10 April, 2011

What a difference a week can make!

As the saying goes "what a difference a week can make" andddd that is oh so very true!

This time last week we had just arrived at Coolum and it always takes a few days to unwind. Sometimes I don't think we really truly realise just how much we are just surviving and hanging in there by our teeth!

I have always said that Holidays are the Drug of my Choice!!! I firmly believe that we need something to look forward too. A little light at the end of the tunnel to keep going. And last year at Xmas/New Year I decided to put lots of little "lights" at the end of my tunnel to keep me going through this year. I always had the week booked for the Doggy Holiday House but brought it forward early to still be able to do it before I started my new job tomorrow.

I have been so luck in the last few years to have time off in-between jobs. I think you need it, to cleanse yourself from the previous job and get rid of all the baggage so that you can start anew, like a brand new sponge ready to soak up all the new information.

We had a wonderful time in Coolum! We had little naps during the day, bubble baths, swims in the pool (well I did!), walks on the beach, just enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to the wind blow through the trees, hearing birds sing, laughing at doggy friends on the beach. We had a blast.

I was also lucky to have some special visitor's with Maureen popping in a few times and then a sleepover with Deb and her two girls - Star and Bella! We all got along famously and it was so nice to just sit and chat and smile.

And like I said, it takes a while for the layers to come off. Like an onion I guess, or a flower with petals unfolding. Buttttt if you hang in there, finally you get to that core, that inner happiness, that at times in life seems so evasive! Sometimes I think you even completely forget what it is like to just be.

So we recharged the batteries and returned brighter, happier and relaxed! Mission accomplished!!!

I have had a few people ask me about The Doggy Holiday House. This was our third visit in 5 years. You don't have to have a dog, but it's 5 minutes from what we like to call the Doggy Beach, where you can let your dog off the leash and let them run free. Not many places can you do this nowadays....

Here is the link for those of you interested Sunshine Coast Escape.

The owners really do look after the house extremely well and are big animal lovers. It's a hop, skip and a jump to the shops, restaurants and just a wonderful peaceful holiday house. And can sleep up to 8 people. All this plus your very own swimming pool.

And whilst it was sad to say goodbye, it was also exciting to come home! Jake had enjoyed the Mumma and Embee free house for the week but as my Grandad used to say when I used to arrive (when I was little) "peace is shattered!" hehehe and so we arrived back home at Morley Manor!

There is nothing as good as your own bed! Although...... it's only tonight that I get to sleep in it. As you see, I had a very busy first night back with two parties to attend!

First one was for a lovely friend called Lindy. And you know, we can blame her really for this blog even existing. You see she went to Canada a few years ago and fell in love! Noooo not Michael Buble, but with Peter! And when she packed up to move over there for a while, she created her very own Blog! And I was so impressed that this is when The Morley Report Blog was born.

So Lindy and Peter are getting married next week and Lindy was having her hen's night! So I popped in there for a short visit, or so I thought! Buttt there were many old friends that I used to work with there, so I had a great time catching up with everyone.

Then I hit the road, to drive to my other good friend Rebecca's Cocktail Birthday Party that was being held at her Nana, Julie's house.

Now you KNOWWWWWW I always have a story to tell, so here we go:

When I was 20 and went on that cruise I mentioned a few weeks back, well I also met another guy Dean. Nowww I was pretty keen on Dean, BUT!! I had a boyfriend and as you do, even though I was very very VERY tempted, I was a good kid and realised I was in love and so stayed a good kid! Stupid I know hehehe, considering I married that boy who I loved and ended up Divorced, butttt did get Jake out of it! So as they say things happen for a reason.

And I guess, because I was good, all these years later Dean and I are still friends. And when I turned 40 a few years ago, Dean came along to my party and brought with him his niece, Rebecca! And now Rebecca and I are wonderful friends! And in turn, I am friends with Deans Mum and her lovely friend Fran! The World Groover's sure is an amazing place on how we meet people and how they are brought into our lives.

You just never know do you, when you meet someone, that they can become such lifelong friends......

So I had a very social night, two parties, cocktails, rum and coke and a sleepover!

And upon my return today, well I guess I need to break the big news....
We have traded Embee Louise Morley, who some of you may remember as looking like this:

For a little lamb:

Isn't she cute. Funny to see Embee without all her hair and she looks like a little puppy hehehe. Jake was to sacrifice her as a sacrificial Lamb! Poor Embee Louise!

And for those of you over on the Northside, I can really recommend Jenny, who lives 3 mins from me if you are on the lookout for a caring dog groomer! And she doesn't charge the earth, with today only costing $30. You just take your dog to her house at Murrumba Down's here on the Northside. Here are her details:

Jenny Mobile: 0448 849 636

I also like to share little bits and pieces that I find during the week that make me laugh! Here is a clip that Air New Zealand are showing on their flights as their Safety Video! OMG it is HILARIOUS!!!

I can just see a Kath and Kim clip for Qantas hehehe.

So kids, this brings us to the end of another week. Tomorrow I start the new job. And it's taken me a little while to except that it's actually real. That I DO infact have a job 10 minutes from home! I am actually really looking forward to it, I knowwwww you are thinking did she get SUNSTROKE up there on her holiday... but noooo I didn't. I am just really ready to begin a new chapter in this little old life of mine!

So Groover's be kind to yourself, think about creating your own "little light at the end of your tunnel" and talk to you next week!

Love ya

Me xxx

Oh! Before I forget, there is a really easy way now to follow The Morley Report! Right at the top of the page, on the right hand side you will see follow by email. If you type your email into the box, every time I write my blog you will receive it straight away via email. See yaaaaaa xxx


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Embee, your haircut is wonderful! You are sooooo pretty!

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