26 August, 2011

It's never what it looks like!

Hey Groover's,

Ahhhh good old Friday is upon us again! And Embee Louise has had another day at work with me today, as we had a Bobcat delivered into our back yard today.

And let me just tell you this picture below is not what you are thinking!!! "It's never what it looks like".

No I don't need to book in for a Brazilian hehehe and can I just add that I don't think I have had soooo much action between my legs IN A LONG TIME!! LOL

For some reason both Embee and Seamus love to play between my legs, with Seamus in the front and Embee teasing him from behind! Makes the day interesting to say the least.

Anddddddd just incase you kids don't believe me here is another pic!

It's also been a big week for "new cars" at my work. Here is a pic of two of my work mates with their new purchases.

And take a look at poor old Seamus, I don't think he was too keen on the new "car-car" yet....

I'm thinking I might just wash mine and WALLAH! A brand new car tee hee.

Now so far we haven't had a "Morley Vault" with my daily blogs, so enjoy....


I would like to title this one "Naughty But Nice".

A few years ago now when Jake was around 15/16 he had been invited to a friends birthday, by a boy he knew. He wanted to buy the kid some handcuffs! So being the good mother that I am... I suggested that I pick Jake up after work at the Fish and Chip shop on the Friday night and we make a stop at Naughty But Nice and purchase some "real" handcuffs!

So this is what we did. But when we pulled up into the car park, which is situated around the back, Jake then decided that he was too shy to go in. So I went in and spoke to the lady on the counter, and as there was nobody else in the shop and she was nice enough to let Jake come into the shop with me. So I went back and got Jake and off we went.

We went straight to the shelves where they were (as the lady had told me etc.) got them and then I said to Jake did he want to look around and he said NO! hehehe. So we paid for our purchase and went home.

The way I think of it is that one day someone may say to Jake, so - how old were you when you went into your first Adult Shop? And he can say well my Mum took me to my first one when I was 15!! hehehe.

I knowwwwwwwwww I should be Mother of the YEAR!

Have a great Friday Night Groovers!

Me xxx


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