lisa and then afterward I went to a show at the QPAC (funny same theatre that I saw Michael Buble in back in 2005). Not sure if you have ever heard of John Edward the psychic? Well it was like that and her name is Lisa Williams. She has a show on Foxtel and I am being honest here, if she picked me out I would freak!!! I just like to go and watch what happens and hear other families/peoples stories.

I didn't get picked! Phew.... hehehe. My Grandad used to say "Karen you should be frightened of the living not the dead!". But even so I think he would know it would def freak me out big time if anything happened. So no def didn't get picked!

There were a few interesting stories. One family of a mum and three sisters and their dad had passed away and came through. Another was a guy who lost his dad when he was 3yo. He was up in the top section of the theatre, right at the very back. And when she was reading him one of the lights kept flickering. She asked him about lights and he said that at home they go through 3-4 light bulbs A WEEK! And she also mentioned 5 cent pieces. Does he find them all the time? He said he did and she said they were from his Dad.

So whether you believe or not, to me its fascinating! Here is another thing. You hear peoples stories, how desperate they are to hear from people, loved ones that have passed. It's sad. There was one lady that lost someone to a murder/suicide. I guess sometimes you hear their stories and I know I walk away with my goodness, my life ain't that bad.....

This week three of my good friends have been through some interesting and trying times. I won't go into all the details, but it def makes you think about life. One friend, who shall remain nameless (he's shy) had a very very close call.

He was sitting eating lunch at a Subway and a car drove through the wall directly behind him. He came away unharmed, but let me tell you it was a close call.

Now I can't tell you how he was feeling, but for me, it makes you think that you just never know when your time is up. Life is there to be lived. Sometimes we just go through the motion I guess of our daily grind. But how do you know if maybe this is your very last day? Of course we don't. But what we have to try and remember and some days its hard to do (and this isn't my quote by the way):

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

Thursday night was the night my first ever Mid Morley Report was published. Due to a Michael Buble Hollywood competition where I had 8 challenges to complete one of them being to advertise the MB Application on Iphone/Itunes. It had to be creative so putting onto my Morley Report was what I came up with. I knowwww I'm pretty creative tee hee.

I am sure some of you are Buble'd out..... and that my friends is ok! hehehe. But thanks for those of you that read it.

Oh the winner gets a holiday to where else but Hollywood! Of course if anything comes of it, you will be the first to know! :)

Friday I went to a sports club to catch up with my friend Caron who works at my Mum's retirement village and who over the last six years has been the biggest help and support to me.

Here is a pic of Caron and I on the look out for a Sports Man! hehehe.

Saturday I had lunch with another good friend and hello Saturday night I had a very HOT DATE with my lounge chair. My god it was devine hehehe.

Today we had to go back up to my Mum's unit. For those of you not in the know, we have had to move her up to the next level of care. She is all moved in now with all of her things, butttttt she has MANY MANY other things in her apartment. So we have now over two weekends packed it all up in boxes and we are going to get it moved to our place to store in our shed. And later this year kids we are going to have a VERY VERY BIG GARAGE SALE. She has some really nice things, lots of DVD's too. And modern stuff, not old lady things..... So Jake is going to be in charge of the Garage Sale so when it finally does happen shall let those of you in Brisbane know!

Then tonight on my way home, Jake of course had his police magnet car..... he went one way I went another. Was driving down my very busy road and there was this dog running on the road, I slowed down but it went to the other lane and I had to flash my lights and beep my horn. It was just starting to get dark, but still light. Anyway this poor dog took the bolt! He was sooo fast and I had pulled over when I tried to get it to come to my car, but the car behind me followed it down a side street.

I followed them too and the dog took off through some bushland. A man also turned up and he had been looking after the dog for his daughter that was away. They looked and looked (the man and the man from the other car) but we couldn't find him.

Jasper is his name and he was a very fast very naughty dog. We couldn't find him. We all drove off and decided to go down another side street. The roads lead to a sewerage plant and then onto the river.

The other couple in the other car saw him, but he ran off again. The poor man who was looking after him walked sooo far to find him but just couldn't find him. The other couple finally left, it was starting to get dark and as I was driving off I saw him again, Jasper is brown. Butttt the man tried again, and I am sorry to say I am not sure how it all turned out.

I have his phone number as he lives not far from me, just incase I happen to see Jasper tomorrow morning.

Isn't it sad when you try so hard, they have no idea you are trying to help them. I guess it's like people - you try the best that you can but in the end only they can help themselves and you just have to be happy for what you have been able to do.

No hidden messages there for anyone by the way, it's just something that my hands typed! hehehe

So Groovers, if I hear anything further on our little friend Jasper I promise to let you all know.

Well we have come to an end to another eventful Morley Week.

This week I have made sure I am home most of the week. And can I just add I'm a little excited to do NOTHING!!!

But as they saying goes: Famous last words.... hehehe Who knows what next week holds.

So until then keep on Groovin on!


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Lisa Williams came to Brisbane? DAMN! I didnt know! I wouldve killed to see her!

Maursey. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi lovey, you lead a busy life don't you. Glad you got your mum sorted which must be a load off your mind.

If your mind doesn't find the dog he can always contact the place I rescue and foster for Best Friends Rescue and they have a lost/found animals page that they will probably let him put up a picture and a notice for him. www.bestfriendsrescue.com and they are also on Facebook.

I hope he finds him. Have a great week. Cheers, Tan xx

PS if you can get the dog's attention don't go towards it, run in the other direction and usually it will follow you as it thinks you are off to do something fun and wants to go with you (9/10 times anyway). A little tip they gave us at doggie school years ago when we were trying to teach Muggins recall :-)

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