07 February, 2012

Ring Ring why don't you give me a call.....

Ahhhh Phones and Phone Calls! Where would we be without them!!

This was my first ever phone!

I know I was very sophisticated for my age! :)

Do you know that growing up we never even had a phone :( I knowwwwwww. We used to go across the road to "Uncle Bob's" house (who wasn't really my uncle btw) and use his phone. Of course this made it difficult when someone wanted to call me. But good old Uncle Bob would come over and knock on our door and let us know if someone was on the phone for us!! Good old Uncle Bob, what a good boy!! :)

When I got my first job I paid for the phone to be put on in our house and it was sooooo good! I mean that's what we did back then, sit on the phone and chat to our friends all night.

Not a photo of my by the way, just incase you thought it was!!!

And when mobile phones first came in I decided not to get one as they were really expensive and I couldn't afford it. I can even remember when my friend Helen bought one outright, cause that's what you did back then and we racked up a HUGE PHONE BILL not realising how much it all cost!

And it's only in the last couple of years that I bit the bullet and went onto a phone plan and now I have an iPhone.

So over the years I have had a few phone calls but there are two that come to mind.

Phone Call No. 1

A few years ago now Jake was going to Fiji to attend (now keep up here ok...) my ex husbands ex wife No. 2 (cause remember he now has a Wife No. 3) was getting married over there you see.

And the day before he was due to fly out Fiji was hit by a Tsunami. Soooo a few days later it's a Saturday night around 11pm and I am driving home from a friends house and I get a phone call on my mobile - it's Baby Jake! So I say Hey and guess what he asks me:

What does it look like when a Tsunami hits your house?

I know I'm lucky right!

It seems that Jake, who had been drinking because the resort was everything included esp alcohol! had come home, gone in to have a shower and when he got out and opened the bathroom door there was water all over his unit floor and of course there was water on the bathroom floor but not all of it was from the shower.

You see Jake had thought that whilst he was taking a drunken shower, a Tsunami had hit and gone over his unit! :) hehehe Poor drunk Baby Jake!

And this is where the story gets better cause you see it ended up being some leaking pipes and so they moved him to another unit. Then the next day THAT apartment had water all over the floor too (another leaky pipe) and then moved him again. I think in the end he moved 5 or 6 six times. The last time my friend Lisa who worked for the company we booked the holiday through made sure he was upgraded to a much better room.

But ahhhh good times that Fiji Holiday.

So you would think that I prob couldn't out do that story... and you would be wrong becauseeeeeeee

Phone Call No. 2

About 7 years ago when my Grandad was alive he had just had his gallbladder removed and when he got out of hospital he wasn't very good. He had lost a lot of weight was really ghostly white and to be honest he looked like death warmed up!!! And he didn't want to talk to anyone and if you knew my Grandad (this is where I get it from you see....) HE LIKED TO TALK!!

So one morning as I was getting ready for work Funny Nana called me and she asked me:

What does it look like when someone is in coma?

I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww just want you want to hear when you are putting your makeup on for work!!

Because poor old Grandad had slept in and he normally got up every day at a certain time. And because he looked so sick Mum thought maybe he hadn't woken up because he was in a Coma. So I said to Mum to go into his bedroom with me on the phone and see if you can wake him up. Of course she did and he woke up! He was just still sleeping...... Poor Grandad hehehe.

Seeeee don't I get the most interesting phone calls! Gotta love Family LOL.

And speaking of family I had a very entertaining phone call tonight with Baby Jake.

Ahhh where do I start. Let's start with yesterday morning when Jake was walking to work. It was around 7.15am and so the story goes there was this Pigeon and this little Pigeon was Mame and had no feet and when it landed it kinda dragged itself along the ground. Poor little thing! But it seems this Mame little Pigeon took an instant dislike to Jake and kept trying to attack him!

It wouldn't leave him alone and at one stage he thought a truck was going to hit it and save him from more attacking but noooo it survived! Go Pigeon Gooooo.

And then I said well maybe it was trying to protect it's nest and Jake's answer: how can it have a nest when it can't land to pick up twigs hahaha. And I said that maybe it had a partner who built the nest (you know like my Doves) and he said sureeeee and it's on welfare too! LOL I said well maybe it get's a Disability Allowance hehehe. I knowwwwwww sad Morley humour tee hee.

Oh and speaking of birds, a Dove Update for you kids goes a little like this:

Alas this morning no Baby Dove was in the nest butttt as I was about to leave for work I heard a noise and it was either the Mum or the Dad. They had come back to find no babies and it was very sad to see let us call her The Mum, sitting all alone in the nest :( Poor Mumma.....

Then I told him that last night I had Big Rooster (as I like to still call it from back in the day) You Groover's might know this as Red Rooster! Which Jake is craving QUITE A LOT! And how nice it was and he said he wished he could go down the road to buy some Red Rooster and I said yeahhh I know cause it's a tough choice, Big Rooster, McDonalds, Fish & Chips hehehe. I know I was rubbing it in, but I am a mother and that's my job.

But here is where the story takes a nasty turn. Jake then proceeds to tell me that last night he had.... wait for it.....

"Hot Dog Pizza"

Yes I know WTF is Hotdog Pizza? Well I am glad that you asked because you see Hot Dog Pizza is when you DON'T feel like a hotdog but have one in your fridge so you cut in up in slices and put it on a pizza base, add salami, onion and I am thinking cheese and WALLA! you have yourself a "Hot Dog Pizza".

Yep that's fine I can wait kids whilst you go throw up a bit...... hehehe.

Ahhhhhhh there truly is never a dull moment with us Morley's + One Funny Nana! hehehe.

Oh and before I go and have a nice spa tonight (cause my Spa Doctor trained me) I want to share this picture with you:

I saw it today on a car at my local shopping centre and OMG I laughed sooo much. And Jake this is the pic I told you that you would love!

We are such a loving family! hehehe


Me xxx

Remember there is still time to vote for my Kangaroo Pic and maybe leave me a comment! I promise to have your next baby! :)

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Anonymous said...

When I was young, we had a phone but both our neighbours didn't, so it wasn't unusual to get a call for them & run next door to tell them there was a phone call.
Remember the STD beeps? Also it was cheaper if you rang after 9pm. We lived in Rockhampton and the rest of the family lived in Brisbane, so we often got calls after 9pm.

Bern xoxox

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