13 September, 2011

Pillows and Condoms....

So kids today I received a very special delivery to my work. No it wasn't a carton of condoms, we will get to that bit a little later....

You see quite a few months ago when I went away for a weekend, after a wonderful night's sleep I said to myself: That pillow was mighty nice. I might check out who makes it. So pulled out the pillow and put all the details into my phone. It's just taken me a few months to get organised and order them.

So this morning my brand spankin new pillows arrived. All six of them!

Four for me and two for the visitor's bed. Locked away from Embee Louise's "Loving Eyes", just in case she has them earmarked for her next round of LOVERS.

I don't know about you, but can I just say that my pillows have def seen better days. I would even go on the record to say they prob lost the correct title or appearance of a pillow - 10 YEARS AGO!

You see I get quite attached to my pillows. I can remember on my very first "on my own grown up" holiday ever to Great Keppel Island at 17 1/2 years of age, I just had to take my pillow and packed it into my suitcase. I used to take them everywhere. So it's a bit sad to throw my current pillows out, but that's life and time for a brand new start, pillow wise :)

But I do have to share this with you. A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a link to this on Facebook and I just have to show you.

So maybe instead of my 4 new pillows for my bed, I just needed to get me one of these babies!

My Boyfriend Pillow

Now onto more important things.... CONDOMS.

It's quite funny how "Condoms" seem to pop UP in Baby Jake's life. You see Ashlee told me this morning that when she was reorganising their kitchen cupboards she came across a couple of condoms. Not Used, let me stress that bit. Jake said they weren't his and maybe belonged to the people in the house before.....

*** Please Note: Above image was from another time, not the REAL ones found in the cupboard ***

But it had me thinking.... because over the last few years there have been similiar times when I have accidentally come across condoms.

There was the time when I was doing Jake's washing, that I found an empty wrapper in the machine after washing his clothes. Of course I waited for him to come home from his job (at the Fish and Chip shop) to ask why I would find them. Answer: he went to a party and they were all opening them and blowing them up to balloons.

Then there was the time when I was sitting on our lounge and in between the cushions I found another EMPTY WRAPPER. Story: same as above. They were mucking around with them. Oh and that other time I found one in the Vase that I keep on my table. Not used.... of course.

And of course let us not forget the time Jake rang me at 9am at work, whilst he was on Schoolies, asking where did I put the condoms that I suggest he purchase for Schoolies.

You see I had helped him unpack his stuff and he had them on the bedside table and was the first person to check into their unit. I suggested we put them away (in a bedside table) incase a parent saw them just laying out hanging around.

Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh so somehow the word Condom seems to be connected with my Baby Jake some way or another.

The joys of parenthood Groovers.

Well on that positive note, I hope to sleep well on my new pillows tonight whilst being protected by alllll the condoms that seem to be around me and Baby Jake!


Me xxx


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