02 May, 2011

A big week, with many big milestones in the world!

Well the week started with Anzac Day. A day to remember those brave men and women that allow us to live as we do today.

About five mins walk from our house is this lovely little Anzac Day memorial and I would love to share it with you. Every time I drive past I think of the people that lost their lives.

The working week went by very fast, three days was all we had to work! Why can't every week be a three day working week.... hehehe.

We also had I am afraid to say.... some ROAD KILL in my lounge room.

Here is the evidence:

May you rest in peace little "Holiday Toy"..... :(

Friday night was spent watch The Royal Wedding. I remember when Diana married Prince Charles, watching it with my Nana. I can also remember as a little girl going with my Nana up the road at Paddington, waiting to wave to the Queen on her way to Government House. I think I was about 10.

So it was nice to be able to share this wedding with Jake and his good friend Louise. It was lovely to see Kate and William, so young, so in love and so real. When William and Harry were riding in the car to the church I did think how sad it was that Diana was not there to share this very important milestone in her son's life. As a mother it brought tears to my eyes to think she wasn't there to see how wonderful her son's have turned out.

Saturday my good friend "Cookie" or as I like to call her: My Cook came to Morley Manor for morning tea and brought her lovely children Mackenzie and Caleb.

It was funny to see Embee Louise with them, of course obsessed by their food! LOL naughty Embee.... but after a few squeals at the start (not from Embee this time!) they all got along fine and it was nice to see Embee hang out with kids!

I had the loveliest day on Saturday, first with Cookie's visit and then just sitting downstairs in our Entertainment area, the sun was shining and Jake was upstairs in my kitchen preparing for his big party the next night! Just a day to sit and enjoy my surroundings. Loved it lots!

Sunday, well it was time for something different! I went away again.

I took my Mum away for a belated birthday to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, about an hour north from where we live.

We spent the morning at the markets, had a lovely lunch and then checked in. Then as you do I had to check out the pools and spa. The spa was amazing and it was nice to relax....

It had the funniest sign, with soooo many things NOT TO DO!!!

Thank god I was allowed to sit in the Spa hehehe.

My friend Jillian turned up for a visit, as she lives up there. We spent some time with Mum and then went downstairs for an early dinner.

Towards the end of dinner an alarm went off with a taped mans voice saying that a fire alarm has gone off and to wait further instructions.... of course what picture do I have in my head you ask? Oh yeah, my Mum sitting upstairs in her nightie watching TV hearing the very same loud announcement. So we scoffed off the last bit of dinner andddddddd my rum and coke and just as we got to the unit and opened the door the announcement changed to EVACUATE! So as you do, we all took to the street, yep Mum in her nightie and not long after we were able to go back inside.

I was really worried maybe Mum had done something to set off the alarms hehehe buttttt it ended up being a band playing downstairs in the Pub using a smoke machine!

The funny thing was that my other good friend Maureen was just about to join us and she works for the area that takes the emergency calls and actually was the one that sent the fire brigade out to us! Talk about small world.....

So Jillian went home and then the 2nd shift started with Maureen's visit. I had the most loveliest night catching up with both friends.

Now get this story kids, I met Maureen when I was 15 years old and had a part time job over the Xmas school holidays on the Menswear counter (of course hehehe) at Coles Department store in the city for six weeks. Maureen worked on the Battery counter.

So as you do we lost contact, ok now fast forward to 2005, it's 24 years later and I am on the Michael Buble website on the Forum and make friends with this person who lives on the Sunshine Coast. At the very last minute we decide to go to a Buble concert together. So we purchase tickets, talk on the phone to make plans to meet up before the concert for lunch and as we are talking that night on the phone we just talk about our lives, schools and nightclubs we went to when we were younger and she mentions this band 1980's band called The Church.

Now I didn't remember the name of the girl from Coles back in the day, buttttt for some strange reason I did remember she liked The Church! I know I am freaky, but you already know this Morley fact! So I say to her, I know this is random, butttt you didn't happen to work at Coles in the Xmas school holidays at all and OMG she did!!!! So all these years later from The Church who in their day were quite alternate to Buble!

I know I am full of stories. Here is a pic of me and Maureen!

The after Maureen left I watched the last bit of the Logie Awards, which is Australia's equivalent of America's Emmy awards, for our Television industry.

This morning I had a lovely sleep in, an amazing spa that Mum had in her bedroom and then we checked out and had some brunch!

Now we did go away more for Mum's birthday butttttt it also coincided with Jake having a party back at our house! So I was lets say just a bit curious as to how it all went and was looking forward to getting back home to see if Embee Louise survived the celebrations!

But all was fine, Jake had fun, Embee had some fun but missed her Mumma and the mess wasn't too bad.

Of course the day has ended with very big news with the death of Osama bin Laden. I have just been watching the news tonight. Today I guess after all this time it was hard to think this had finally happened. So watching the news tonight made it seem I guess more real.

I think of all the people that have lost their lives, with September 11, soldiers the civilians. The news even showed the footage of the the 2nd plane hitting the second tower, which they said they would never show again, to I guess remind us of what bin Laden was responsible for.

So many things changed in the world after September 11. To me it brings mixed emotions, I can imagine the people that lost love ones must feel elated that finally bin Laden has been brought to justice. But it also leaves people feeling just a little bit anxious that there are not repercussions.

It's sad isn't it that we have lost our innocence and that we now worry about things that many years ago we would never have even fathomed.

So on this very big week of Anzac Day, Royal Weddings, Jake's Party!, Fire Evacuations and the death of a man responsible for so many atrocities I leave you Groover's with saying stay safe, hug those you love and be thankful for all that we have in this free, wonderful life that we all lead!

Love ya

Me xxx


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