08 May, 2011

Being Baby Jake's Mum

Well another short working week. I could def get used to it, but alas we are back to a five day week, this week.

The other night I made dinner and asked for help with washing up. When I came back into the lounge room this is what I saw.

Embee putting up her hand to help! What a good girl :)

Embee Louise also made her debut this week at work. You see a couple of people bring their dogs to work so I thought I would ease Embee andddddd myself into it by bringing her in for a few hours on Friday afternoon.

It didn't got too bad and she enjoyed meeting Seamus! He is such a big boy and tried so very hard to be gentle. Even laying down on his side, submissive with his head next to her feet.....

They had a good play outside and it was funny to see as he wanted to run around but when they did, Embee was sooo fast but with his size, poor old Seamus was like a galloping horse.

We had a lovely weekend and being mother's day I actually got to hang with Baby Jake!

Saturday we checked out pools, had a nice lunch andddd an amazing afternoon nap! Not together.... those days are long gone! But geez it's nice to have a lazy afternoon nap! Esp with the lovely weather we are currently having.

Today Jake and I went to Gold Class Cinema and saw the movie "Something Borrowed" and again had a nice lunch.

I think back to all those years ago, when I myself was not that much older than Jake now, became a Mother and I think how lucky I am to have Jake in my life.

It's been a hard slog over the years and I sometimes nowadays look at my friends with young children and I wonder how I ever survived being a Single Mum. But during those years when we did struggle at times we had each other.

Our relationship sometimes is hard to explain to people that don't know us. Sometimes we are more like brother and sister than mother and son. Mind you sometimes I have to play my "Mother Card" :)

Jake and I are great friends, what more can a Mum ask for. We share a similiar sense of humour and last weekend when Jake had his party, in his preparations, I smiled to myself as he reminded me sooo much OF ME that it cracked me up!

I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without Jake beside me. He is such a great support, he listens to my rants, puts up with my moods (as he would tell you!) and when my Grandad passed away last year, stood up at the funeral and read my words when I could not.

He is a remarkable person, who at nearly 21, has his whole life ahead of him and I look forward to seeing what that may bring! :)

But enough about Baby Jake, this is of course all about ME! and Mother's Day LOL.

My own upbringing saw my Nana being more my Mother than my own mother as my Mum and I moved in with my Grandparents when I was 8, due to my parents divorcing. I miss my Nana alot as she passed away some years ago and was a big influence in my life.

My Mum lives in a Retirement Village not too far from where we live and I guess we are more like sister's, but then again we all have our dysfunctional parts don't we to our own families. But I do love her, she is at times a bit of hard work, but she loves Jake, Embee and I and we love her back.

So tonight I would like to wish all those Mother's around the Globe a Happy Mother's Day and every woman, those with children, those without, YOU ARE ALL Mother's as you show love to all those that you touch in your life!

May you all have a lovely week and see you next Sunday night!


Jake's Mum xxx


Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful xxx
Deb, Bella and Star

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Deb and girls xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely! It brought tears to my eyes! I can remember when Jake was as old as Harry is now! Scary..
Beck Talbot

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