29 May, 2011

Walking, Packaging Tape and The Doggy Tooth!

Well first of all I wanted to thank you Groover's for all of your lovely comments and support last week.

It hasn't been too bad, but I did have an almighty headache at the start of the week. Thank god it's gone now....

Lots of walking has happened this week with Embee and even Jake joined us on one of the walks.

And what wonderful weather we have been having lately here in Brisbane. I just love walking in the sun :)

I had to visit the dentist on Monday. Now let me tell you about ME and THE DENTIST! I would rather have another baby.... LOL. I hate going with a passion and prob hadn't been for about 5 years, but the other week I bit down on some crackling, as you do and had a sharp pain and the next day had a small tooth ache. So as much as it pains me, in more ways than one! I thought I better go have it checked out. Now thank god all was good and I got to have my teeth cleaned. How amazing is it when you can feel the backs of your teeth again hehehe.

Now I do have a funny Morley story to share... OF COURSE I DO!

So many years ago Jake had this funny tooth coming down as a front tooth. His baby tooth had come out and this strange tooth was coming down in it's place. Off we went to the dentist and it had a special name, this tooth, and most people usually have it as a eye tooth. But of course not Baby Jake!!!

We named it "The Doggy Tooth" because it looked like a fang! So the dentist did an x-ray and found ANOTHER tooth up in the gum. Jake's real front tooth. So they had to pull his Doggy Tooth out. Now let me just share with you that I have never had a tooth pulled out. Hell I haven't even had a needle! And (touch wood) haven't had a filling since I was a little kid! But as a Mother, well you have to look brave don't you and they look at you to see how to react!

I wanted to say, well I will just go outside, but of course I couldn't. Jake was prob 6 or so, so I had to stay and be brave. OMG, I was sooo scared and it bled soooo much!!!! But Jake was very brave, as was I for staying LOL. And he even got to keep The Doggy Tooth.

So one day at school Jake had to do a show and tell. He decided to take his little glass bottle of "Body Parts" as I like to call it. You see he even had a grommet that had fallen out of his ear in this little jar.

So off he went, took it to school, did the show and tell and the Teacher kept the little jar on her desk. Well get this one Groover's - someone STOLE IT! Yep that's right. I mean please.... who would want someone's little jar of body parts!! hehehe.

I also need to share another phobia of mine! That would be packaging! You know like I work at Australia Post. In my new job on the odd occasion I have to send packages with TNT and have to wrap it. Now I can wrap ok, but you know the thing that really freaks me out: The packaging tape! Now this week I did manage to do a parcel and I wanted to share my good work with you guys!

Isn't it beautiful!!! LOL

Friday night I was invited to a special event at the Cloudland nightclub in The Valley here in Brisbane. I was very privileged to do a special behind the scenes tour and they have just created the most amazing function rooms. I took some pics, but of course you really have to be there to really see how beautiful it is!

The rest of the weekend was spent walking with Embee and doing housework and thanks to Jake, clearing up all my paperwork which I was soooo behind in. It's funny but at work I am sooo plan ahead and organised. But give me mail and bills and stuff, well I just let it all pile up on my kitchen bench. I guess I am not alone here, but still it drives me insane! So tonight it gives me great pleasure to see it all empty and up to date!

It's funny how some weekends you can just accomplish sooo much and other weekends NOTHING!!

Late this afternoon I decided to drive into Southbank and do a big walk to Riverlife. This is a centre on the banks of the Brisbane River and they do kayaking, rock climbing and have the most amazing functions! So this was my mission tonight to walk from Southbank to Riverlife.

Was a lovely night, but geez funny how we forget things sooo soon. I used to go into the city every week day for work but tonight it felt like I was driving to Sydney!! It took forever and again made me sooo happy with my new job that is sooo close to home now :)

Well the countdown has def started for my 3 day Food and Wine cruise next week out of Brisbane. We leave on Wed and get back on Saturday. Which gives me the weekend to try and get over all the partying.....

I am going with a few friends and know a few more that are going. I have a feeling in my waters that it's gonna be BIG!! And you know my waters don't lie kids!!!

So next Sunday's blog should be interesting.... in more ways than one I would say.

So have yourself a great week and remember Loveeeeeeee exciting and newwwwwww, come aboard, we're expecting YOUUUUUUUUUU. The Loveeeeeee Boatttt la la la la la la....

Me xxx

If you happen to see any good legs going on Ebay please let me know. Mine are dead from all the walking!!!!! hehehe


Maltese Manor said...

Great post! You'll have a ball on the Leeerrrrrv Boat, I promise! Cant wait for next week's post......and remember, what goes on at sea gets POSTED! (none of this "what happens at sea stays at sea" rot!!!)

Jake said...

Don't know how my little jar of body parts made it to the blog...

Anonymous said...

Well done Karen, have a great time aboard. And jake, i thank god your not jewish...lol

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