19 August, 2011

Friday Lova

Groover's, Friday is my most fave day of the week. Why? Well it starts the whole weekend and to me that means a WHOLE TWO DAYS of freedom!!!!

I love it, walking to my car on a Friday afternoon after work. I think the air even smells different, more free....

I love the view, the sun setting, the smell of the bush and most afternoons I get to see the cattle and horses that roam at the bottom of the antenna's at work. Today I wasn't so lucky, no Angamals (as I used to pronounce the word animals when I was little). I can even hear my Grandad saying that work, mimicking me!

Have you noticed on a Friday that people are less stressed. Everyone is winding down for the weekend.

A few years ago I used to work every second Saturday. I hate working Saturdays (with a passion). So I used to play a mind game with myself, as you do. When I got up on a Saturday morning I would tell myself it really was a Friday. And it worked! Gotta love a good mind game when it works in your favour.

So what's your fave day of the week? And Why? I'm curious.....

Big weekend ahead. I can't wait to hang out in the mini skip! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight with the an - tic - i - pation!!!

Until then, breath in that Friday Air and chilllllllllllll..... mmmmmm Friday!

Me xxx

Thanks for your support with the likes on my Facebook Page, views on this page and the time you take to write your comments! You Groover's are AMAZING!!!


Anonymous said...

my fave day of the week ...don't have one :( My fave days of the year HOLIDAYS!! :) :)

The Morley Report said...

Ahhh another Holiday Junkie! Love it! xxx

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