18 April, 2011

Antenna's, Cocktails and Massages... Life sure is tough!

So this week I am a little late with my Morley Report.... I guess last night to be very honest I just wasn't in the writing kinda mood. Andddd I didn't think anyone would really notice!!

So it was quite funny this morning to read all the messages on Facebook and even a few texts. So here it is Groover's:

Well the first week at my new job went very very well. And get this, on the very first day they took ME OUT TO LUNCH! And most days it takes approx. 8-10mins to drive to and from work. Jake hates me hehehe. When he leaves in the morning I'm still laying in bed, as you do!

Here is a pic of one of the big antenna's at work that help broadcast the ABC and SBS TV and Radio to Brisbane:

And it's funny because you kinda forget how tired you get when you are learning a new job, all that concentrating etc. Boy what a tiring week! My bed never felt so goooooood! :)

And I cannot begin to tell you how IN LOVE I am with the travelling times!!

I'm also off to Sydney next month few a few days with work. They seem like a great bunch of people and I am very happy.

Ohhhh and get this little bit of goss! A few weeks ago they found a SNAKE!!! in the office.... not far from my desk! NOICE!!!

At the end of the week I had a two night stay down at The Mantra at Salt, Kingcliff in New South Wales, about 2 hours drive south from where I live.

I discovered Salt (as I like to call it) back in 2005 when back then it was known as The Outrigger now its Mantra. There is a huge park in the middle and to open the Salt Village they had WHO? - yep you got it! Michael Bublé!

Here is the link to the Mantra on Salt Beach Kingscliff.

At that stage they were still building the Peppers resort but later in that year, at Xmas time, I did stay at Peppers Beach House, now known as Peppers Balé. I loved it! But it's very expensive (last time some friends paid for it) and I never thought I could afford it myself. But last year the real estate that we booked our holiday unit through, now manage a few apartments at Balé. The link to the Real Estate agency is Kingscliff Sales and Rentals, under Holidays.

Soooo as I do, I have a week booked later in the year in November!

I love it down there and had a a lovely weekend, filled with a walk on the beach, a swim in the pool, a rum and coke, a hot stone massage, dreamy facial, face and scalp massage along with a cocktail, tapas..... I could go on! Oh and the most amazing spa bath in my unit.

There is wonderful Day Spa in the heart of Kingscliff and I got all three services for $119, for one and a half hours.

Here is the link Sambara Spa.

Now I love to share my knowledge of all great things travel. I got a great rate of A $98 per night for a hotel room, for two people and it included a buffet breakfast each day! Minimum of two nights.

I got this rate on Wotif. What you need to do is sign up for their newsletter. The link appears on their home page on the top left hand side. I also subscribe to them via Facebook and Twitter. The other week they had $11 per night deals for 11 minutes, but only through a link on Facebook and Twitter.

So stay tuned for more travel tips during the year! :)

Ohh and here is the recipe for a Toblerone Cocktail.

At the end of my weekend I went to visit my good friend Big T! I met Big T back in 2000 when I worked for Sunlover Holidays, part of Tourism Queensland. We had the most amazing adventures during our time and I am very lucky to have made such a wonderful friend.

Now last year Big T became a Dad for the very first time and with all the events of last year with my Grandad I hadn't been able to catch up him and his new family. So we had a wonderful visit.

Well Groover's have yourself a wonderful week and stay safe and happy over Easter and see you Sunday night! I PROMISE!!! :)


Me xxx


Maltese Manor said...

Thanks for the weekly fix! Bubs us adorable (and his daddy aint half bad, either!).


Anonymous said...

The link to the cocktail didn't work :-( .... oh good report too - Bern

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Bern! Should work now xxx

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