26 October, 2011

Guess What?

I have something I need to tell you kids...

I’m old.

Yep you read it right! You see last night when I got home from work I was soooo excited about seeing the spa, butttttt when I felt it well it just wasn’t quite warm enough so I said to myself: self just wait a bit for the water to warm up!

But guess what happened? I got sooooooooo tired, so tired in fact I had to text my friend Brenton to say I was too tired for our phone call as I was going to bed. This was at 8.10pm and he was even going to go Toot Toot on his train for me.... so sad Groovers :(

And then later in the night when I got up to get a drink of water from the kitchen, whilst I couldn’t see them I could hear both Ashlee and Jake in the spa, having fun, laughing.... And here I am barely able to speak let alone get into my spa! So not fair..... poor Old Me!

Let's face it that very first day back at work can really do you in. I think I kept it all together when I was at work and then as soon as I stopped and sat down at home that was the end of me. I have two words for it:

Old Foegie! ☹

But today I felt a lot better, thank god!

I have to say it’s quite nice that you look forward to coming back to work, meaning that I don’t mind where I am working…. Gotta be happy with that! Every day when I come to work I get to see my friend Seamus and start his day with a Schmacko! (for Seamus not me!) I love to take pics of him too, check these out:

His paw reminds me of a giant Kangaroo LOL

He def makes me smile and makes my day. Good old Seamus Poo Poo ☺

On to other Morley news. So lately I have been stock piling a few books/novels to read for when I go on holidays. And it’s been really hard not to read them…. And I am afraid that I caved in last week and started to read this one:

Andddddddddddddddd I finished it over the weekend on our holiday over on Stradbroke Island! Now Groover’s I have long been a big fan of Rob Lowe from when he first appeared in the movie The Outsiders and have seen most of his movies.

I found this book, which Rob wrote himself, a fascinating read! I loved the title “Stories I tell my friends” and have to say I quite liked it for myself for the day when I write my very own Morley Report book. What a shame it's already been used. Oh well I shall just have to find me something just as catchy when my time comes!

It was an interesting insight into Rob Lowe’s life so far and not just his “Hollywood Life” but his own journey from a young boy, the people he has met along the way, to his loving marriage and becoming a father.

I would highly recommend this book but I found it really hard to purchase it in a bookstore here in Australia and ended up having to purchase it through Angus & Robertson online! Just a tip incase you would like to read it too!

And so tonight we end The Morley Report with a visit to my very first time in our brand spankin new Spa!

Kids it was pure heaven! I feel so very relaxed and it was quite funny to be in a spa in my own backyard. Just like being on a holiday but not! Cannot wait to use it during the day in the sun and tonight was a bit cloudy so no stars..... but there is always next time!

And here is something that I would to leave you with tonight:

I’m proud of my heart,
It’s been played,
burned and broken,
but somehow
still works

Take it easy Groover's and talk soon

Me xxx


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