30 August, 2011

Electric Dreams.....

Well Groover's today I took into work my old stereo, as one of the guys has purchaseda my speakers and wanted to also take a look at the CD Player and Amplifier. Which can I just add are in immaculate condition!!!

And some of the guys at work laughed at how "Ancient" they were. How times have changed......

It was 1988 and I was newly married and living in Townsville. It was a pretty hip and happening place having just got it's first McDonald's! hehehe. We had decided to get a new stereo and our thoughts were that we wanted a snazzy 3 in 1. You know a RECORD PLAYER, Radio and wait for it.... and a CASSETTE PLAYER!

I was at work when I got THAT call from my husband (who of course is now my ex-husband) - not due to this story but lets just say that's a whole 54 other Blogs hahaha.

Anyway where were we..... OK so I get the call, Karen, I'm at the stereo shop and the salesman said to me, why do you want a 3 in 1? You know that records are on their way out and CD's will be coming in. Come with me, he said as he led him into that "Special Room" you know the one Groover's, the one that's gonna blow your socks off!

And that night when I returned from work we had a new swish Entertainment Centre (that took 24 hours to put together, because lets just say my husband didn't really possess the skills to put things together!), an amazing CD Player, Amplifier and very very expensive Bose speakers, which back in 1988 cost $500 just for the speakers, let alone the rest of the gear.

Of course it sounded amazing but then for the price back then, it should of!

A few years later when we separated I got to keep most of the furniture and so today I find myself with this same stereo, which hasn't been used in some time and have decided to finally sell it.

But I find out that now the Bose speakers are called "Vintage!!!" and the CD player is ancient and so is the amplifier. I have cared for them all these years and they still sound amazing, but the speakers I have just sold for $60. How sad, when things depreciate this way. And the CD Player and Amplifier people (well the dudes at my work anyway) are just not interested in.

I guess as you get older so do your possessions. And somehow things that seem to be worth alot in your eyes are no longer worth much at all. And it's sad to think that at nearly 45 years of age, some of my things are like that. Does this mean that I'm OLD? And excuse me: when did this happen????

It's the same when friends I know who are much younger, laugh at pics of me in the 80's with the hair and the fashion.... I think I look hip and happening and really it wasn't that long ago. But you know what? It is......

So I guess sad really isn't the word I am thinking of. It's more a case of nostalgia I think. Thinking back to a time, which doesn't really in my mind seem that long ago. Although some days when I look in the mirror (esp first thing in the morning hehehe) it does feel like a lifetime ago.

So the moral of my story Groover's, is that next time you go out to purchase a brand spankin new stereo: DON'T BE TAKEN OUT THE BACK INTO "THAT" ROOM :)

Over and Out

Me xxx

Wish they would bring back 80's hair and fashion.... God I miss those days!!
Ohhh and if you know anyone that wants to purchase a great CD Player and Amp (let me know!!)


Jakeysam said...

Nobody wants that damn equipment Mother D. It is older than me. Who would want a CD player that is bigger than a VCR??

The Morley Report said...

But Baby Jake, what's wrong with things older than you? Look at Me!!! :) No seriously, LOOK AT MOI!

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