12 June, 2011

Frozen Morley's plus the odd snake skin!

Well winter is truly here in Brisbane, Queensland. We have had a mighty cold week, and of course we are def babies here in Brisbane. It only has to get a little cold and we are all freaking out and need our jumper’s hehehe.

Took me quite a few days to get rid of my “sea legs” from the cruise last week. God help me at the end of the year when it’s an 11 night cruise!

I passed my probation this week too. They only do two months in this company, so can’t complain with that. Nice to know they want to keep me! My boss told me it’s like a cult here as it is such a specialist field. So I am now a proud member of a cult! ☺

We had a big Admin Team meeting at work this week and a few staff flew into Brisbane for it. We also went out for dinner at The Hogs Breath CafĂ©. We had lots of laughs and the guys got a fondue that I decided to try via a straw! Tasted like an amazing Hot Chocolate. Here is a pic – I have sooo much class…

Even Jake got a special gift when I got home. Actually two, as I found a stray Thomas the Tank balloon in the back of the Maxi Taxi (as you do…..)

We also had a major accident/incident in our house during the week. Two unnamed occupants of Morley Manor were running around playing chasy andddddddd someone, I like to say Mr Nobody (as he was around a lot when I was little….) somehow managed to make a picture fall off my internal stairs wall!

Which left lots of glass all over the internal carpeted stairs. So Jake had to clean it all up whilst Embee Louise looked on….. First time that Jake has used my new vacuum cleaner, which I have had since Sept last year!!! I found it very entertaining watching him work it all out!

Next weekend Jake is going down to Ikea to purchase me a replacement picture…. Whatta boy!

And how is this for news, one of the guys at work won a BMW from purchasing a ticket with The Guide Dogs. How very exciting for him and he is such a lovely man! I asked him nicely, okkkkk I MADE HIM have a pic so that I could include it in my Morley Report.

Here he is with his lovely new BMW:

So this week as I said it’s been really cold, that cold that the other night I had to wear my very sexy yellow beanie to bed! I even brought it to work and we shared the love of the beanie around!

We found a snake skin at work this week and word on the street is that it was from a deadly brown snake…. Ohhh such fun! Here is the very brave Seamus with his friend “The Snake Skin”

I do love Seamus! It's always lovely to see him at work every day. Here is another pic of the boy I love!

So it’s a Long weekend here this weekend (to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday) and how great is it to have three whole days off with nothing to do. It’s great to just to chill out. Jake is off visiting his Dad and Baby Brother for the weekend and it’s just Embee Louise and me!

You know sometimes in life we take things for granted soooo much. Like being happy, healthy, loved etc. And I know I say this a bit on here, but the support and love that I have from my friends is absolutely priceless and at times I don’t know where I would be in this life without you guys. ☺

People bag Facebook alot. But to me it's been amazing reconnecting with friends from all different times in my life. It's a cheap form of entertainment too and I cannot begin to tell you the enjoyment I get out of reading friends comments on their pages and to me.

In this age of technology I believe Facebook has brought some of us even closer as life gets so busy that sometimes we don't make the time to stay in touch. I find that for myself talking to people via Facebook is just as same as if we were together, sitting on my lounge and having a chat!!

Well kids enjoy your week and see you next Sunday!

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

As always, a very good report - Bern xxx

Anonymous said...

Great to catch-up with what's been happening in your world Karen. You always have heapsa fun stuff going on. Love that BMW. You must have a very happy friend right now! But like you say, friends are so special and you are very special to us. If you're around when i'm on school hols might stop through on my way south. Congrats to Jake on big brother status- Conner looks very content in the photo with his big brother. Take care, hi to Embee, Love & Hugs Kimmi, Daz and Jose (aka: Sarah) xxx ooo

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