25 August, 2011

The Secret Life of Embee Louise

My Dearest Groovers,

Did you know that Embee Louise has a “Secret Life” and that this isn’t the first time...

I found out this morning that my lovely neighbour, who came across yesterday to take Embee outside whilst I was at work as the pool was being dug out, had also taken Embee to her house for a half an hour playtime with her mate Chevy! And I had no idea...

At our last house our neighbours had recently put their dog down so I suggested that anytime they wanted to take Embee out for a walk, say if I was work etc. then that would be fine. So what started out as that was more Embee hanging out at their house a few days a week. So I would go to work and then they would come over and get her and put her back before I got home.

Again.... I had no idea of this “Secret Life” this kid led!

I even have a pic on my desk at work that my old neighbours took of her – on one of her adventures to their house. This is how I found out…. By the pic, butttttttttttttt also because she started to put on weight and I wasn’t feeding her that many treats. JAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I really wasn’t ☺

Today I have brought her to work with me, whilst they keep getting rid of the pool back at our house. She loves it here and is very social with everyone. Of course this morning she DID have to bark at the Forklift because she’s heard stories how those things can eat DOGGIES!!!!!!!!!!

If only she got a wage at my work hehehe.

But that kid has the best life out let me tell you! And if only she could talk and tell me what she really gets up too!!!!!!!!!!

And let’s not forget to mention The Sock Eating. Today I found THREE!!! Yep Three socks…. But didn’t tell Jake, we just hid them in the garbage as all good mothers and kids do.

Did I mention that my yard is starting to resemble a War Zone…… ☹ But like Beauty, these are the sacrifices one must make to have a beautiful backyard. I just hope between now and when the dirt gets delivered next Tuesday we don’t have Torrential Rain. My biggest fear is that I end up with a Sink Hole, you know like you see in those emails that go around of some sink hole in Mexico. I can just see my back shed and yard slowly sinking into the hole!

But of course I am remaining positive and not picturing that AT ALL, just so you know! Hehehehe

I read a really lovely story today about a Man and his dog, that even stayed with him in death and would love to share it with you:

Dog Story

And today I also spoke to this wonderful guy at the Commonwealth Bank over the phone. We chatted about his dog and about Embee being at work and on top of that gave wonderful customer service, and as you do at the very end I shared my website for him to take a read! He promised me he would take a read tonight. Hope I didn't scare him too much LOL.

And let me leave you with one last pic:

It's from the other day when the light was bouncing off a parked car outside and straight into my eyes. And whilst I know I look all Rock Chick and cool, it was more so that I could see my monitor and type....

On that note I shall sign off! But if for some reason you don’t hear from me next week, make sure you check the hole in the backyard. Either I’ve sunk into the Sink Hole orrrrrrrrrrrrr Jake has buried me there!

Yours always
Karen aka Me xxx ☺

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