21 August, 2011

A Groovy Morley Sunday

Well today was another good day. Of course more sorting out, but won't bore you with all the details, cause I know I'M OVER IT!

And tell me this Groover's, is it wrong to start your day with this:

Could it be a sign that I am getting older - instead of OLD ;) when I decide to take two of these little babies to get me through the day and save my back?? hehehe.

Jake went to a 21st last night and got home today at 11am (a little hungover), me well I was hungover from yesterday.... Ahhhh how time has changed!

We also had help from Louise and her baby Zeus - The Wonder Dog!

He even has his own Facebook Page.

Zeus the Great Dane Facebook Page

Of course if I don't mention Embee Louise's own Facebook page I will be in big trouble!

Embee Louise Morley (News Personality)

I have to tell you he is only 1yo and is STILL growing! He looks like a giant giraffe and when they were leaving tonight when he stood up on his back legs he was the same height as Jake! I could ride him to work even LOL.

And of course no Sunday afternoon would be complete without a good old Nana Nap! Mmmmmm Nana Nap.....

And that kids brings me to now. Of course Mum, Embee and myself are snuggled down, in front of the heater and watching the Final of The Block (love that show!).

The Block

We however waiting for Baby Jake to org and bring home Pizza!

So see ya next time, same bat channel same bat time!

Me xxx


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