03 April, 2011

Endings, Beaches (not Bette Midler!) and new beginnings....

So before we begin this week’s stories, one story I meant to share last week, but due to being very tired from a big weekend, I completely forgot!

So at Lisa and Lindsay’s party the other week; when Jake aka DJ Sammy was playing the music, he played White Wedding by Billy Idol. (Click on White wedding to have a listen). Now he played this as he knows the story behind it.

So let us go back in time…. No 1920’s but the 80’s! God I miss the 80’s!!! The music the hair the shoulder pads! Look it gave me maybe another inch in height hehehe.

And there I am, 17 years old, underage – as you do…. in a nightclub in Brisbane. First time ever at a nightclub thinking how swish I was, being all grown up. Now my family did know I was out at a nightclub, let’s just put that bit out there first. And so this cute guy and his friend ask me and my friend to dance. The song, yep you got it “White Wedding” by Billy Idol.

So there I am dancing, dancing, dancing and the guy leans over and asks my name and then asks what do I do for a living, so I tell him and then I ask him what he does…….. OH YEAH he is a policeman!!! OMG I nearly died then and there on the spot. And so there I am still dancing, dancing, dancing thinking when is this song going to end! It was the longest song ever known to man and whilst in reality it was only a few mins it felt like 3 hours! Hehehe.

So lovely Jake aka DJ Sammy played this song for me so I could dance and pretend I was 17 again… what a dude! ☺

So it was def a big week. I explain it like this: you know when you are in a relationship and it finishes. And sure it’s sad that it’s finished but you know it is for the best. But what happens next is that you are then sad for what could have been as you thought you would be together for ever or for a while anyways ☺

Well this is how I felt. I guess when you start a new job; you are hoping this might be it. The job for you. And when it doesn’t pan out that way it’s a bit sad. But I am a huge believer that things happen in life for a reason. There are a lot of great people at my old job and they were lovely to work with, but it was time to move on.

My new job is only 10 mins from home, pays more and the people seem really laid back and really nice. They are even flying me to Sydney to meet the people in head office as I will be dealing with them a lot. And get this, on the very first day they have said to start at 10am! As this will give them time to prepare for me. How nice is that!

So it was a big week of HOT LUNCH DATES.

This will be the one thing that I will prob miss the most, is catching up with friends during the week for lunch. So I had a very very social week!

I shared my going away lunch with my good friend Amanda, who was also leaving.

We had a huge going away lunch and it was sooo nice to have so many people come along!

Then came the big day, my very last day. It went fast, faster than the two weeks that’s for sure. I left at lunch time and had a lovely lunch with Nerida, who has been a very supportive friend ☺

Then before I knew it, I was driving up the coast with Embee Louise and my Mum! Mum and Jake came to stay with us for the first night at the Doggy Holiday House, as I like to call it.

I have been dying for the break, to walk along the dog friendly beach with Embee. She just loves it and its soooo relaxing to breath in the sea air, watch the waves and feel the sun on my skin! Only problem is even if I pack a separate towel for Embee she seems to take over my towel on the beach! Hehehe.

Embee looks that happy you can even see her smile when she is at the beach!

We also had a lovely visit by Maureen this afternoon, hence The Morley Report being a little late this week.

So I am looking forward to the week ahead, to relax and recharge!

You guys have a great week too and talk soon

Me xxx

Just wanted to share a Grandad story with you. So Grandad used to have these little miniature roses in a pot, but the pot was broken so I took it home about a year and a half ago to repot it. But as you do, never got around to it, then after Grandad passed away I noticed it looked like it had died. But one day I took a closer look and low and behold there were some little green shoots. So I pulled all the weeds out, replanted into a new pot I had with some soil esp for Roses and guess what? Last year two little yellow roses bloomed :)

It's happened twice, once even around my birthday! And last weekend I noticed a bud and on my last day at work it produced a lovely little yellow rose. I decided to take a pic and here it is!

I believe it's a little present from Grandad to say congrats on the new job :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss K, I am so glad the week of rest and relaxation has started out so well for you. The shot of Embee after her dip in the ocean made me laugh out loud, bad hair day MB, bad hair day! Well, I suppose she is at the beach after all and shouldn't really be too bothered with appearances whilst she is on holiday :-)

Your rose story is very special indeed, a lovely reminder of your Grandfather and a sign that he is watching over you.

Have a lovely week away sweetie. Rest, relax and enjoy for a brand new beginning awaits you upon your return.

Luv, Tan x

Anonymous said...

10am?? Thats nowhere near enough time to prepare for you mother dearest.

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