20 August, 2011

The name is Skip.....

Mini Skip.... (aka James Bond hehehe).

Sorry I have hit a wall tonight....

Well Groover's this little duck is mighty tired!

But before we get into that one, a big THANKS to my friend James for coming over last night and helping rejig my Morley Report. Changes to come kids, so keep an eye out over the next week or so.

Awoke this morning early but we put off the inevitable finding allll other things to do rather than start with sorting out the crap in the back garden shed!!

Funny isn't it when we find all these things we don't normally like to do instead of doing THAT ONE THING we know we have to do! I find cleaning the bathroom the same.....

I even showed my Mum what a Blog is... and got her working the old Apple Laptop :)

Jake prepared and cooked us another lovely breakfast and then the time had come. To me getting dressed this morning, was like getting ready for battle and putting on my armour hehe.

And I was very anxious you see to do this job today. It's a long story, as most stories are. But last October my Mum moved up levels in her Retirement Village as she needed more assistance in the day to day things and because of this move has had to downsize. Our shed def came in handy let me tell ya!

And my Mum has a habit of hoarding things. So I was prepared that today would bring some arguments on what she could throw away, what we could sell at either a market stall or garage sale. But you know what, the day went really well! And to be honest even though I am buggered tonight, it's a relief that we have done so much work today.

It must be hard when you get older and you need to downsize and go through your whole life, which is now packed in boxes. There were her 21st cards, her own christening gown (which is nearly 70 years old), photo's of my Nana and Grandad, special little things that you remember from when you were small that mean something to you that you just have to keep!

And I know that WE ALL have someone like this in our own family, that they keep "things for good" and then how sad to find they have passed away and never used them :(. I think we should never keep things for good. We should enjoy every day to our fullest and make sure that we use our "good things". I think this generation is doing that, which makes me very happy!

There are some of my Grandad's things too that we went through, which again wasn't as hard as I thought. It's actually quite cathartic to go through these things and remember the good times and smile! Not one tear was shed and I sure hope this happens again tomorrow as I am going to go through a spare bedroom which houses alot of my Grandad (who passed away one year at the start of August this year). But it's one of those jobs that has to be done I guess. And in the end they are just things. The real things are the things we keep in our hearts and in our memories which are the most precious!

Of course the day would not be complete without Jake doing something stupid hehehe. Today's stupid Jake Story consists of some packing tape and Jake wrapping it around his wrist (like a bandage) and then only thennnnnnn does he say out loud "I really didn't think this through...." as he then had to take the tape off and was worried about all his hair! WHAT A GOOSE..... made for some good laughs! :)

So we finish today's blog with Embee Louise and her new baby! Mum had bought this little baby (off the Doggie Black Market hehehe) because it reminded her of Embee! Can you see the resemblance?

May the Force be with me tomorrow and may it be with you Groover's too. Have a great weekend!

Me xxx

P.S. MORLEY NEWSFLASH: I completely forgot to thank Ashlee for her AMAZING help today! Sorry.... I did say I had hit a wall LOL.


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