18 August, 2011

It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life For me!

And I'm feeling good....

Well Groover's it's been a busy few days!

First my Dad left!

Then Jake surprised me and cooked a BBQ for dinner on Tuesday night.... (and even cooked a breakfast on the BBQ on Wed, as it was a public holiday here). He also did some yard work.

Even Embee was in shock, it is rare like an Eclipse!

And Ashlee even started to rip out the pool liner and had much fun playing and falling in the "Green Soup" which was now a lovely chocolate brown colour, at the bottom of the pool.

But onto BIGGER NEWS! On Tuesday night, with our friend James's assistance, I bought the domain name The Morley Report and on Wed I rejigged my Blog. In coming weeks I hope to create a Logo and redesign the website all together.

Last night I also created The Morley Report Page on Facebook, so for those of you who haven't seen it you can like it here to the right of the page (hopefully I have set the link up correctly...) if not, then just go onto Facebook and search for The Morley Report.

Today I went back into the city to attend a Minute Takers Course.

I drove. I couldn't face the Public Transport.

Now I have to tell you that I HATE MINUTES with a passion. But I actually enjoyed this course. I knowwwwwww, wash my mouth out with soap!

But I met the most amazing group of women in that course today. With really interesting stories to tell. We talked about Dogs having middle names aka Embee Louise.... and I told them about my new website and Facebook Page.

A lady I met on the course told me all about her dog Benson and how a good friend of her's, before he passed away, made Benson a Four Poster Bed in Silky Oak and that Benson sleeps on Sheridan Sheets.

Shhhhh don't tell Embee Louise. She just gets excited in the morning when she gets her 96% Fat Free Beef Schmacko's (that I call her Cigar, as they are in that shape!), imagine her face if she heard about Benson's sheets and bed!!!

So I had a lovely day, but geez am I glad I don't work in the city anymore....

I went and picked Mum up this afternoon and we have a big weekend planned that includes cleaning out the shed (where all her things are stored) and trowing them into a mini skip!

And kids, that's just how exciting my life is..... Dirt and Skips! Sounds like a dirty movie hehehe.

Ok, so that brings me to one last bit of goss!

The Morley Report is going to be changing. Instead of a long Sunday (most weeks...) version, I am hoping to Blog more regularly, with shorter blogs (I knowwww, can you even imagine me keeping it short and to the point!!!). But I am going to try.

I would love for your feedback, comments on my website, even subscribing to it. If you have any questions just let me know. Of course The Morley Vault will be staying along with stories on Baby Jake and Embee Louise and me. Because what would be the point of a Morley Report with no Morley Stories :)

So Groover's strap yourself in and join me in the next exciting chapter. I knowwwww that I'm BIG KEV excited!!!

Me xxx


James said...

Woo I get a mention :)

Barbara said...

Looking cool Karen!! love it

Rebecca said...

Like the new font!

The Morley Report said...

Well James you have done sooo much to help me so thanks my dear. And thanks to you Barb and Rebecca, it's a little bit exciting! :)

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