24 August, 2011

Crabby Morley's are not fun!

Well Groover’s as hard as it is to EVEN IMAGINE; this little black duck has been a bit okkkkk A LOT! Crabby and stressed over the last couple of days.

And poor old Baby Jake is the one that’s copped it the most.

Why is it do you think that we take these things out on those closest to us?

You see the last few days I feel like I have been like Plasticine…. and stretched in all different directions. I’ve had a few things on the go all at the same time, so maybe it’s my fault that I feel so stretched thin!

So Baby Jake: This is my FORMAL APOLOGY – I am sorry for being a Grumpy Pants and speaking “Like a Pig” (as I used to call it years ago when Jake was little) to you. Please forgive me .....

So moving on....

Today is my friend Deb’s birthday, so we went out and had a nice “Birthday Lunch” to celebrate.

Deb does really amazing Media and PR work and can I suggest that you do yourself a favour and go check out her Facebook Page and add a Like, to help her out…. I would really appreciate it and along the way you might see some amazing pics of the work that she does! ☺

The Butterfly Experience Media & PR Facebook Page

And finally good news: Our amazing Garden Man – Peter arrived this morning and made a good start on pulling out the pool and decking. Here is a pic of where it was left this afternoon. He is back tomorrow for Day 2.

I can’t even imagine what the yard will look like with no pool and eventually grass andddddddddd The Morley Resort Spa! ☺ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Spaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe.

Ok kids, try and not be crabby to those you love! (Morley: note to self!!)

Me xxx

P.S. I dropped my Mum home tonight and I have my house to myself!!! So excited!


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