01 September, 2011

Baby Jake gets a Boarder and The Bonsai......

So last night I felt like David Attenborough... trying to get that elusive shot of a “Baby Jake” cleaning in the wild!

But alas my camera was too slow and this is all I managed to get:

You see Baby Jake isn’t actually moving out of home as such, buttttt he has a new “Flatmate” in HIS HOUSE! Ashlee ☺

Ashlee who works with me has moved in tonight to share Jake's House and as I like to explain it, she is living with Jake in his house as he gets the rent etc. Whilst I am living by myself in my house…… just the way I likey ☺

I think it will be really good for Jake as he never has really moved out of home (with us buying a dual living type house last year etc.) This way he kinda gets to know what it’s like to share with someone other than me. Lucky Ashlee! Hehehe

So last night Jake had to clean his own bathroom in preparation for his new tenant! Something I don’t think in my lifetime I have seen many times…..

I guess it's like the sister he has never had. So should be interesting to see how it all pans out, but I think it will be a success!

But talk to me at the end of the year and let’s see then.

There were two highlights today.

1. I finally got the call tonight that my hole is going to be filled in tomorrow morning! I cannot wait....


2. In the lunch room today at work, we came across a very special ad. Let me share it with you kids:

This was the highlight of my day! Says a lot about my day hey! hehehe

I guess it's a little small, the writing that is! So here is what it says:

Step 1 - Inspect your bonsai.
Step 2 - Choose your trimming comb.
Step 3 - Trim your trunk.
Step 4 - Display your bonsai proudly!

I kid you not, this is really what it said and it was a real life catalogue!!!

I don't think I will ever see a Bonsai the same way again!!!

We are thinking of buying the boys at work a communal one for Xmas! hahaha hohoho

Groover's have you ever had one of those day's when you should have just gone back to bed?? Welllll today was that day for ME! I sit here tonight, crabby (Lucky Jake). I think at times when you feel like this, well I know for me anyway, I just need to sit and be just me. Just in case I say the wrong thing or it comes out the wrong way.

Jake's friend Louise just turned up and I said to her well I better go upstairs I'm crabby tonight. She said Me Tooooo. Maybe there is something in the air or it's the moon.

So tonight I won't waffle on.... (see for you kids THERE IS A POSITIVE!! hehehe).

All I can say is that I look forward to waking up tomorrow in a better mood!

Crabby Morley xxx


Anonymous said...

pretty excited about getting your "hole" filled...it has been a while hasn't it hehe

The Morley Report said...

ahhhhh my hole looks amazing! :) Actually you can't see it anymore!!

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