13 November, 2011

Karen it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday Karennnnn

Well Groover’s there is no beating about the bush… it is in fact my 45th Birthday TODAY! Or as I like to say I’m really only turning 9, because you just add the 4+5 = 9 ☺

But let me take you down good old Morley Memory Lane through a few of little Karen Cheryl’s birthdays...

Here are couple of pics of “The Birthday Girl” that I have recently come across.

I'm the one with the teddy bear!

As mentioned in a recent blog prob the very first vague memory that I have of my own birthday would be a party we had when I was around 4/5 and my Mum made those very cute pink iced Arrowroot biscuits with lollies to form faces.

I was never one to have many birthday parties when I was younger. There was this one when I was around 10. It's not the best and a bit blurry....

And only just the other day I had a text from an old school friend who actually got the date wrong (by a week) wishing me a Happy Birthday, and had remembered that when I turned 13 both her and I went into the city (in Brisbane) on our very first “big grown up” trip without parents to go see a movie. Which movie I hear you ask? The Amityville Horror.

Now to this day I hate horror movies and I do remember reading the book on The Amityville Horror, as I read this book when we were on holidays down the Gold Coast and do you know that I could only read that book during the day with people around me! It freaked me out big time!

On a side note, just to show you how much of a sook I am. When Jake was younger maybe 10 we were watching “I Know What You Did Last Summer” on TV. Well when I say watching it I mean I had my hands over my face saying to Jake, what’s happening? What’s happening? I can’t lookkkkkkkkkk. Then I look over at him and Jake has his eyes covered TOO! So we decided to tape it on our video and watch it the next day in the daytime! What can I say, I’m still very much the same although Jake is a lot better now watching them! Well to a degree...

Now back to birthdays:

I did have a small 18th birthday party that my then boyfriend (soon to be ex-husband) threw me.

Check out the outfit! I knowwwwwww - but a friend made it for me so I had to wear it!!!

Another birthday when I turned 20, on that very same day, I left on my first ever Cruise on the Fairstar Ship with P&O - 14 days of sooo much fun and laughter…. Now the birthday itself was a bit sad as that night I was missing my boyfriend, the people I kinda knew on the cruise I found out were boring, the ship was rough and I thought I was going to die aka Poseidon Adventure movie style and that night in bed I decided that at the first port (in 5 days’ time) I would fly home. I didn’t care how much it cost.

But someone was looking out for me as I made friends with the girl in my cabin and all of her friends. So we changed my restaurant (so I didn’t sit with the boring acquaintances) and at the new restaurant at the new dining time I got to sit with some wonderful “new friends” and from that moment on I wasn’t going anywhere ☺ I had the best holiday and to this day I have fond memories of this time, in my 20th year!

When I got engaged just before I turned 21, a decision was made that there would be no 21st party for me as we were also getting married two months later in the following January!

The next thing I can remember was when I was turning 30 and my friend Elaine threw a small party and this was during my “too poor to have a camera” days, so I am afraid there are no pics. Now this may be a good thing! LOL

And when I had a birthday turning 39 my amazing friends Jo and Al surprised me with announcing they would pay for me to fly to LA and Las Vegas to see our friend Michael Buble in concert! I was def a happy chappie that night and even cried when they told me!

When I turned the big 4 0! I decided to throw a party and invite friends from all over the years. It was such a great night and so amazing to see everyone in the same room! ☺

Over the last so many years I have taken my birthday off from work on Annual Leave. You know kinda a present to me for being such a good girl during the year! Or so I tell myself..

I’ve been at Club Med Lindeman Island, at The Mantra and Peppers Resorts at Salt, Kingscliff so many times I have lost count...

And I have one good friend that I have known since High School who celebrates his birthday on the 13th November, a day after mine! And I know this is a sad "blonde moment" but it wasn't until we turned 40 that I realised - get this one! Thattttt he and I were in the same babies room in the Royal Brisbane Hospital when we were born. I am a day older so I always say that I showed him the ropes on how the Babies Room worked.... because I was the more experienced one! LOL

Here we are at Xmas Drinks from the last two years!

And this now brings us up to date and to today!

This year’s little Birthday Adventure is a week longs holiday at Peppers Bale at Salt in Kingscliff. Many years ago I stayed here at the same resort, but back then a friend paid for the three nights and it cost a pretty $750 per night for a 3 bedroom apartment!! And we stayed 3 nights back then.

And I loved it soooo much that I really wanted to stay another time, so it then went onto my “Bucket List”. But I never ever thought that I would be able to afford to go back and stay. And then last year I came across an amazing rate and here we are!

So today is the first day of my holiday. Ahhhhh I can smell the ocean, hear the ocean and I have the most amazing pool & spa to spend my week in.

Now Groover's I have had the most amazing birthday this year! :)

Last year it was a different story, I was very sad, stressed and grieving for my Grandad who had only recently passed away. But today I find myself in such a better place. Surrounded by all of you guys that take the time out to read my Morley Report and who have sent me such lovely Birthday Wishes, by text, Facebook, & Twitter.

I even went out to dinner tonight with my friends Emily, Lucan, Alan and Barb and had the best time!! :) (hence why this late tonight... Oops!)

You know what Groover’s? I kinda like my 9th birthday present to me this year! ☺

So on that note I best be off! I gotta catch me some beauty sleep!


The Birthday Girl xxx


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Glad you had an AMAZING day xx

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