31 August, 2011

Ice Coffee Addiction, Sombrero's and Buble!!

Well first things first.

My hole isn't being filled tomorrow. Don't you just hate when that happens.... Story of my life really! hehehe

It's now been moved for the THIRD TIME to Friday. All because of the weather.... What The? Sucks really but hey I want free dirt, so this is how it goes!

So fingers crossed for no rain between now and Fri and all will be good! :)

Now I have three things to share with you kids today:

No. 1

Seamus or Shamey Poo Poo (to those he is close too!) has a hidden addiction that I had no idea about. He loveeeeeeees his Ice Coffee Milky drink that you leave him right at the very bottom of the plastic bottle. You must leave the lid on a bit so he can get it off himself and he must take this outside to play with and try his hardest to get every bit of the 5mls of milk out!!!

I do love my Shamey Poo Poo!!! He makes the day fun when I go to work as I am always greeted with a run up to the desk, followed closely by the Morning Schmacko! That all boys need to get through the day. We brake it up into three little bits, so that it fills his stomach! hehehe.

Can't imagine working there without him and on the days that he isn't there, I miss his little face!!

No. 2

Then there is Mr G at my work. Today the sun was shining brightly through his Huge Windows in his office and as you do, you wear a hat! (he has bought blinds to put up, but they are not up yet). But he orig had just a baseball cap on and I suggested maybe a Sombrero, not thinking for one minute he even had one at work. And low and behold out he comes to my desk with one on!

It seems a while back, when two of them were working away somewhere on site, the only hats available in the town to purchase were Sombrero's! So two of the guys bought them.

I said that I could just see them now doing the whole "Three Amigos" Dance hehehe.

And No. 3

Now Groover's I said that from time to time I would share any amazing things that I come across. It might be travel, could be a great company or product etc. etc.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd so today I would like to share this:

It's called - BREN, New York, Brow Fix. And it's similiar to say clear mascara but you use it to shape and keep your eyebrows in place.

I have been using it for years and now that I have moved away from the city, I just ring the Beautician and pay for it over the phone and they post it to me. It costs $20 Australian.

And here is the link to the Beautician's website:

Brow and Skin Studio

I love it and have never seen it anywhere else to purchase, even online! Tell them The Morley Report Blog sent YOU! I have told them that I would be putting it on here.

Now I will leave you with this little story from today. Of course some of you may know by now that I love Michael Buble and his music! Today at work the radio station we listen too played the song "Home". I told the boys that I had requested this just for them hehehe. They give me such grief sometimes about my Buble Stories.... I'm sure they are really all Closet Buble Lovers! LOL

Mr P actually said to me: when I hear his music it makes me go all funny inside, in my stomach and my legs shake! And I said "Me toooooooooooooooo" and he said, I'm thinking it's in a completely different way! hehehe.

But you know what? I just love his music, when you listen to him sing, well it just makes me happy and feel good. There is just something about him! But hey we could be here all day on that one! tee hee

Of course now that I've said the Magic Word, Buble, I must show my pic!!!!

Well my friends, on that positive Buble note, that is me done and dusted for another day!

Have a great night!

Me xxx


Jake said...

Great work with the photo shop mother...


Anonymous said...

yeah she photo shopped me OUT!!

The Morley Report said...

But Erica we all know Michael is only smiling in this pic because he has his arms wrapped around YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Who's Erica? I'm anonymous :P :)

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