08 August, 2011

I'm late and we have a new addition to the family!

Well now that I have your attention, yes I am late… with my Morley Report ☺ andddddddd my big announcement, well read on Groover’s and all shall be revealed!

So this week of course started with the 1st Anniversary of my Grandad’s passing and I have to say that I had a really lovely day. I had the day off work and just hung out with Embee Louise at home. I had originally thought I would take a drive to Redcliffe where Grandad used to live with my Mum a few years back, but in the end I was quite content just to be at home.

I created my first ever slideshow on YouTube and I think working on that, going through all the photos over the years along with for the very first time watching the video that was played during the actual funeral, well it helped me a lot and brought smiles to my face to remember the great times that we had. ☺

Grandad has some interesting things he has kept over the years and one of those is an original cover of the paper when World War 2 finished. Here is Louise (not to be confused with Embee Louise) holding it up:

On other big news, we have a new addition, or we WILL have a new addition to the Morley Family in about 5 weeks or so… And you thought I was just laying low hehehe.

Nahhhh don’t get too excited! It’s not me, anddddddddd it’s not Baby Jake and as far as I know Embee has been a good girl as well (Although her and Seamus seem to be in love).

But we have purchased a new spa for our backyard! And the process now begins to remove our old above the ground pool (that is sunken into the ground), all the decking and fill the hole! I think my new motto will be:

Dirt is my friend! hehehe

I have kinda become a Project Manager whilst I try and organise for everything to happen in the correct order. So come around late September The Morley Resort should be up and running! Looking forward to lying back and checking out the stars in the sky. One of my most favourite things to do, that we just never seem to make the time for!

I also have been told (by a very reliable source may I add) that if you drink half a bottle of wine, sit in the spa that you will feel sooo relaxed it will feel like you have drunk the whole bottle! I wonder what it does if you are a Rum drinker? hehehe

So over the next few weeks I promise I will show the progress via pics, of the work as well as either my hair falling out or grey ones popping up!!!

Morley Vault

So this week’s has come about because the other day I was talking to a young girl that was working at a bakery who had dropped and spilt hot milk from the coffee machine all over the floor of the bakery!

So I decided to share my story with her, I knowwwwwww isn’t she lucky! Hehehe. So here it is:

When I was 15, I worked as an Office Junior for Solicitors in the city in Brisbane. Back then when you needed to change the toner in a photocopier it wasn’t as sophisticated like we have nowadays, the toner back then came as black powder in a sealed silver bag. (I can sense a picture in your head already of the outcome of this story…)

And as you do you would normally flick it all to one end of the bag, cut open with scissors and tip it into the cartridge. But me, ohhhh nooooo, I don’t think to flick it all to one end of the bag! I cut it open and WOOSHKA! There is a mushroom cloud above me of black dust, falling, falling, falling onto ME!

Do you know I can even remember what I was wearing that day and I couldn’t even tell you what I wore yesterday! The reason, well because my work was kind enough to pay for my dry cleaning…. OMG I am so embarrassed even to this day (and we are talking 30 years ago here). Funny how it only feels like yesterday. And can I just add that the black toner took a few scrubs to get out of my nails hehehe.

So I’ve been dreaming of my Summer Holiday. I miss the sun…. I see it every day outside the door at work. Sometimes I get to walk outside and at the end of the day walking back to my car it’s such a lovely view of the land and cattle, horses and baby calves. The other week when Embee was at work she loved to bark at them… poor things! But don’t worry I sorted her out. Here she is checking them all out:

But back to my Summer Holiday…. Ahhh laying in the sun, nana naps in the afternoon, sleeping in, more sun, more swimming, spa’s, throw some Rum into the mix and hello Groover’s I’m in heaven! Lucky our winter, if you can call it that, hasn’t been that bad really, so far……

I also had a lovely lunch the other day with my good friend Marie:

And the other week when Embee was in at work, her and Seamus, or as I like to call him Shamey poo poo! hung out and Embee worked hard at my desk and so did Seamus, but more checking out the cheesecake on my desk!

And of course Embee works very very hard when she comes into my work!

I had a really nice weekend which started with dinner with my neighbour Narelle. Funny isn’t it how nowadays we just don’t see our neighbour's. Weeks can go by and nothing! So we try and catch up every now and then. Had a really dinner with some great laughs and chats!

Saturday night I was invited to a friend’s 50th and met some amazing women of various ages ranging from 65 – 86! I loved it☺. We talked about so many different things. I really believe that we can learn so much from talking to people who have lived so much more life than ourselves! We had such a blast that we have decided to have a Ladies High Tea next month sometime!

So kids on that note have a wonderful week, wherever you may be in this beautiful world of ours and catch ya next week!

Me xxx

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