27 March, 2011

Living the dream....

Well it's been a big week!

You see I resigned from my job last Monday, so I wanted to tell work before I announced it to the world (aka The Morley Report), as you do....

I finish up on Friday 1st April and boy it couldn't come quicker! hehehe.

I have a brand spankin new job with a company that helps broadcast the ABC and SBS TV and Radio around Australia. I am going to be the Team Assistant and help support the Manager and his staff.

And here is the best bit, it's only 10 mins from home! Currently I travel on a minimum 3 hours every day and that my friends is on a good day. So to say that I am over travelling would be an understatement! And as one of the guys at work said to me this week - You are living the dream - to be working that close to home!

More in next weeks Morley Report but I am so truly happy that I need to pinch myself at times. And I know that this was the right thing for me, right now in my life to do!

So there is my very very big special news :)

So the week has gone mighty slow, but this time next week this chapter will be finished in my life and I am ready for the next one.

I have a week off in between jobs and am taking Embee Louise up to what we call the Doggy Holiday House in Coolum, so stay tuned for pics....

So last night was a big night!!! My friend Lisa was having her 42nd Birthday Party, 1920's style at The Hilton hotel in Brisbane.They went all out and had it set up Casino style with tables and dealers etc. NOOOOO not that kind!!! Ploise....

But here is where it get's interesting..... you see it ended up that Lindsay proposed to Lisa and of course Lisa accepted butttttttt then she turned around and up pops a celebrant. It was just an amazing experience and very touching. They have been together 17 years and Lindsay had kept this very very special secret from Lisa for quite some time. And the look on Lindsay's face was priceless. She was sooo chuffed and proud, it was truly beautiful.

It makes you think to yourself how wonderful it would be to find that one special person to spend the rest of your life with. I still believe that it's def out there, you just gotta keep going until you find it :)

Jake aka DJ Sammy (Jake's middle name is Samuel) was there too and play tunes for the night!

We had a wonderful time and got home around 2.30am!

Which meant that a sleep in was in order and oh my goodness even a Nana Nap happened this afternoon hehehe. Let's just hope I sleep tonight!!!

Here is a pic of Embee and I chilling out on the lounge this afternoon! So it was a lovely way to cap off a big week for me.

I look forward to the coming week for some good bye HOT LUNCH DATES and maybe a couple of tears through a happy smile :)

So kids have a good week and see you on the flipside!

Me xxx

I also wanted to thank the people that subscribe via email to my blog and to also my new followers! I love to tell a good story and consider myself a story teller so to those of you that take the time to read my blog every week, to those who share the link to my blog via Facebook and Twitter, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One day I hope to write a book, but for now it gives me so much pleasure to write my little stories for you guys :)


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